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Come To Grief announce debut album, drop new single feat. Jacob Bannon of Converge

Official press release:

New England nihilistic, extreme sludge/doom band Come To Grief announce their highly-anticipated and long-awaited debut full-length album, When The World Dies - to be released on May 20, 2022 via Translation Loss Records.

Come To Grief have risen from the ashes of a hellish existence to bring seven tracks of sinister, hypnotic filth - dank with suffocating depravity. Powerful and catchy grooves lace each track with grimy black n' roll undertones while vocalists Terry Savastano and Jonathan Hebert lay waste to tortured, spite-filled and personal lyrics - spitting true life stories and observations on the bleak, lack of humanity that plagues the earth. Recorded by Kurt Ballou at GodCity Recording Studio and featuring Jacob Bannon (Converge), who contributes vocals that storm in like a whirlwind of chaotic fervor. A lurking rhythm section soldered together with smoldering riffs demands you to bang your head and proves When The World Dies is no pentatonic picnic - this is sonic annihilation.


Along with the announcement of When The World Dies the band have released the first single from the album titled, "Life's Curse." The ferocious track features blistering vocals from Converge frontman, Jacob Bannon. The track is streaming now at Decibel Magazine.

About the album announcement and track release, Come To Grief share the following statement: "When the World Dies has finally reared its ugly head after nearly 8 years of constant shows and EP's. The long-awaited long-player shall bludgeon your existence. Not merely 'Sludge' or 'Doom', 'When The World Dies' melds many sounds and feelings that parallel the horrid human situation. "Life's Curse" is a raging culmination of 50 years of anguish, depression and dejection. Do you sometimes feel lonely? Awkward? Like you don't belong? This is for you.

About working alongside Jacob Bannon, Terry Savastano (guitar, vocals) comments: "Having Jacob sing vocals was a really big deal. I'm super grateful for it. We go back a long way, actually. He, myself, (Chuck - Come To Grief drummer) and some of the Converge guys come from the same area north of Boston called the Merrimack Valley. He had my first band's (Afterbirth) demo very early on - we're talking 1988! We were recording with Kurt Ballou so I thought it would be awesome and kinda appropriate if he could contribute vocals. He's such an emotional singer I thought it would go perfect with Jonathan's (Herbert) roar, and I was right! 'Life's Curse' is a pretty emotional song already; he just added a whole lot more."

When The World Dies will be released on May 20, 2022 on two LP variants, compact disc, and on all digital platforms worldwide. Limited edition merch is also available via Translation Loss Records. Pre-order and digital pre-save are available now.


When The World Dies track listing:

1. Our End Begins
2. Life's Curse
3. Scum Like You
4. Devastation of Souls
5. When the World Dies
6. Bludgeon The Soul / Returning to the Void
7. Death Can't Come Soon Enough

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