Metal Blade Records news


10/24/2017Two assholes (Dave Mustaine And Chris Barnes) argue on Twitter.
2/10/2016Sourvein has unveiled a new song featuring Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe.


1/19/2021Kardashev sign with Metal Blade Records
1/16/2021The Crown announce new album, debut first single
11/23/2020Sanhedrin sign with Metal Blade Records
11/12/2020Cult Of Luna announce new EP
11/10/2020Metal Blade Records signs Iotunn
10/23/2020Metal Blade Records signs Space Chaser
10/16/2020Metal Blade Records signs Pangaea
10/7/2020Nuclear Power Trio premiere title track of debut EP
8/26/2020Tribulation announce new album
8/19/2020Six Feet Under announce new album
8/4/2020Anaal Nathrakh premiere title track of new album
7/23/2020Metal Blade Records signs Demon Head
5/14/2020Behemoth announce new EP, premiere The Cure cover
5/7/2020Ensiferum announce new album, premiere track
5/1/2020Killswitch Engage release 'Atonement' B-sides record for charity
3/30/2020Metal Blade Records signs Cult of Lilith
3/11/2020Vio-lence sign with Metal Blade Records
2/4/2020The Black Dahlia Murder debut title track of new album
1/14/2020Igorrr premiere new single, to release new album in March
12/19/2019Intronaut detail new album 'Fluid Existential Inversions'
12/16/2019Neaera reform, set to release first new album in 7 years
11/8/2019Midnight to release new album in January
10/31/2019Metal Blade Records signs Dvne
9/27/2019Midnight sign with Metal Blade Records, share new song
9/23/2019Metal Blade Records signs Master Boot Record
8/6/2019Metal Blade Records signs Angel Witch
7/31/2019Cult Of Luna announce new album, premiere video
7/12/2019Cattle Decapitation announce title, release date of new album
7/11/2019Intronaut sign with Metal Blade, working on new album
6/25/2019Killswitch Engage announce new album, premiere first single
4/24/2019Revocation re-sign with Metal Blade Records
4/19/2019Harms Way release new remix EP
3/20/2019Cult Of Luna sign with Metal Blade Records
3/20/2019Amon Amarth album set for May release, new single online
2/12/2019Blaze Of Perdition sign with Metal Blade Records
1/31/2019Allegaeon announce new album, premiere song
12/10/2018Metal Blade Records signs Fractal Universe
11/1/2018Whitechapel announce new album, premiere song
10/4/2018Slipknot, Hatebreed, Fall Out Boy members donate to Harms Way
9/20/2018Cattle Decapitation announce rarities collection, stream track
8/8/2018Metal Blade Records signs Endseeker
6/19/2018Metal Blade signs Skull Pit (Exumer, Church of Misery)
6/7/2018Metal Blade signs Siege Of Power (Autopsy, Asphyx)
6/4/2018Killswitch Engage signs with Metal Blade Records
5/21/2018Anaal Nathrakh announces new album
4/10/2018Metal Blade Records signs Nothgard
4/9/2018Metal Blade Records signs Satan
2/7/2018Metal Blade Records signs Vulture
2/6/2018Rivers Of Nihil announce new album, premiere song
1/24/2018Sacred Reich sign with Metal Blade, writing new album
1/22/2018Twitching Tongues announce new album, premiere song
1/19/2018Primordial announce new album, premiere video
1/10/2018Metal Blade Records signs Lik
1/4/2018As I Lay Dying 'classic' albums set for re-issue
12/6/2017Harms Way announce new album, premiere new song
11/28/2017The Crown finish new album, sign with Metal Blade
10/22/2017Metal Blade Records signs Batushka
9/27/2017Metal Blade Records signs Hamferd
9/13/2017Cattle Decapitation to release DVD of NSFW videos
9/12/2017Eyes Of The Sun signs with Blacklight Media/Metal Blade
9/7/2017Blacklight Media/Metal Blade signs Fight The Fight
9/7/2017Cannibal Corpse to release new album in November
9/6/2017Sorcerer announce new album, premiere song
8/8/2017Gwar to release new album in October
6/29/2017Crimfall detail new album, premiere song
5/3/2017Goatwhore announce new album, premiere song
5/2/2017Entrails detail new album, premiere song
4/13/2017Tombs announce new album, premiere song
3/8/2017Syberia signs with Blacklight Media/Metal Blade
3/8/2017Between The Buried And Me announce new live DVD, share trailer
2/27/2017Metal Blade Records signs Crimfall
2/23/2017Metal Blade Records signs Igorrr
2/10/2017God Dethroned to release new album in May
2/2/2017Evocation announce new album, premiere song
2/1/2017Nova Collective (BTBAM, Cynic) announce debut, premiere song
1/10/2017Six Feet Under announce new album, premiere song
12/13/2016Whitechapel, Cattle Decapitation, Goatwhore tour
12/7/2016Harm's Way signs with Metal Blade Records
11/17/2016Blacklight Media / Metal Blade signs Gozu
11/10/2016Metal Blade Records signs Evocation
10/25/2016Primoridial announces live album
9/22/2016Downfall Of Gaia announce new album, premiere song
9/7/2016Wovenwar announce new album, premiere song
8/31/2016Destrage detail new album, premiere song
8/25/2016Candiria returns with new album, song premiere
8/17/2016Anaal Nathrakh detail new album, premiere song
8/16/2016Tombs sign with Metal Blade Records
8/11/2016Allegaeon announce new album, premiere song
8/11/2016Serpentine Dominion (Cannibal Corpse, KsE) reveal LP, new song
8/4/2016Charred Walls Of The Damned premiere song, announce LP
6/23/2016Necromancing The Stone album set for release, new song online
5/30/2016Metal Blade Records signs Execration
5/24/2016Revocation announce new album, premiere song
4/28/2016Poison Headache sign with Metal Blade, premiere new song
4/27/2016Whitechapel announce new album, premiere song
4/26/2016Metal Blade Records signs Trial
4/14/2016Six Feet Under announces 'Graveyard Classics IV'
3/31/2016Byzantine signs with Metal Blade Records
3/10/2016Abnormality announce new album, premiere song
2/23/2016Cattle Decapitation re-signs with Metal Blade Records
2/17/2016Chris Santos partners with Metal Blade to launch label
2/11/2016Bloodclot (Cro-Mags, ex-Danzig) sign with Metal Blade
1/25/2016Amon Amarth announce new album, premiere song
1/20/2016Accuser announce new album, debut song
1/6/2016Metal Blade signs comedian Jim Breuer's new metal band
12/17/2015Metal Blade Records re-signs Criminal
12/12/2015Exumer announce new album, premiere song
10/15/2015Metal Blade Records signs Abnormality
10/13/2015Ketzer set to release new 7-inch
10/12/2015Necromancing The Stone signs with Metal Blade
10/7/2015Whitechapel set to release live CD/DVD
9/25/2015Culture Killer announce new album, premiere song
9/24/2015Metal Blade Records signs Candiria
9/9/2015Metal Blade Records signs Accuser
9/1/2015Metal Blade Records signs Ravencult
7/22/2015Metal Blade Records signs Redemption
7/8/2015Metal Blade Records signs Harlott
7/8/2015Metal Blade Records signs Ketzer
6/10/2015Rivers of Nihil announce LP 'Monarchy', debut song
6/10/2015The Black Dahlia Murder announces new album
5/27/2015Metal Blade Records signs Culture Killer
5/23/2015Dragonforce DVD set for release
5/20/2015Cattle Decapitation announce album, premiere song
4/4/2015Metal Blade Records signs Cut Up
4/2/2015Twitching Tongues signs with Metal Blade Records
3/25/2015Secrets Of The Sky announce new album, debut song
3/24/2015Entrails announce new album, premiere song
3/18/2015Between The Buried And Me announces new album
3/4/2015Six Feet Under detail new album, premiere song
2/26/2015ex-Megadeth band unveils new name, label, music
2/18/2015Abiotic album set for release; new song online
2/17/2015Native Construct announce debut LP; premiere song
2/5/2015Metal Blade Records signs Secrets of the Sky
1/28/2015Metal Blade Records signs Sorcerer
1/28/2015Behemoth to release biography via Metal Blade
1/21/2015Theories to release Metal Blade debut in March
1/8/2015Metal Blade Records signs Gehennah
12/12/2014Metal Blade Records signs Apophys
12/11/2014Metal Blade signs If These Trees Could Talk
11/21/2014Metal Blade to release Cancer Bats album in March
11/15/2014Ensiferum announces new album
10/7/2014King Diamond to release 2xCD collection
10/6/2014Tommy Rogers (BTBAM) set to release LP; song debut
9/30/2014Primordial album set for fall release
9/24/2014Metal Blade Records signs Vesania
9/23/2014Job For A Cowboy announce new album, premiere song
9/21/2014Downfall of Gaia announce new album, debut song
9/10/2014Metal Blade Records signs Sourvein
8/27/2014Anaal Nathrakh announce new album, debut song
8/13/2014Revocation set to release new album; song debuted
7/31/2014AntropomorphiA album set for release
7/31/2014Metal Blade Records signs Theories
6/30/2014Cannibal Corpse to release new album in September
6/24/2014Metal Blade Records signs Anaal Nathrakh
6/23/2014Metal Blade to release Brimstone Coven debut
6/11/2014Metal Blade Records signs Cripper
6/1/2014Entrails set to release demo collection
5/27/2014Metal Blade Records signs Dictated
5/22/2014King of Asgard to release new album in July
5/6/2014Allegaeon announce new album; debut new video
4/14/2014Black Dahlia Murder announce DVD; debut trailer
4/14/2014As I Lay Dying members announce new band Wovenwar
4/9/2014Revocation signs with Metal Blade Records
3/31/2014Dragonforce announces new album; new song online
3/27/2014Metal Blade Records signs Visigoth
3/26/2014Goatwhore announce new album title, release date
3/25/2014Nonpoint announces deal with Metal Blade Records
2/27/2014Below to release debut album in April
2/26/2014Whitechapel announces new album, debuts song
2/7/2014Entrails set to release new 7 inch
1/31/2014Metal Blade to release out-of-print Mount Salem EP
1/10/2014Metal Blade to release Sahg, Sarke albums in U.S.
12/4/2013Behemoth album set for release; new song online
10/14/2013Metal Blade Records signs Mount Salem
10/11/2013Metal Blade to release new Pentagram Chile album
9/23/2013Metal Blade Records signs Destrage
8/12/2013Rivers of Nihil announces debut album
7/22/2013Gwar announces new album, debuts new song
7/15/2013Metal Blade Records signs Below
7/11/2013Metal Blade Records signs Artillery
7/11/2013Cattle Decapitation to release 7" single
6/18/2013Metal Blade Records signs Monte Pittman
5/13/2013Metal Blade Records signs Kill Division
5/6/2013Metal Blade Records signs Pilgrim
4/24/2013Metal Blade Records signs Ensiferum
4/14/2013The Devil's Blood final album set for release
4/9/2013Black Dahlia Murder unveils LP release date, song
3/18/2013Poison Tongue/Metal Blade to release Eldkraft LP
3/4/2013Pyrithion (As I Lay Dying) announces debut EP
2/26/2013Whitechapel set to re-issue debut album
2/23/2013Bison B.C. dropped by Metal Blade Records
2/19/2013Metal Blade announces deal with Flotsam and Jetsam
2/11/2013Entrails complete new album
1/30/2013Memory Garden album set for release
1/22/2013Metal Blade Records signs Beyond The Shore
1/15/2013Metal Blade Records signs Slough Feg
1/7/2013Neaera to release new album in March
12/11/2012The Ocean to release new album in April
12/10/2012Neaera extends deal with Metal Blade Records
12/10/2012Metal Blade Records signs Rivers of Nihil
12/3/2012King Diamond signs worldwide deal with Metal Blade
11/19/2012Metal Blade Records re-signs Memory Garden
11/19/2012Shai Hulud to release new album in February
10/24/2012Evergreen Terrace and Metal Blade part ways
9/24/2012Aeon to release new album in November
9/16/2012Metal Blade Records signs Týr
9/10/2012Bison B.C. completes new album
9/5/2012Abiotic album set for release
8/20/2012Metal Blade Records announces Scion Label Showcase
7/23/2012Metal Blade Records signs AntropomorphiA
7/16/2012Between The Buried And Me album due out in October
7/10/2012Metal Blade Records signs Satan's Wrath
6/22/2012As I Lay Dying reveal new album title, street date
6/11/2012Metal Blade Records signs Downfall of Gaia
6/4/2012Metal Blade signs Over Your Threshold
5/21/2012Metal Blade Records signs Entrails
5/14/2012Metal Blade Records signs Raven Black Night
5/1/2012Whitechapel album release date set, song debuted
4/23/2012Metal Blade to release Cory Smoot Experiment album
4/2/2012Metal Blade Records signs Abiotic
3/18/2012Cattle Decapitation's album release date, new song
3/12/2012Metal Blade to release Trioscapes (BTBAM) album
2/29/2012Metal Blade announces 2xLP sets for Behemoth, more
2/27/2012Job For A Cowboy details new album, premieres song
2/22/2012Allegaeon album set for release, new song debuted
1/26/2012Metal Blade to release new Cancer Bats album
1/25/2012Whitechapel prepares new album
1/16/2012Cannibal Corpse completes new album, debuts song
1/9/2012Goatwhore unveils album details, new song
12/5/2011Metal Blade Records signs Exumer
10/23/2011Metal Blade signs The Devil's Blood
10/13/2011Metal Blade to release Cathedral live album
9/14/2011Metal Blade to release Noctem album
9/6/2011Metal Blade Records signs Gypsyhawk
8/15/2011Metal Blade Records signs Noctum
5/23/2011The Red Chord not under contract
5/9/2011Metal Blade Records signs Glorior Belli
5/2/2011Metal Blade Records signs Battlecross
4/11/2011Metal Blade to release Jim Florentine comedy album
3/14/2011Metal Blade Records signs Intensus
2/21/2011Metal Blade signs Between The Buried And Me
12/21/2010Metal Blade Records signs Pentagram
12/8/2010Metal Blade Records signs In Solitude
11/29/2010BTBAM frontman set to release solo album
10/11/2010Metal Blade partners with Cyclone Empire
9/1/2010Metal Blade Records signs Ipsissimus
8/6/2010Metal Blade inks deal with Poison Tongue Records
7/12/2010Metal Blade signs Across The Sun
6/24/2010Metal Blade signs Fleshwrought (JFAC, etc.)
6/8/2010Metal Blade Records signs Negligence
5/13/2010Metal Blade Records signs OSI
4/12/2010Metal Blade Records signs Nightfall
4/5/2010Metal Blade Records re-signs 3
3/26/2010God Dethroned re-signs with Metal Blade
3/26/2010Metal Blade signs Hammers Of Misfortune
3/11/2010Metal Blade signs Return To Earth (ex-DEP)
2/8/2010Metal Blade signs Arma Gathas
1/8/2010Metal Blade signs Dawn Of Ashes
12/1/2009Metal Blade Records signs Allegaeon
11/20/2009Metal Blade Records signs System Divide
11/4/2009Metal Blade Records signs Barn Burner
8/4/2009Metal Blade signs Lightning Swords of Death
7/7/2009Metal Blade Records signs Istapp
6/29/2009Metal Blade Records signs We Are The End
6/24/2009Metal Blade Records signs Aeternam
5/18/2009Metal Blade inks Richard Christy's new band
5/13/2009Metal Blade Records re-signs Gwar
4/28/2009Demiricous news and notes
3/19/2009Metal Blade Records signs As You Drown
3/18/2009Metal Blade Records signs Ravage
2/11/2009Metal Blade Records signs END.
1/16/2009Neaera extends contract with Metal Blade
1/13/2009Metal Blade Records signs Molotov Solution
11/25/2008Metal Blade Records signs Razor of Occam
11/25/2008Metal Blade and INgrooves announce deal
11/21/2008Metal Blade Records signs Believer
11/17/2008Metal Blade Records signs Malefice
8/20/2008Metal Blade signs The Crimson Armada
7/30/2008Metal Blade Records signs Lazarus A.D.
7/7/2008Metal Blade to release Overcast album
6/22/2008Metal Blade Records signs Bison
6/10/2008Metal Blade signs Trigger The Bloodshed
5/20/2008Metal Blade Records signs One-Way Mirror
4/23/2008Metal Blade Records signs Rose Funeral
2/12/2008Amon Amarth extends Metal Blade deal
2/5/2008Metal Blade Records signs Anima
1/11/2008Metal Blade Records signs Behemoth
12/17/2007Middian dropped by Metal Blade over name flap
10/30/2007Metal Blade Records signs Hatchet
10/29/2007Woe Of Tyrants signs w/ Metal Blade Recs
10/16/2007Metal Blade Records signs Whitechapel
10/5/2007Soilent Green signs w/ Metal Blade
8/9/2007Metal Blade signs Brain Drill
6/1/2007Metal Blade Records signs Fate
3/29/2007Metal Blade Records signs Epicurean
3/13/2007Metal Blade 25th Anniversary Celebration
3/1/2007Metal Blade Records signs Autumn
2/1/2007Metal Blade/High Impact signs Evergreen Terrace
1/24/2007Metal Blade announces new re-issue series
1/22/2007Hate Eternal signs w/ Metal Blade Records
12/19/2006Metal Blade Records signs Anterior
12/12/2006Metal Blade Records signs Sonic Reign
9/21/2006Metal Blade Records signs Since The Flood
9/14/2006I Killed The Prom Queen joins Metal Blade roster
9/7/2006Metal Blade Records signs Aeon
8/9/2006Shai Hulud signs w/ Metal Blade Records
6/29/2006Metal Blade Records signs This Ending
6/16/2006A Love Ends Suicide signs w/ Metal Blade
2/10/2006The Red Death dropped by Metal Blade
2/3/20067th Plague to sign w/ Metal Blade Recs
1/12/2006Phoenix Mourning sign w/ Metal Blade Records
12/2/2005Metal Blade signs Machinemade God
10/17/2005Metal Blade signs 3
10/7/2005The Ocean sign w/ Metal Blade Records
8/30/2005Metal Blade Records signs Cellador
7/27/2005Metal Blade/Combat Records CMJ showcase
5/23/2005Metal Blade signs Paths Of Possession
4/21/2005Metal Blade signs Angel Blake (ex-The Crown)
3/23/2005Metal Blade Records signs The Absence
12/10/2004Metal Blade Records signs The Red Death
11/23/2004Born From Pain signs w/ Metal Blade
10/20/2004Psyopus signs w/ Metal Blade Records
10/2/2004BMA and Iron Clad sign deal w/ Metal Blade
9/29/2004Metal Blade / Century Media Recs CMJ showcase
8/16/2004Metal Blade Records signs YOB
7/29/2004Winter Solstice signs w/ Metal Blade Records
7/21/2004Goatwhore signs w/ Metal Blade Records
6/17/2004Metal Blade Records signs Neaera
5/13/2004Metal Blade Records signs Losa
5/12/2004Into The Moat signs w/ Metal Blade Records
5/11/2004Metal Blade Records signs Cataract
3/31/2004The Red Chord signs w/ Metal Blade Records
3/4/2004The Crown finishes re-make album
2/27/2004Cattle Decapitation set to enter studio
1/15/2004Unearth set to enter studio
10/23/2003Unearth signs w/ Metal Blade
6/2/2003Fragments Of Unbecoming signs w/ Metal Blade
3/3/2003Black Dahlia Murder signs w/ Metal Blade
3/2/2003As I Lay Dying signs with Metal Blade