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ᛏᛣᚱ (Týr) announce new album and share first single "Axes"


Faroe Islands progressive folk/viking metal group ᛏᛣᚱ (Týr) have announced their new album, Battle Ballads, which will be released April 12th via Metal Blade Records. The band has also shared the first single, "Axes".

Vocalist Heri Joensen commented on the new song:

'Axes' starts with a battle horn followed by a fast melodic and symphonic guitar riff introducing the progression and main theme of the song. Game Of Thrones-ish lyrics of gory and glorified hand-to-hand battle of Viking times, told from a first-person perspective. The verse is slow and heavy with a gritty, yet theatrical and melodic voice. The chorus is fast with a singalong choir, alternating vocally between intricate and brutally simple phrasings. It's a short face-melting metal song based on a single melodic idea.

Joensen also offered this statement on the new album:

We consciously decided to make this a more direct album with songs that are easier for listeners to get right away than some of the stuff on our last album, or maybe even on our 2006 album Ragnarok, which was very progressive. With Battle Ballads, there are progressive elements here and there, but we tried to keep the songs based on one or two musical ideas each, and work on everything from there. So, in a way, it's more concise than our last album, but it's more epic because of the symphonic elements.

Pre-orders available here.




Battle Ballads tracklist:

  1. Hammered
  2. Unwandered Ways
  3. Dragons Never Die
  4. Row
  5. Torkils Døtur
  6. Vælkomnir Føroyingar
  7. Hangman
  8. Axes
  9. Battle Ballad
  10. Causa Latronum Normannorum

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