Rise Records news


9/8/2015A new Crown The Empire song and music video is now online.
4/2/2014Memphis May Fire's new album, Unconditional, has debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200.
2/26/2014Issues' new album has debuted at #9 on the Billboard 200.
2/8/2012Bleeding Through's new album, The Great Fire, sold roughly 3,000 copies in its first week.
12/20/2011Bleeding Through has unveiled a track from next album.
12/13/2011Attack Attack! has debuted a track from their forthcoming album.


2/25/2021AFI announce new album, premiere two tracks
2/18/2021Blue Swan Records announces partnership with Rise/BMG
2/16/2021LGND debut new track ft. The Ghost Inside drummer
12/28/2020Dance Gavin Dance surprise release 'Tree City Sessions 2'
12/5/2020LGND (For The Fallen Dreams) debut new song
12/4/2020Spiritbox release new song and video
9/23/2020Spiritbox sign with Rise Records
6/12/2020The Acacia Strain release two songs, announce new album
6/9/2020The Acacia Strain to release 'Slow Decay' album in July
5/15/2020The Acacia Strain release new two-song EP
4/17/2020The Acacia Strain release 'C' EP, stream new tracks
3/19/2020Make Them Suffer to release new album in June
2/28/2020The Acacia Strain release two new songs
2/21/2020Dance Gavin Dance announce new album, stream first single
11/27/2019Kvelertak sign with Rise Records, debut new song
9/11/2019Bloodbather sign with Rise Records, premiere new video
9/6/2019Kublai Khan announce new album, premiere track and video
7/26/2019Of Mice & Men announce new album, premiere title track
6/19/2019Crown The Empire announce new album, premiere single
5/2/2019Like Moths To Flames split with Rise Records, writing new music
9/21/2018Memphis May Fire announce new album, premiere song
8/30/2018American Me recording new EP
5/18/2018Chelsea Grin to release new album in July
3/12/2018Black Peaks sign with Rise Records, premiere song
1/29/2018Blessthefall detail new album, premiere song
1/26/2018Rise Records signs Blessthefall
1/12/2018For The Fallen Dreams announce new album, premiere song
12/15/2017American Nightmare premiere song, detail new album
12/5/2017Cane Hill announce new album, debut song
11/15/2017American Nightmare and Rise Records tease announcement
11/13/2017American Me set to release new EP
11/10/2017Of Mice & Men premiere song, detail new album
10/18/2017Downswing sign with Rise Records, premiere new song
10/17/2017At The Drive In set to release new EP
9/9/2017Like Moths To Flames announce new album, premiere song
7/17/2017Kublai Khan sign with Rise Records, announce tour
7/15/2017Rise Records signs Blindwish, new song online
7/9/2017Rise Records signs Sevendust
6/8/2017Make Them Suffer announce album, premiere song
5/31/2017Hot Water Music premiere song, announce new album
5/25/2017The Movielife set to release first new album in 14 years
5/18/2017Silverstein announce new album, premiere song
4/25/2017In Hearts Wake announce new album, premiere song
4/20/2017Eighteen Visions announce new album, premiere song
4/17/2017Eighteen Visions to release new album in June
3/29/2017The Movielife to release first new album since 2003
3/27/2017The Acacia Strain announce new album, premiere song
3/23/2017Northlane unexpectedly releases new album, stream available
2/22/2017At The Drive-In announce new album, premiere song
1/30/2017Rise Records signs Thousand Below
11/18/2016A Loss For Words announce final album, premiere song
10/4/2016Gone Is Gone announce new album, premiere song
7/27/2016Dance Gavin Dance to release new album in October
7/6/2016Fire From The Gods announce new album, premiere song
7/6/2016Exotype lashes out at Rise Records
6/27/2016Of Mice & Men announce new album, premiere song
5/25/2016Rise Records signs Five Finger Death Punch
5/4/2016Chelsea Grin announces new album
4/13/2016Mastodon, At The Drive-In, QOTSA members launch new band
3/24/2016Issues announce new album, premiere song
3/2/2016Cane Hill to release debut album in July
2/9/2016Eyehategod, Bl'ast! release new split EP
1/19/2016Rise Records signs Chelsea Grin
1/6/2016Rise Records signs Make Them Suffer
10/15/2015Legend release new album unexpectedly, premiere song
10/12/2015Rise Records signs Fire From The Gods
9/3/2015Like Moths To Flames announce new album
8/11/2015Cane Hill announce new EP, premiere song
8/7/2015BL'AST! sign with Rise Records, stream new EP
7/1/2015Buried In Verona returns with new lineup, album
6/15/2015Miss May I announces new album
5/18/2015Rise Records sold to BMG
4/21/2015Teenage Time Killers announce debut; premiere song
3/17/2015The Devil Wears Prada return to Rise Records
3/6/2015Rise Records signs Royal Psalms
2/23/2015The Plot In You part with Rise Records, debut song
2/19/2015Rise Records signs Rarity
2/10/2015Rise Records to release Hidden In Plain View EP
2/7/2015Dance Gavin Dance announce new album, preview song
12/22/2014Rise Records signs Knuckle Puck
12/17/2014Rise Records inks 'supergroup' Teenage Time Killer
12/16/2014Of Mice & Men to reissue latest LP with new songs
12/10/2014Make Do And Mend announces new album
11/10/2014Sleeping With Sirens sign with Epitaph, debut song
10/8/2014Rise Records signs Cane Hill
9/15/2014Dance Gavin Dance to headline Rise Records tour
9/9/2014Silverstein signs with Rise Records
8/12/2014The Acacia Strain announce new LP, debut new song
7/31/2014Emarosa announce new album, debut new song
7/30/2014Rise Records signs Favorite Weapon (ex-Woe Is Me)
7/12/2014Alive Like Me album set for release
6/18/2014Crown The Empire announces new album
4/30/2014Rise Records signs Defeat The Low
3/24/2014Rise Records signs Exotype
3/4/2014Rise Records signs Nightmares
3/3/2014Only Crime (Bane, Good Riddance) sign w/ Rise Recs
2/28/2014Cursed Sails (ex-Issues) sign with Velocity/Rise
2/25/2014Miss May I announces LP release date, mini-tour
1/29/2014Rise Records signs Alive Like Me
1/26/2014Memphis May Fire set to release new album
12/19/2013Issues to release debut full length in February
11/27/2013Of Mice & Men announces new album
10/22/2013Evergreen Terrace LP set for release; song debuted
10/18/2013The Acacia Strain set to release new 7"
9/5/2013Polar Bear Club announces new album; debuts song
8/7/2013Rise Records signs Polar Bear Club
7/16/20137 Seconds set to release new EP
7/11/2013Rise Records signs War Generation
5/29/2013Like Moths To Flames album set for release
5/28/2013Rise Records signs Honour Crest
5/23/2013Rise Records signs 7 Seconds
5/3/2013For The Fallen Dreams re-signs with Rise Records
3/12/2013Rise Records signs Dangerkids
3/8/2013Evergreen Terrace signs with Rise Records
2/19/2013Rise Records signs Face To Face
1/22/2013Rise Records signs Bleach Blonde
1/18/2013Rise Records Tour 2013 announced
10/23/2012Crown The Empire album set for release
10/6/2012Like Moths To Flames announces deluxe re-issue
10/1/2012Poison The Well reissues set for release
9/12/2012I Am King signs with Velocity/Rise Records
9/11/2012Issues to release debut in November
8/18/2012Rise Records to release Hot Water Music 'classic'
7/18/2012The Acacia Strain album set for release
6/1/2012Rise Records signs Rescuer
5/9/2012Thick As Blood unveils album release date, teaser
5/4/2012Poison The Well re-releases officially announced
4/26/2012This Is Hell no longer on Rise Records
4/22/2012Poison The Well teases news
4/19/2012Make Do And Mend album set for June release
4/17/2012The Acacia Strain signs with Rise Records
3/29/2012Thick As Blood signs with Rise Records
3/23/2012Rise Records signs Crown The Empire
3/12/2012The Bouncing Souls sign with Rise Records
3/7/2012Miss May I album set for release
2/29/2012Hot Water Music to release 'Exister' in May
2/23/2012Recon set to release new EP
2/22/2012Attack Attack! no longer on Rise Records
2/8/2012Jonny Craig kicked out of band, still using drugs?
1/4/2012Rise Records signs Hands Like Houses
12/26/2011For The Fallen Dreams signs w/ Artery Recordings
12/21/2011Legend set to begin work on new album
12/20/2011Rise Records signs Palisades
12/15/2011Bleeding Through album set for release
12/14/2011Scarlett O'Hara goes on hiatus
12/12/2011Miss May I to enter studio in January
12/1/2011Rise Records signs Make Do And Mend
10/13/2011Rise Records signs Daytrader
7/14/2011Velocity/Rise Records signs Secrets
6/30/2011Hot Water Music signs with Rise Records
6/9/2011Rise Records signs Dream On Dreamer
3/24/2011Rise Records signs That's Outrageous
2/10/2011A Loss For Words signs with Velocity/Rise
1/17/2011Rise Records signs Memphis May Fire
12/7/2010Rise Records signs two bands
11/29/2010Rise Records donates $5000 to PWCL
10/24/2010Rise Records signs Like Moths To Flames
10/13/2010Velocity/Rise signs The Air I Breathe
9/24/2010Rise Records signs My Ticket Home
9/1/2010Rise Records to release Your Demise album
8/11/2010Rise Records signs The Plot In You
8/5/2010Rise Records signs Ten After Two
4/13/2010Velocity/Rise Records signs Woe, Is Me
2/24/2010Velocity/Rise Records signs Abandon All Ships
1/14/2010Rise Records to reissue Piebald catalog
12/15/2009Rise Records signs Scarlett O'Hara
11/18/2009Rise Records signs Legend
11/9/2009Rise Records signs Sleeping With Sirens
10/30/2009This Is Hell signs with Rise Records
10/15/2009Rise Records signs Continuance
8/31/2009Rise Records signs From First To Last
8/13/2009The Bled signs with Rise Records
8/5/2009The Red Shore signs with Rise Records
7/30/2009Rise Records signs Those Who Lie Beneath
7/10/2009Bleeding Through signs with Rise Records
6/9/2009Rise Records signs The Color Morale
5/26/2009Rise Records signs pmtoday
2/5/2009Rise Records signs Of Mice & Men
12/8/2008Rise Records signs Miss May I
11/10/2008Of Machines recording Rise Records debut
4/5/2008Rise Records signs In Fear And Faith
10/22/2007Rise Records signs two bands
9/18/2007Rise Recs signs A Different Breed Of Killer
8/31/2007Rise Records signs Recon
8/17/2007Rise Records signs Dead And Divine
7/18/2007Liferuiner dropped by Rise Records
6/26/2007Rise Records signs Burden Of A Day
6/14/2007For The Fallen Dreams sign w/ Rise Records
5/30/2007Liferuiner signs w/ Rise Records
11/2/2006Rise Records signs At The Throne Of Judgment
3/26/2006The Devil Wears Prada sign w/ Rise Records
7/27/2005A Fall Farewell sign w/ Rise Records