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The Secret set to release Southern Lord debut

Official press release: Trieste, Italy's crushing quartet The Secret are set to drop their upcoming Solve Et Coagula full-length via Southern Lord Recordings this September 28th. The twelve hellish hymns embodied in Solve Et Coagula were captured by Kurt Ballou (Trap Them, Converge, Cursed) in his infamous Godcity studio, resulting in cavernous, earthmoving tonal supremacy. Each song preaches of loss of faith in all forms of religion and politics and a vile outlook on humanity as a whole. The album runs rampant with dismantling breakdowns, gargantuan, swelling riffage and jackhammer blastbeats, all empowered by the most shredding vocal attack. While surely reminiscent of Converge, Cursed and labelmates Black Breath, The Secret integrate as much influence from filthy politi-crust acts, as well as psychotic metalcore into Solve Et Coagula's metallic surge. But no matter how you try to compare or categorize this highly lethal Italian export, the end result is certain; this is the sound of humanity's failure and defeat, embodied as pure aural rage. The Secret have previously unleashed two full-length releases on now defunct Goodfellow Records (2004's Luce and 2008's Disintoxication), and have undergone countless lineup changes and setbacks over the past few years. The current lineup is inarguably the most devastating and concise to date, making Solve Et Coagula their most lethal assault yet. Solve Et Coagula track listing: 01. Cross Builder 02. Death Alive 03. Double Slaughter 04. Where It Ends 05. Antitalian 06. Weatherman 07. Pleasure In Self Destruction 08. Eve Of The Last Day 09. Pursuit Of Discomfort 10. Bell Of Urgency 11. War Desire 12. 1968

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