Kurt Ballou news


4/27/2017A new Full Of Hell song (and video) has made its online debut.
12/7/2016Kurt Ballou is now going to be selling his distortion pedal business card online (have a listen).
11/27/2016You can use the business card of Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou to build a distortion pedal.
3/23/2016Kurt Ballou might be mixing the new Dillinger Escape Plan album.
3/10/2015Mutoid Man has premiered the first new song from their next album.
2/20/2015Official footage of Converge's performance at This Is Hardcore 2014 is now online.
6/24/2014Kurt Ballou (Converge) has unveiled a solo track titled "I Need A Doctor."
3/23/2012Check out a video tour of Kurt Ballou's recording studio, Godcity.


8/10/2020Genghis Tron return from hiatus, recording new album
7/9/2020Sumac (Isis, Botch, etc.) announce new album
6/8/2020Year Of The Knife announce debut album, issue new song
3/31/2020Converge, Red Chord, ex-Job For A Cowboy members launch band
3/19/2020Converge release 30-minute experimental track
1/16/2020Year Of The Knife finish recording new album
12/19/2019Intronaut detail new album 'Fluid Existential Inversions'
11/27/2019Kvelertak sign with Rise Records, debut new song
9/19/2019Sun In Shadows announce debut album, stream new song
8/30/2019Sect (Cursed, Undying) surprise release new LP, share video
7/1/2019Hesitation Wounds to release new album in August
4/22/2019Sect (Earth Crisis, Cursed, Undying) recording new album
4/12/2019Nails release new single, announce tour dates
4/9/2019Gatecreeper recording new album
1/17/2019Russian Circles recording new album
12/17/2018Full Of Hell finishes recording new album
12/2/2018Wear Your Wounds recording new album
9/14/2018Modern Life Is War release two songs, debut new video
9/13/2018Touche Amore to release live album
7/31/2018Prophecy Productions signs Crowhurst
6/29/2018Converge release new EP, premiere video
6/8/2018Modern Life Is War debuts first new song in 5 years
5/26/2018Cult Leader set to record new album
4/27/2018Author & Punisher recording new album
4/7/2018Future Usses (Intronaut) signs with Pelagic Records
3/22/2018Baptists announce new album, premiere song
2/14/2018High On Fire recording new album
1/9/2018Iron Reagan, Gatecreeper announce split LP
10/20/2017Skeletonwitch recording new album
9/19/2017Sumac recording new album
8/20/2017Future Usses (Intronaut, ex-Mouth Of The Architect) launched
2/22/2017Full Of Hell announces new album
2/15/2017SECT (Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy, Cursed) set to record new LP
1/18/2017Vallenfyre recording new album
1/16/2017Converge premieres track from 'Jane Doe' live album
12/14/2016All Pigs Must Die set to record new album
11/15/2016Wear Your Wounds (Converge) announce debut album
11/7/2016Iron Reagan announces new album
11/1/2016Burn recording new album
10/16/2016Mutoid Man (Converge, Cave In) recording new album
9/13/2016Darkest Hour begins recording new album
6/28/2016Helms Alee announce new album, premiere song
6/15/2016Relapse Records signs Gatecreeper
6/1/2016Code Orange in the studio with Kurt Ballou
5/17/2016Russian Circles announce new album, North American tour
5/10/2016Darkest Hour to record new album with Kurt Ballou
5/4/2016Meek Is Murder finishes recording new album
4/29/2016Converge to release 'You Fail Me: Redux'
4/6/2016Trap Them completes new album
3/15/2016Trap Them recording new music
3/14/2016Hark to record new album this fall
3/10/2016Hardcore 'supergroup' Hesitation Wounds unveil new LP, song
12/1/2015Nails set to record new album
11/27/2015Sumac recording new album with Kurt Ballou
8/8/2015Cult Leader to release new LP, tour North America
5/4/2015Self Defense Family announce new LP; debut video
4/15/2015Ramming Speed finishes recording new album
4/3/2015Four Year Strong announces new album
2/21/2015Sweet Cobra signs with Magic Bullet for new album
2/16/2015Magrudergrind sign with Relapse, complete new LP
2/10/2015High On Fire recording new album
12/11/2014High On Fire set to record LP; announce tour dates
12/9/2014Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) set to track new LP
12/4/2014Sumac (Isis, Baptists, Botch) announce debut album
11/12/2014Cult Leader prepares new album, EP
10/29/2014Black Breath set to record new album
10/1/2014Harm's Way recording new album
8/12/2014White Arms Of Athena record new album
5/28/2014Self Defense Family reveals ambitious plans for LP
3/6/2014Relapse Records signs Iron Reagan
3/4/2014Sweet Cobra completes new album
3/3/2014Every Time I Die begins recording new album
2/25/2014Baptists set to record new album
2/5/2014Torche signs with Relapse Records
1/28/2014Code Orange Kids set to record new album
1/27/2014Brutality Will Prevail album set for release
1/15/2014Vallenfyre enters studio to record new album
12/26/2013Old Man Gloom prepares new album
12/9/2013Old Man Gloom in the studio recording
11/27/2013Vallenfyre set to record new album
11/5/2013Immortal Bird announces debut EP
9/5/2013Meek Is Murder completes new album
8/8/2013Trap Them to record new album this fall
7/23/2013Converge issues "Summer 2013 Update"
7/15/2013Modern Life Is War album set for release
7/2/2013Toxic Holocaust completes new album
5/29/2013High On Fire to release two live albums
5/28/2013All Pigs Must Die album due out this summer
4/29/2013KEN mode records new material for soundtrack
4/1/2013Modern Life Is War reforms, set to record album
2/20/2013Prosthetic Records signs Ramming Speed
1/25/2013Roadrunner Records signs Kvelertak
1/23/2013Doomriders prepare new album
1/14/2013Skeletonwitch to record new album in April
1/4/2013All Pigs Must Die enter studio
11/21/2012Black Market Activities signs Phantom Glue
10/8/2012I Hate Our Freedom to release new album in Dec.
9/26/2012Nails to record new album this winter
9/25/2012Code Orange Kids debut album set for release
8/27/2012Kvelertak recording new album with Kurt Ballou
5/17/2012Gaza album set for July release
4/17/2012Ramming Speed records new album with Kurt Ballou
3/1/2012Translation Loss signs Generation of Vipers
2/23/2012High On Fire to release new album in April
1/23/2012Converge begins recording new album
1/7/2012Black Breath completes new album
12/21/2011High On Fire recording new album
11/29/2011Southern Lord Recs signs Burning Love
10/25/2011Racebannon set to release new album
10/14/2011Gaza set to record new album
10/11/2011Torche finds new label, recording album
7/19/2011Black Cobra completes new album
6/29/2011All Pigs Must Die debut album due in August
4/29/2011Converge, Dropdead split EP details revealed
3/25/2011Deathwish Inc. signs Oathbreaker
3/3/2011All Pigs Must Die sign w/ Southern Lord Recs
2/15/2011Black Breath announces new album, tour dates
2/15/2011Rise And Fall prepares new album
2/11/2011Today Is The Day prepares new album
1/9/2011Today Is The Day set to record new album
11/2/2010Converge begins work on next album
9/2/2010Trap Them to enter studio next week
7/30/2010The Secret set to release Southern Lord debut
4/6/2010KEN mode announces new album, tour
2/28/2010The Secret signs with Southern Lord
2/15/2010TDB Records signs three bands
12/14/2009The Carrier recording new album
10/16/2009Southern Lord Recs signs Black Breath
10/13/2009Sweet Cobra completes new album
8/18/2009108 completes new album
3/23/2009Backstabbers Inc. records EP, shooting video
2/17/2009Doomriders recording new album
1/12/2009Lewd Acts recording new album
12/19/2008Willowtip Records signs three bands
10/18/2008The_Network completes new album
9/23/2008The Hope Conspiracy set to record new EP
8/11/2008Buried Inside set to record new album
6/2/2008Suicide Note set to release new album
5/16/2008Artillery Breath set to record new album
5/6/2008Misery Index recording new album
2/18/2008Elysia records new album
2/1/2008Young Widows sign w/ Temporary Residence
1/30/2008Torche prepares to release Hydra Head debut
1/26/2008Transistor Transistor completes new album
1/13/2008Have Heart to record new album in March
1/3/2008Doomriders prepares new album
12/27/2007Misery Index to enter studio in May
12/16/2007Stray From The Path signs w/ Sumerian Records
11/14/2007Disfear unveils album details
11/6/2007Blacklisted records new album
11/6/2007Genghis Tron finishes new album
10/27/2007Suicide Note to record new album in Jan.
10/26/2007Jacob Bannon set to record solo material
10/9/2007Blacklisted prepares to enter studio
9/25/2007Transistor Transistor set to release new 7"
8/23/2007Genghis Tron set to enter studio
7/24/2007Ferret Music signs Elysia
4/13/2007Trap Them signs w/ Deathwish Inc.
4/10/2007Coliseum set to enter studio
3/30/2007Disfear set to record new album
2/28/2007108 completes new album
2/8/2007Relapse Records signs Genghis Tron
1/11/2007Deathwish Inc. signs 108
12/28/2006Animosity to record new album in April
12/18/2006Coliseum signs w/ Relapse Records
12/16/2006Coliseum prepares new album
12/1/2006Kruger signs with Listenable Records
11/23/2006Suicide Note prepares new releases
10/17/2006Blacklisted prepares to record EP
9/27/2006Divider prepares debut album
7/25/200677+K7 set to enter studio
7/19/2006Adai recording new EP
6/5/2006Double Or Nothing Recs signs Ignite The Will
5/5/2006The Hope Conspiracy set to release EP
12/30/2005The Hope Conspiracy enter studio
12/17/2005Genghis Tron set to enter studio
8/27/2005Another Breath book studio time
8/5/2005Reflections Records signs Rise And Fall
7/31/2005Hot Cross prepare new album
4/20/2005Bleeding Kansas tour schedule
3/9/2005Swarm Of The Lotus sign w/ Abacus Recs
2/14/2005Converge announce reissue details
1/5/2005Modern Life Is War recording new album
12/15/2004Doomriders (Converge, etc.) join Deathwish lineup
12/9/2004Modern Life Is War signs w/ Deathwish
12/8/2004Seventh Star prepare to record new album
11/13/2004Draw Blood and guitarist part ways
9/21/2004Last Perfection near completion of new album
9/14/2004Stop It!! album and tour update
9/10/2004Abacus Recordings signs Bleeding Kansas
9/4/2004Last Perfection look to replace guitarist
7/13/2004Last Perfection to record w/ Kurt Ballou
7/10/2004Breather Resist finishes new album
4/23/2004Jade Tree Records signs Breather Resist
3/21/2004Champion recording new album
2/29/2004Suicide Note set plans to record new album
12/27/2003Scars Of Tomorrow completes new album
11/26/2003Mi Amore set to record for LP, split
11/1/2003Sex Positions recording new album
8/15/2003Backstabbers Inc. update
7/30/2003With Honor news and notes
7/18/2003Eden Maine signs with Fuel Music
7/3/2003Dead City tour schedule
6/20/2003Downpour becomes ThePower&TheGlory
6/2/2003Dead City hooks up with Deathwish Inc.
4/9/2003Downpour news and notes
3/10/2003Twelve Tribes to record album this Summer
2/2/2003Curl Up And Die finishes recording EPs
1/29/2003Silent Drive (Bane, Dasai) records demo
12/23/2002EXAM finishing up new full-length
12/15/2002Curl Up And Die news and notes
11/12/2002Beecher to record full-length w/ Kurt Ballou
11/5/2002Embrace Today signs with Deathwish Inc.
10/8/2002Curl Up And Die to record two albums
9/2/2002Ramallah records material for Bridge Nine
8/18/2002Curl Up And Die news and notes
7/4/2002Revelation Records inks Since By Man
4/22/2002Hawthorne Street inks Suicide Note project
3/31/2002Suicide Note finishes recording Ferret debut
3/5/2002Beyond The Sixth Seal to record w/ Kurt Ballou
2/13/2002Drowningman enters studio for new LP