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Ramming Speed records new album with Kurt Ballou

Official press release: Rock 'n roll metal punks Ramming Speed are the living, breathing, beer-swilling personification of the ol' chestnut "no rest for the wicked." These Boston bruisers have just completed a 9 day stint at Salem, MA's Godcity studio with legendary heavy music engineer Kurt Ballou (Disfear, Back Breath, Converge, Kvelertak). The results are 13 track LP, entitled "Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die," which will be the 'Speed's long awaited sophomore full-length. Three years in the making, the new album will showcase the band's efforts at refining their amalgam of d-beat hardcore, thrash, classic rock and grind. The new riffs are both memorable and punishing, offering heaps of dual guitar harmonies and solos alongside furious blasting and enraged vocals. Besides being the first 'Speed recording to feature the band's current line up, the new album also offers guest vocals from Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders) and, In an interesting experiment, a short synth contribution from Ben Teeter (ex-USX, current Tasha-Yar), who the band met through his connection with Oakland heshers and 'Speed tour buddies Saviours. Ramming Speed have completed the recording process as an independent act and will be soliciting labels for a potential 2012 release. The final mix will be finished in mid April before being shipped off for mastering.

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