NewsApril 22, 2005 1:29 AM ET5,450 views

Metal Blade signs Angel Blake (ex-The Crown)

Angel Blake, featuring Marko Tervonen (formerly of The Crown), have officially signed with Metal Blade Records. Regarding the group's sound, Tervonen had this to say: "Well, I do have a certain style in me that I can't get away from. If The Crown was more about speed and aggression, then Angel Blake is more about heavy melancholic songs. There's no blastbeats here. Over the years I have always enjoyed writing these songs that were kind of "different" from The Crown. Songs that were not within the typical death/thrash borders." The band will enter the studio in May to record their Metal Blade debut. Song titles include "Lycanthrope", "Self-terminate", "Solitude, my friend", "Autumnal", and "Thousand Storms".

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