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Vallenfyre enters studio to record new album

Official press release: Vallenfyre has officially entered the studio to record their second full-length album and follow-up to 2011's A Fragile King. Gregor Mackintosh (vocals and lead guitars) comments: "We have now arrived in a very cold Salem, MA and are currently holed up in Godcity Studio with producer Kurt Ballou tracking drums for our second album, 'Splinters'. We are really digging Kurt's honest, old-fashioned approach to recording. No triggers or samples. Just a good drum kit, good mics and a good drummer." In 2011, Gregor Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) announced that he would go back to his death metal roots with his new band, Vallenfyre. The level of expectation was set high with a line-up consisting of Hamish Glencross (guitar; My Dying Bride), Scoot (bass; Doom, Extinction To Mankind), Adrian Erlandsson (drums; At The Gates, Paradise Lost, The Haunted) - and of course, Gregor on vocals (for the first time in his career!). Their debut, A Fragile King, was a reference to Gregor's father's (lost) battle with cancer; the harrowing, crusty death-doom found on the album was hailed as "a beast of a record" (Terrorizer UK) and "a sonic force that bites deep and hard" (Decibel). Simply put, A Fragile King is "old school to the bone" (Rock Hard Germany). Two years and some exclusive live shows later, Vallenfyre is pleased to announce that their new album, Splinters, will be released in May 2014 with a relentless mix of death, doom and crust influences. Stay tuned for more news coming soon.

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