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Racebannon set to release new album

Official press release: Bloomington, Indiana's Racebannon will release its new album Six Sik Sisters on January 23, 2012 via Tizona Records. "Capable of killing the weak on first listen," the album was recorded in Salem, MA by executive soundscapist Kurt Ballou (Trap Them, Nails) of Converge at GodCity Studios and mastered at apocalyptic audio levels by the venerable Alan Douches (Tombs, Kvelertak) at New York's West West Side. Long known for their sanity-splintering releases for labels such as Level Plane, Secretly Canadian and Southern and collaborations with some of Earth's most extreme musicians (such as Merzbow, the universally recognized God of Noise), Racebannon's Six Sik Sisters delivers nine soul-withering waves of sonically barbaric extreme music. Heed the warnings! Six Sik Sisters is a stripped-down affair yet clear and massive sounding and proves the band to be at its hungriest, heaviest, and most venomous. The album's tempos surge to both the fastest and downright burliest in Racebannon's 15 year history with impetuous results: warped speed-metal riffs colliding with Sabbath-esque knuckle-drag alongside breakneck warpspeed drumming that falls only a tad short of grindcore. The "noise" facet of the band's previous work is now singularly incorporated into the songs and one has to wonder whether riffsmith James Bauman has been reviling in Dark Angel, Exodus and other classic Combat-core staples of his youth as his speed-picked riffs attain an intensity and ferocity like never before. Circling a running theme "about plague and witchcraft", the record batters the listener against pulse-pounding rhythms while resident cult-leader Mike Anderson pushes his lucid squalls and verbal exorcisms to new heights a midst the occult backdrop of a story "cloaked in the black plague" that runs through to the album's brain-pummeling completion. The record's uneasy artwork was created by Tom Denney (Cannibal Corpse. Kylesa) and is the perfect accompaniment to Racebannon's unnerving sound. This is not "feel good" music! Pure punishment! Glorious! The track listing for Racebannon's Six Sik Sisters is as follows: 1. Thee Plea 2. Thee Apology 3. Thee Interlude 4. Thee Brother 5. Thee Truth 6. Thee Solo 7. Thee Challenge 8. Thee Desperate 9. Thee End

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