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Century Media Records signs Maroon

Friday, February 24, 2006 2:48 PM PT / 5,497 views

Official press release: The German powerhouse quintet Maroon have just completed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records and will release their highly anticipated new album, When Worlds Collide, on April 18th. The band added a whole new dimension and depth to the watered down metalcore scene and quickly became one of Europe's most crushing live acts. It's ironic that their buzz never made its way over to the U.S., as they helped pioneer the genre that has been thriving in North American for the past few years. Prepare yourself for the punishment that is about to ensue. Taking hardcore ethics to a whole new level, Maroon are quickly outplaying and outlasting their contemporaries around the globe. Formed in early 1998, the vegan, straightedge five-piece is clearly showing their dedication and no signs of slowing down. Their unique sound offers a heavyweight mix of brutal hardcore molded with metal riffs, which infuses strong and effective melodic elements. Their major influences are primarily drawn from straightedge bands like Earth Crisis, while still remaining true to their passion for old-school visionaries like At The Gates, The Haunted and Iron Maiden. Andre Moraweck (vocals) further describes the band's excitement over the new deal: "Hey everybody, greetings from the snow mountains here in Germany. We've just returned from a massive four-week European tour with the almighty Obituary, and we're happy to announce that we finally completed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. We are very excited to release our new album, When Worlds Collide, and this effort is the next logical step for us as a band. It's definitely our most aggressive offering yet. We hope that all the fans in the U.S. join the army of darkness and make this album's campaign a great one." "This album is just plain brutal and features more classic metal influences. The disc also features guest appearances by Barney Greenway (vocals) of Napalm Death, Roger Merit (vocals) of Agnostic Front and Mikkel Sandager (vocals) of Mercenary. Our main goal this summer is to extensively tour the U.S., so keep an eye out for the new album and upcoming shows in your area. We hope to see you all very soon." The band's 2004 sophomore release, Endorsed By Hate, was a stunning portrayal of passion and anger that caught the underground metal scene by storm, but with When Worlds Collide the group are now out to prove that they are one of the genre's elite. Click here to check out the brand new track "Wake Up In Hell."

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