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Terrorizer sign with Century Media

Thursday, January 5, 2006 11:47 AM PT / 4,947 views

Binghamton, NY death metal/grind outfit Terrorizer have signed with Century Media Records. Originally formed in the late-80's, the group released an album with Earache Records in 1989 prior to disbanding. Original members Jesse Pintado (guitars) and Pete Sandoval (drums), who also did time in Napalm Death and Morid Angel, respectively, are back in the band. The following press release has been issued: It is with great honor and privilege that I [Mykul Japhet] announce to you that one of the most legendry and influential grindcore bands ever to batter your ears and blast your mind, Terrorizer has partnered up with the industries most powerful and one of the most respected metal records label Century Media Records. "This is a big step in the process for everyone involved with Terrorizer and we are pleased to announce the great news" – Jesse Pintado Guitarist for Terrorizer. Over the past several months we have all undergone many ups and down. Tireless preparations have gone into the revival of the long since dead and gone group. Terrorizer has been using online and internet promotion through various mediums including the notorious MySpace. Terrorizer has a fan and friend based website run by Cycotrybe Enterprises, Mykul Japhet (Napalm Death's family of bands and MySpace family of bands webmaster) Terrorizer's website is temporarily located at: www.freewebs.com/terrorizergrindcore Terrorizer will consist of one half of its original line up. B.C. Rich sponsored, Jesse Pintado (former Napalm Death / Lock Up infamy) will grind out the guitars and Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel) will play some of the fastest drumming in recorded history. Introducing themselves to the Terrorizer fold are Guitarist Tony Norman (Morbid Angel) and Tony Militia (Resistant Culture). Many people have asked why Oscar Garcia (Nausea) and David Vincent are not returning. Simply put, Oscar is no longer interested in Terrorizer and wants to focus on his own band Nausea. To give Terrorizer's fans some incite as to what one may expect from the long awaited new release, "It will be different but in the Terrorizer vain" says guitarist Jesse Pintado. There are talks of introducing classical piano parts, industrial noise parts and chants on the new record. A thirteen minute plus song is in the works as well as some of the fastest drumming ever put to tape. Recording sessions are set to begin in January 2006. Big thank thanks and shout outs go out to Gunther Ford (World Management, World 3095 Records) for his, friendship, negotiations, management and trustworthiness. We also want to thank everyone at Century Media Records for supporting Terrorizer's new incarnation. And last but not least the dedicated and loyal fans here in America and all across the globe. Terrorizer is a band that you will not soon forget! More information to follow...

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