TidbitsMarch 23, 2016 10:00 AM ET

Kurt Ballou might be mixing the new Dillinger Escape Plan album.

Producer, engineer, and mix-master Kurt Ballou uploaded the photo below to his Instagram account last night. Ballou is discussing compression ratios for a component of an unspecified project, though it didn't take long for readers to notice that the file Ballou was working on is titled "DEP 2016." That, of course, is the acronym for the Dillinger Escape Plan, who just happen to have been tracking a new album the past few weeks. After tracking comes mixing, and then mastering, suggesting that Ballou could be mixing DEP's new record right now. The collaboration wouldn't be particularly shocking, given that Kurt Ballou and Dillinger mastermind Ben Weinman have known each other for roughly two decades. Ballou was also recently featured on Weinman's own Party Smasher Inc. website. Anyway, we'll have to wait for the official word, but this certainly seems promising.
[via ThePRP]