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Coliseum prepares new album

Louisville, KY's Coliseum will be heading into God City Studios in Salem, MA to record their new album with Kurt Ballou in May 2007. The band had this to say in an official statement: "Chris flew in this week for five days of heavy duty songwriting and it went great - probably our best and most productive experience playing music together since Chris joined the band. We wrote two new songs and made some changes to two songs we'd written previously this year, "Seven Cities" and "The Burden." We have eight songs finished or in demo stages now and are shooting for around 16 when we enter the studio, so we can leave with a 10 or 12 song album and a few songs for splits, singles, etc. So far, most of the songs have shaped up to be about death or religion... That just seems to be the climate that prevails these days. Speaking of this last year... Chris Maggio has now been in Coliseum for a full year! It's been fucking great to have him in the band. 2006 has flown by and we accomplished a lot... Our first European tour, a split CD with Lords, a split 7"/CD with Young Widows, tours with Municipal Waste, Lords, Young Widows, Doomriders and Saviours, plus a full US tour on our own... Not to mention all the stuff in between. Thanks to everyone for the support, we're really amped for next year and the release of our next album!!!!"

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