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User Guidelines

Lambgoat is moderated, and we do have a few ground rules that one must abide by to remain a part of our community:

  • do NOT spread hate speech against individuals or groups
  • do NOT target violence against individuals or groups
  • do NOT post overtly sexual, mature, or profane content
  • do NOT advertise your own endeavors in a gratuitous fashion
  • do NOT spam the forum or comments sections
  • do NOT register more than two user profiles
  • do NOT link to copyrighted material
  • do NOT engage in terroristic threats
  • do NOT post someone else's personal information
  • do NOT link to illegal downloads

It's really not difficult to refrain from the above. However, if you can't resist, you will immediately (and permanently) be removed from the forum or comments sections and will lose your ability to post. Additionally, if we deem it appropriate, we will ban you from viewing Lambgoat.com entirely, or take applicable legal action to rectify the situation.

If you are aware of somebody ignoring the rules stating above, please let us know.