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Century Media Records signs Hideous Divinity

Official press release: Century Media Records are proud to announce the worldwide signing of Italian technical death metal force Hideous Divinity. Formed in 2006 by guitarist Enrico Schettino in Rome, Italy, the band released a first demo at the end of 2007 followed by three savagely brutal studio albums on Unique Leader Records - Obeisance Rising (2012), Cobra Verde (2014) and Adveniens (2017). The line-up is completed by singer Enrico "H." Di Lorenzo, second guitarist Giovanni Tomassucci, bass player Stefano Franceschini (Aborted) and drummer Giulio Galati. Blending a relentless blast beat and double bass onslaught with complex song structures, punishing breakdowns and masterfully forged riffs, Hideous Divinity are one of the forces to be reckoned with when it comes to modern brutal death metal. Enrico Schettino states: "We're extremely honoured and excited - Century Media has made the history of our genre, and joining forces with them is a dream come true. Time to sharpen our blades: we'll be heading to 'our' 16th Cellar Studios this summer to start crafting our fourth album... another step into obscure and technical death metal insanity. Onto the next chapter of uncompromised violence. The Angel of Revolution flies high." Philipp Schulte, Director Century Media Records, adds: "We are very happy to welcome Hideous Divinity on Century Media Records! With three album released, each of which was a big step up from its predecessor, hardly any other band from the technical death metal sector managed to impress as much as this Italian 5-piece. Their latest album ;Adveniens; serves as a prime example of how to perfectly blend musical complexity, high musicianship and crushing heaviness into dark, demanding and twisted death metal off the beaten path. With the will to differ and conquer new shores Hideous Divinity stand out from mainstream mediocrity. We are looking forward working together with them on album #4 which will be released in autumn 2019."

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