Century Media Records news


12/16/2013Suicide Silence has posted a trailer for their upcoming Mitch Lucker Memorial Show DVD.
12/22/2011Caliban has debuted their new video for "Memorial."


4/2/2021Napalm Death sign new deal with Century Media Records
4/1/2021At The Gates to release new album in July
3/13/2021Hideous Divinity debut first track from new EP
2/11/2021Caliban announce new album 'Zeitgeister'
1/19/2021Iced Earth booted from Century Media roster?
1/15/2021Century Media Records signs Sanguisugabogg
12/10/2020Enforced announce new album
12/4/2020Eyehategod premiere first new track in 7 years
11/20/2020Angelus Apatrida detail new album, launch first single
11/17/2020Eyehategod announce first new album in 7 years
10/28/2020Asphyx announce new studio album
10/2/2020Voivod announce new live album
9/19/2020Cryptosis sign with Century Media, release new single
9/11/2020Dark Tranquillity announce new album, debut video
9/2/2020Misery Index sign with Century Media, working on new album
8/26/2020Century Media signs 'doom trap' act Mimi Barks
8/26/2020Tribulation announce new album
8/14/2020Spirit Adrift announce new album, debut first single
8/7/2020Terror announce 'Keepers Of The Faith' reissue
8/6/2020Ghostkid Signs To Century Media Records
7/8/2020Napalm Death announce new album
7/2/2020Nasty announce new album 'Menace'
6/30/2020Enforced sign with Century Media Records
6/25/2020Century Media Records signs Bewitcher
6/22/2020Skeletal Remains to release new album in September
6/6/2020Oceans Of Slumber announce new album, premiere song
5/24/2020Voivod to release new EP featuring brass section
4/30/2020Imperial Triumphant announce new album
4/30/2020Century Media Records signs Frozen Soul
4/26/2020Century Media Records signs Wilderun
3/10/2020Black Crown Initiate announce new album
2/20/2020Naglfar re-sign with Century Media, set to release new LP
2/18/2020Aborted announce new EP, headlining shows
2/17/2020Spirit Adrift sign with Century Media Records
2/12/2020Havok announce new album
1/17/2020Napalm Death to release new EP in February
12/19/2019Heaven Shall Burn announce new album
12/6/2019Dark Fortress to release new album in February
11/27/2019Ether Coven announce new album, premiere lead single
11/26/2019Century Media Records signs Nasty
11/22/2019Bonded announce debut album, stream new track
11/13/2019Beneath The Massacre sign w/ Century Media, announce new LP
11/8/2019Century Media Records signs Art Of Shock
10/16/2019Lorna Shore sign with Century Media Records
10/3/2019Century Media Records signs Imperial Triumphant
9/19/2019Blood Incantation to release new album in November
9/10/2019Century Media Records signs Bonded
8/21/2019Hideous Divinity detail new album 'Simulacrum'
8/18/2019Deez Nuts to release new album in October
8/12/2019Mayhem detail new album
7/30/2019Black Crown Initiate sign with Century Media Records
7/17/2019Insomnium detail new album, announce new guitarist
7/17/2019Century Media Records signs Mass Worship
6/20/2019Borknagar to release new album in September
5/14/2019Entombed AD to release new album in August
5/8/2019Mayhem sign with Century Media, prepare new album
3/21/2019Century Media Records signs Demons & Wizards
3/15/2019Century Media Records signs Hideous Divinity
3/6/2019Century Media Records signs Vitriol
11/16/2018Malevolent Creation announces new album
11/13/2018Swallow The Sun announces new album
11/13/2018Ether (Remembering Never) signs with Century Media
7/23/2018Monuments announce new album
7/10/2018Voivod details new album
6/28/2018Belzebubs sign with Century Media, debut new song
6/28/2018Deicide announces new album
6/6/2018Omnium Gatherum announces new album
6/4/2018Unanimated set to release new EP
5/10/2018Krisiun to release new album in September
5/2/2018Century Media Records signs Ultha
4/26/2018Century Media Records signs 3Teeth
4/13/2018Marduk announces new album
3/28/2018Century Media Records signs Baest
3/27/2018Aborted announces new album
3/14/2018Unearth set to record new album, sign with Century Media
2/15/2018Century Media Records signs Unanimated
2/9/2018Caliban premieres first single from new album
1/18/2018At The Gates announces new album
1/15/2018Skeletal Remains to release new album in April
1/10/2018Deathrite signs with Century Media Records
12/7/2017Napalm Death announces compilation release
12/3/2017Necrophobic album set for release
11/30/2017Century Media Records signs Wiegedood
11/15/2017Glassjaw to release new album in December
11/7/2017Tribulation complete new album, to release limited EP
11/6/2017The Offering set to release new EP
10/24/2017Oceans Of Slumber announce new album
10/13/2017Century Media signs Death Alley; new song online
9/13/2017Century Media Records signs Skeletal Remains
9/2/2017Witchery announce new album, premiere song
8/25/2017Century Media Records signs Loaded Guns
8/20/2017Century Media signs Savage Messiah, new song online
8/15/2017Dr. Living Dead to release new album in October
8/11/2017Century Media Records signs The Offering
8/2/2017Watain announces new album
8/1/2017Century Media Records signs Witherfall
7/9/2017Orphaned Land to release new album in January
7/6/2017Century Media Records signs Street Dogs
6/23/2017Century Media Records signs Grave Pleasures
6/18/2017The Lurking Fear set to release debut album
6/13/2017Aborted announces new EP
6/7/2017Century Media publishing catalog sold
5/22/2017Arch Enemy to release new album in September
5/11/2017Century Media Records signs Dagoba
5/10/2017The Haunted to release new album in August
4/13/2017Broken Hope announces new album
4/11/2017Iced Earth details new album
3/27/2017Century Media Records signs Implore
3/21/2017Century Media Records signs The Lurking Fear
3/20/2017Vallenfyre announces new album
1/19/2017Deez Nuts to release new album in April
12/23/2016Svart Crown announces new album
12/21/2016The Haunted re-sign with Century Media, prepare new album
12/20/2016Havok announces new album
11/10/2016Arch Enemy to release new DVD
11/2/2016Century Media Records signs Svart Crown
10/25/2016Soulburn detail new album, premiere song
10/20/2016Omnium Gatherum signs worldwide deal with Century Media
9/26/2016Witchery album set for release
9/2/2016Sick Of It All to release new EP
7/26/2016Asphyx detail new album 'Incoming Death'
7/20/2016Heaven Shall Burn announce new album, premiere song
7/12/2016Dark Tranquillity announces new album
7/7/2016Century Media Records signs deal with Truckfighters
6/16/2016Body Count sign with Century Media, recording new LP
6/13/2016Century Media Records signs Motorowl
5/31/2016Century Media Records signs Horisont
5/19/2016Insomnium announces new album, book
5/16/2016Witherscape to release new album in July
4/20/2016Century Media Records signs Deserted Fear
3/8/2016Dark Funeral album set for release
2/12/2016Aborted announces new album
1/7/2016Caliban announces new album
1/4/2016Voivod announces new EP
12/10/2015Century Media Records re-signs Dark Fortress
11/20/2015Entombed A.D. announces new album 'Dead Dawn'
11/13/2015Napalm Death, Heaven Shall Burn announce split EP
10/7/2015Paradise Lost announces live album
10/2/2015Borknagar announces new album
9/17/2015Swallow The Sun triple album set for release
9/14/2015Ignite announces new album
8/24/2015Sony reportedly buys Century Media for $17 million
8/20/2015Intronaut to release new album in November
8/12/2015Heart Of A Coward album set for release
7/1/2015Century Media Records signs Firespawn (Entombed)
6/30/2015Malevolent Creation set to release new album
6/24/2015Century Media Records signs Oceans of Slumber
6/16/2015Swallow The Sun signs with Century Media Records
6/15/2015Century Media Records signs The Shrine
6/9/2015Black Tongue announce new album, premiere song
5/22/2015Ignite prepare to release first new LP in 10 years
4/9/2015Vattnet Viskar announces new album, tour dates
3/29/2015Pyrexia set to reissue 'Sermon of Mockery'
3/20/2015Tesseract set to release live CD/DVD
3/10/2015At The Gates, Voivod announce split EP
2/25/2015Century Media pondering major label acquisition
2/10/2015Century Media to reissue two Gorguts albums
2/2/2015Deez Nuts announces new album, record label
1/28/2015Barren Earth announce new album; premiere new song
1/26/2015Paradise Lost to release new album in June
1/17/2015Morgoth announce new album; premiere song
1/13/2015Dark Funeral to release 7" in February
1/7/2015Century Media Records signs Barren Earth
12/18/2014Century Media Records signs Gift Giver
11/27/2014Marduk detail new LP Frontschwein; debut new song
11/26/2014Century Media Records signs Tribulation
11/21/2014Angelus Apatrida to release new album in January
11/19/2014Century Media signs new Karyn Crisis band
11/7/2014The Agonist album set for release
11/6/2014Century Media Records signs Dr. Living Dead
11/1/2014Century Media set to re-issue Bloodbath LPs
10/30/2014Napalm Death announces new album
10/28/2014Angelus Apatrida completes new album
10/15/2014Century Media Records signs Malevolent Creation
10/12/2014Cloudkicker 'Live With Intronaut' set for release
10/12/2014Century Media Records signs Night Demon
9/19/2014Century Media Records signs Enabler
9/17/2014The Crown announces new album
9/16/2014Necrowretch to release new EP in October
9/5/2014Century Media done with Blake Judd, Nachtmystium
9/2/2014Devin Townsend to release Z2 album in October
8/20/2014Century Media launches rock label, Another Century
8/14/2014At The Gates complete new album, set release date
7/21/2014Sick Of It All announces new album
7/11/2014Century Media Records signs Havok
7/9/2014The Agonist to release new album in November
7/3/2014Nachtmystium's final album due out in August
7/1/2014The Haunted announces new album
6/20/2014SOAR/Century Media signs Desolated
6/17/2014Century Media to release Conquering Dystopia LP
6/16/2014Wolf to release new album in September
6/10/2014Black Tongue signs with SOAR/Century Media Records
5/21/2014Marduk announces reissues
5/14/2014Entombed A.D. announces new album
4/24/2014Monuments announce new album
4/2/2014Century Media Records signs The Dagger
3/28/2014Earache Records sues Century Media
3/12/2014Miasmal announces new album, Cursed Redeemer
3/4/2014Arch Enemy to release new album in June
3/1/2014Boris The Blade set to release debut album
2/27/2014Crowbar announces new album 'Symmetry In Black'
2/24/2014Insomnium set to release new album; trailer debuts
2/8/2014Triptykon announces new album, Melana Chasmata
2/1/2014Massacre to release first studio album in 18 years
1/31/2014Martyr Defiled announces new album
1/31/2014Century Media rejoined by President Marco Barbieri
1/27/2014Brutality Will Prevail album set for release
1/27/2014At The Gates announce new album, record label
1/25/2014Ageless Oblivion set to release sophomore album
1/23/2014Century Media Records remembers Oliver Withöft
1/21/2014Destiny Potato and Century Media part ways
1/21/2014Century Media Records co-owner Oliver Withoft dies
1/19/2014Vauxdvihl signs catalog deal with Century Media
1/16/2014Twilight announces final album
12/12/2013Ol Drake (ex-Evile) signs with Earache Records
12/8/2013Dawn to release entire catalog via Century Media
12/4/2013Century Media Records signs I Am Heresy
12/1/2013Century Media Records signs Vampire
11/27/2013Gus G. signs solo deal with Century Media Records
11/25/2013Zoax signs with S.O.A.R./Century Media
10/23/2013Ingested announces new EP
10/21/2013Stealing Axion splits w/ label; crowdfunding album
10/17/2013Century Media Records signs Amulet
9/23/2013Deicide album set for release
9/5/2013Kill Devil Hill (Pantera) album set for release
9/5/2013Winds Of Plague to release Resistance in November
9/2/2013Entombed signs with Century Media Records
8/26/2013Century Media signs Kill Devil Hill (ex-Pantera)
7/30/2013Warbringer album set for release
7/2/2013Vattnet Viskar album set for release
7/1/2013Eyes Set To Kill to release new album in September
6/7/2013Iwrestledabearonce album set for release
6/6/2013Century Media Records signs Heart Of A Coward
5/22/2013Century Media Records signs Sanctuary
5/13/2013Monsters Scare You! to release new album in July
4/30/2013Watain to release new album in August
4/23/2013Century Media Records signs Thanatos
4/17/2013Century Media Records signs Dan Swanö
4/10/2013Century Media Records signs Bombus
3/2/2013Century Media and SOAR announce new label deal
2/28/2013Tesseract album set for release
2/25/2013Cauldron announces U.S. release date for new album
1/31/2013Heaven Shall Burn album due out in April
1/29/2013Finntroll completes new album
1/29/2013Century Media, Earache sign U.S. licensing deal
1/10/2013Dark Tranquillity to release new album in May
12/13/2012Century Media Records signs Starkill
11/20/2012Century Media Records signs Pinkish Black
11/15/2012Intronaut to release new album in March
11/15/2012Watain signs with Century Media Records
11/15/2012Deez Nuts signs European deal with Century Media
10/18/2012Dark Tranquillity prepares new album, announces EP
10/11/2012Century Media Records signs Broken Hope
9/22/2012Century Media Records signs Monsters Scare You!
9/14/2012Grand Supreme Blood Court debut set for release
9/5/2012Century Media Records signs Into The Flood
9/4/2012Voivod signs with Century Media Records
8/28/2012Century Media Records signs Marathonmann
8/3/2012Century Media Records signs deal with Gorement
8/2/2012Bleed From Within signs with Century Media
8/1/2012Century Media Records signs Destiny Potato
7/31/2012Twilight adds Thurston Moore, joins Century Media
7/30/2012Century Media returns to Spotify
7/19/2012Century Media Records signs Eyes Set To Kill
7/17/2012Century Media Records re-signs Krisiun
6/28/2012Monuments unveil album release date, new song
6/7/2012Grave album set for release
5/23/2012Century Media signs Vattnet Viskar
5/21/2012Monuments sign with Century Media Records
5/16/2012Dark Funeral signs with Century Media
5/9/2012Century Media Records signs Miasmal
4/27/2012Dark Tranquillity re-signs with Century Media
4/10/2012Century Media Records signs Moonsorrow
4/6/2012Nachtmystium to release limited edition 7"
4/6/2012Ignite to release first-ever live DVD
4/2/2012The Agonist's new album set for release
3/27/2012Gravedancer Records launched, signs two bands
3/26/2012Terror to release 'Live By The Code' this year
3/23/2012Massacre signs with Century Media Records
3/12/2012Century Media Records signs Morbus Chron
3/9/2012Century Media signs Grand Supreme Blood Court
2/28/2012Architects to release new album in June
2/26/2012Nachtmystium recording album; July release planned
2/13/2012Oddland completes Century Media debut
2/10/2012Suffer Well (Bleeding Through, etc.) disbands
2/6/2012Century Media Records signs NecroWretch
2/3/2012Nachtmystium signs worldwide deal w/ Century Media
1/31/2012Jeff Loomis album set for release
1/13/2012Borknagar: new album done, due out in March
1/13/2012Century Media Records signs Evocation
12/7/2011Terror working on new album
12/6/2011Kataklysm frontman launches booking agency
12/1/2011Naglfar recording new album
11/3/2011Century Media and Marduk announce deal
9/23/2011Napalm Death re-signs with Century Media
9/9/2011Krisiun's new album set for release
8/26/2011Century Media Records signs Vallenfyre
8/25/2011Century Media to release Rise To Remain debut
8/9/2011Century Media pulls catalog from Spotify
7/7/2011Century Media Records signs Grave
5/24/2011Century Media Records signs ICS Vortex
5/19/2011Century Media Records signs Vildhjarta
3/31/2011Century Media signs 7 Horns 7 Eyes
3/29/2011Century Media Records signs Borknagar
3/28/2011In Flames signs with Century Media Records
3/21/2011Century Media Records signs Oddland
3/18/2011Century Media Records signs The Devastated
2/21/2011Century Media Records signs Sonne Adam
1/25/2011Century Media Records signs Demolisher
1/19/2011Century Media launches new label, sign two bands
1/19/2011Century Media inks Suffer Well (Bleeding Through)
8/16/2010Century Media Records signs Insomnium
8/10/2010Triptykon announces new EP
7/26/2010Century Media Records signs Tesseract
6/30/2010The Crown signs with Century Media Records
4/28/2010Iced Earth signs with Century Media
4/22/2010Century Media signs Insidious Disease
3/24/2010Century Media releases more than 60 titles online
3/3/2010Century Media signs Vampires Everywhere!
1/22/2010Sick Of It All signs with Century Media
12/25/2009Century Media Records drops Luna Mortis
12/4/2009The Haunted re-signs with Century Media
11/19/2009Century Media signs Angelus Apatrida
10/23/2009Century Media signs Devil Sold His Soul
10/20/2009Century Media announces new appointments
9/18/2009Century Media reaches deal w/ InsideOut, Superball
9/4/2009Century Media Records signs Finntroll
5/12/2009Century Media signs 3 Inches Of Blood
1/29/2009Century Media to release new Daath album
1/6/2009Deicide signs with Century Media Records
11/18/2008Century Media signs We Were Gentlemen
11/9/2008Diecast and Century Media part ways
9/17/2008Ex-Century Media head launches new label
9/10/2008Earth Crisis signs w/ Century Media Records
8/25/2008Century Media Records signs two bands
8/5/2008At All Cost dropped by label, on hiatus
7/28/2008Century Media Records signs Luna Mortis
7/8/2008Architects sign with Century Media
7/8/2008Century Media Records signs Zonaria
6/13/2008Century Media signs Iwrestledabearonce
3/25/2008Terror signs w/ Century Media Records
2/8/2008Century Media signs Venemous Concept
2/4/2008Century Media signs Opiate For The Masses
1/15/2008Intronaut signs w/ Century Media Records
1/10/2008Century Media signs Stick To Your Guns
11/21/2007Century Media Records signs Norther
9/14/2007Brand New Sin and Century Media part ways
8/9/2007Century Media Records signs Warbringer
8/3/2007Century Media Records signs Zimmers Hole
5/17/2007Century Media signs Divine Heresy
5/11/2007Century Media's President steps down
4/24/2007Century Media signs Arsonists Get All The Girls
4/3/2007Century Media Records signs The Agonist
3/23/2007Century Media Records signs Winds of Plague
3/15/2007At All Cost signs w/ Century Media Records
2/28/2007Suicide Silence signs w/ Century Media Records
1/23/2007Immolation completes new album
1/8/2007Century Media signs Blessed By A Broken Heart
11/30/2006Himsa signs w/ Century Media Records
8/28/2006Century Media signs In This Moment
8/24/2006Century Media Records signs Paradise Lost
6/28/2006Fu Manchu signs w/ Liquor & Poker Music
3/14/2006Satyricon ink N. American deal w/ Century Media
2/27/2006Fear My Thoughts sign w/ Century Media
2/24/2006Century Media Records signs Maroon
1/18/2006Century Media, Celtic Frost ink deal
1/9/2006Century Media signs Wolf
1/5/2006Terrorizer sign with Century Media
12/12/2005Century Media Records signs Witchery
10/26/2005Century Media's Second Annual Xmas Balls
9/12/2005Century Media CMJ showcase
8/19/2005Haste dropped by Century Media
8/9/2005Aborted sign w/ Century Media Records
5/23/2005Sworn Enemy sign w/ Century Media Records
4/30/2005Arch Enemy signs new deal w/ Century Media
4/1/2005Manntis sign w/ Century Media Records
2/9/2005Century Media Records signs Brand New Sin
1/27/2005Century Media to provide Marines w/ sampler
1/11/2005Despised Icon sign w/ Century Media
1/10/2005Naglfar sign with Century Media Records
12/22/2004Century Media Records signs Agents Of Man
10/12/2004Century Media re-signs Dark Tranquillity
7/4/2004Century Media Records signs Mercenary
6/4/2004The Haunted sign w/ Century Media Records
3/30/2004Century Media re-signs Strapping Young Lad
3/29/2004Nevermore re-signs w/ Century Media Records
3/6/2004Diecast finishes recording new LP
1/22/2004Century Media signs Chaosbreed
6/2/2003Century Media signs Watch Them Die
5/6/2003Century Media Records signs Labyrinth
7/15/2002Narcissus signs with Century Media
3/29/2002Extol signs with Century Media Records
8/27/2001Century Media signs Scar Culture
12/30/2000Great news for fans of Candiria