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Disfear unveils album details

Official press release: Sweden's Disfear have unveiled details for their new album "Live The Storm." "Live The Storm" was recorded with Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at his Godcity studios in Salem, MA and includes 10 all new songs from the band. The complete tracklisting is as follows: "Get It Off", "Fiery Father", "Deadweight", "The Cage", "The Furnace", "Live The Storm", "Testament", "In Exodus", "Maps of War", and "Phantom". Relapse Records will release "Live The Storm" will see a January 22th North American release date, January 28th internationally. Disfear drummer Marcus Andersson (the band is rounded out by guitarist Bjorn Pettersson, bassist Henke Frykman, vocalist Tomas Lindberg, and former Entombed guitarist Ulf Cederlund) says of the album: "The making of Live the Storm has been a long time coming, but the long wait has not been in vain. The new album is probably the best we've ever accomplished and the production turned out exactly as awesome as you'd expect from a genius like Kurt. Working with Kurt was really easy and fun and his knowledge of extreme music really helped during the recording process." The band is planning on at least two visits Stateside in early 2008, one west coast and one east coast tour, in support of "Live The Storm."

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