NewsFebruary 13, 2002 10:07 AM ET3,984 views

Drowningman enters studio for new LP

Drowningman were slated entering the studio this past weekend with Kurt Ballou (this guy works a lot). The band is recording their last contractually obligated full-length for Revelation Records. Here's what the band has to say about the album: "I can't go into detail about the long list of guest stars that will be on this amazing recording, and can't comment on the stylistic divergences that will occur (much of it will be in the "classic" Rev vain so kids that post on the Rev message board will like us) , I can only tell you that at all times during these recording sessions someone in the studio will be under the influence of one of the following: medication not perscribed to them, generic cough syrup, grain alcohol, cheap American beer and airplane glue discharged inside of Frito bags and inhaled deeply. The only other thing I can tell you about it is that this record will contain some of the most brutal mosh parts ever put on tape expressly for the purpose of middle-to-upper class, suburban, white kids to punch each other in the necks and faces to because face it, their lives are hard and so are ours."

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