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Like Moths To Flames split with Rise Records, writing new music

For the first time in their existence Like Moths to Flames will release an album without Rise Records. After putting out six records together during the past decade, LMTF and Rise have parted ways, revealed vocalist Chris Roetter during a new episode of the "BREWtally Speaking Podcast" (see below). Regardless, the band have written roughly eight new songs, with three already recorded "professionally." Roetter had this to say:
"This is actually the first time that the band's been doing adequate demos. Like we would do 'oh, man, check out this riff with these shitty drums.' We actually paid our own money, went and did some demos. "So we're actually taking the writing very seriously this time. We're actually not on Rise anymore. This is the first time we are gonna be doing… not something on our own, we're just kinda in-between right now... What I'd said about [2015 album] 'Dying Things', how we feel about the last few releases was just an extension of that, unfortunately, where... I don't want to get into it really... I'm not trying to blow up anybody's spot, but I just personally feel like we were back-burnered a little bit. "We're an easy band to please, as we do a lot of things ourselves. So it's like when we ask for minimal things, that was us getting help, and instead of it helping the band, it was like 'well here's us giving you aid and that's it.'"
As for their new material, Roetter provided the following up:
"So this time around, we're not even planned on doing a record, and we already got 7-8 songs written, and 3 of them are professionally recorded. "They've got production, they've got ear candy, they're properly engineered, not just us doing them in our garage. So it's just like kind of us making sure we got the ammunition for when we do start speaking to labels and figure out where the band's gonna go, what we're gonna do after this tour."
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