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Bridge Nine Records

8/9/2023 Incendiary Device sign to Bridge Nine Records
6/7/2023 Bridge Nine Records to host second warehouse show this Friday
7/7/2020 Buried Alive to release new EP
10/8/2019 American Nightmare announce 20th anniversary tour
5/20/2019 Death Before Dishonor announce new album
2/7/2019 American War Machine (Slapshot, Agnostic Front) announce debut LP
1/15/2019 Bridge Nine launches new imprint Quiet Panic
5/24/2018 Beach Rats (Minor Threat, Lifetime) announce debut record
3/28/2018 Spine to release new album in June
3/22/2018 Slapshot announces new album
9/14/2017 Backtrack announces new album
8/17/2017 The Eulogy (ex-Madball, Throwdown) set to release new EP
5/4/2017 Bridge Nine Records signs Spine
11/16/2016 Advent album set for release, preview online
11/3/2016 Advent signs with Bridge Nine Records
7/19/2016 Expire announces new album
5/27/2016 Bent Life announces new album
5/3/2016 True Love announces debut full-length
4/11/2016 Burn announce new EP, full stream online
1/12/2016 Cross Me announce new EP, post teaser
9/22/2015 Malfunction announces new album
8/11/2015 Boysetsfire announce new album, premiere song
8/6/2015 H2O announce new album, premiere song
7/8/2015 Modern Pain album set for release
5/27/2015 Crown of Thornz to release new EP
5/26/2015 Cross Me signs with Bridge Nine Records
4/20/2015 Bridge Nine Records signs True Love
3/25/2015 Bridge Nine Records signs Malfunction
3/19/2015 Bent Life signs with Bridge Nine Records
2/6/2015 Bridge Nine Records signs Modern Pain
2/3/2015 Bridge Nine Records signs After The Fall
12/11/2014 War On Women announces debut album
9/25/2014 Hierophant announces new album
7/24/2014 Bridge Nine Records signs War On Women
7/16/2014 Bridge Nine to release Moral Mazes 7"
7/2/2014 Bridge Nine signs Violent Sons (Verse, Raindance)
4/16/2014 Bridge Nine Records signs Rude Awakening
4/12/2014 Expire completes new album; due out in June
3/18/2014 Test of Time announces forthcoming album, EP
2/6/2014 Bridge Nine teaming up with xXx Fanzine for book
1/31/2014 Bridge Nine Records signs Dead Ending
1/21/2014 Silver Snakes album set for release
1/14/2014 Goodtime Boys announce new album Rain
11/7/2013 Backtrack album set for release; new song online
9/12/2013 Bridge Nine Records signs Silver Snakes
8/29/2013 Bridge Nine Records signs Backtrack
8/22/2013 Iron Chic set to release Bridge Nine debut
7/15/2013 Test of Time set to release Bridge Nine debut
7/9/2013 New Found Glory announces live album
5/15/2013 Bridge Nine Records signs Test of Time
5/14/2013 Defeater to release new album in July
5/8/2013 Bridge Nine set to release Nervous Impulse album
5/1/2013 Alpha & Omega to release nw album in July
4/18/2013 Bridge Nine Records signs Iron Chic
4/8/2013 Bridge Nine Records to reissue No Warning album
3/6/2013 Bridge Nine to re-issue Striking Distance album
2/19/2013 Bridge Nine Recs to release new Boysetsfire album
2/7/2013 Alpha & Omega signs with Bridge Nine Records
1/23/2013 Bridge Nine Records signs Octaves
1/9/2013 Bridge Nine Records signs Hierophant
11/8/2012 Defeater frontman to release debut solo album
11/1/2012 Defeater announces 'Life On BBC Radio 1' release
10/11/2012 Antidote to release first new album in 21 years
10/9/2012 Bridge Nine Records to reissue H2O 'classic'
9/21/2012 Bridge Nine Records announces Chad Gilbert imprint
8/28/2012 Goodtime Boys double-EP set for release
7/23/2012 Bridge Nine announces Scion Label Showcase
7/22/2012 Cruel Hand and Bridge Nine Records part ways
6/25/2012 Bridge Nine Records to release new Gallows album
6/14/2012 Polar Bear Club to release live acoustic album
6/7/2012 Bridge Nine to release Chad Gilbert solo EP
5/16/2012 Soul Control to release new EP in July
5/11/2012 Agnostic Front to re-release Live At CBGB
5/8/2012 Verse album set for release
4/25/2012 Bridge Nine Records signs Goodtime Boys
3/20/2012 Bridge Nine to release Dave Hause (Loved Ones) 7"
3/12/2012 Terror and B9 announce retrospective live release
3/6/2012 Bridge Nine to release Dropkick Murphys 7"
12/28/2011 Bridge Nine signs 'supergroup' The Alligators
12/8/2011 Dead Swans set to record new EP
10/25/2011 Bridge Nine announces DYS single series
10/6/2011 Bridge Nine Records signs Expire
6/30/2011 Ceremony to release EP, signs with Matador
6/24/2011 DYS live recordings set for release
2/2/2011 Bridge Nine to release Agnostic Front 7"
9/22/2010 Have Heart to release CD/DVD of final show
7/13/2010 Bridge Nine to re-release Antidote EP
3/26/2010 Bridge Nine Records signs Foundation
3/24/2010 Bridge Nine Records signs Mother Of Mercy
2/18/2010 Bridge Nine to release Underdog discography
8/13/2009 Bridge Nine to re-release Agnostic Front classics
6/24/2009 Bridge Nine announces new compilation
5/21/2009 Bridge Nine Records signs Strike Anywhere
5/9/2009 Outbreak news and notes
3/26/2009 New Found Glory, Shai Hulud split 7"
3/25/2009 Bridge Nine re-signs Death Before Dishonor
3/18/2009 Bridge Nine Records signs Soul Control
3/3/2009 Paint It Black prepares new EPs
1/22/2009 Bridge Nine Records signs Dead Swans
1/8/2009 Polar Bear Club signs with Bridge Nine
11/11/2008 Bridge Nine Records signs Defeater
8/4/2008 Bridge Nine Recs to release Ruiner collection
7/1/2008 Bridge Nine Records signs Cruel Hand
5/14/2008 Bridge Nine Records signs Energy
2/13/2008 Bridge Nine Records signs Verse
1/23/2008 Bridge Nine to release New Found Glory EP
1/14/2008 Bridge Nine Records signs H20
4/24/2007 Crime In Stereo signs w/ Bridge Nine Records
3/25/2007 Ceremony signs w/ Bridge Nine Records
3/5/2007 Ruiner signs w/ Bridge Nine Records
1/17/2007 Bridge Nine Records signs Ambitions
5/25/2006 Palehorse signs w/ Bridge Nine Records
2/23/2006 Bridge Nine Records signs Triple Threat
8/30/2005 Think I Care sign w/ Bridge Nine Records
7/11/2005 Have Heart sign w/ Bridge Nine Records
6/29/2005 Bridge Nine signs No Turning Back
5/20/2005 Bridge Nine Records signs Miles Away
5/8/2005 Betrayed sign w/ Bridge Nine Records
9/1/2004 Bridge Nine signs Death Before Dishonor
6/1/2004 Blue Monday signs w/ Bridge Nine Records
3/21/2004 Champion recording new album
11/10/2003 Outbreak joins Bridge Nine roster
6/6/2003 The Distance signs w/ Bridge Nine Records
1/23/2003 On The Rise joins Bridge Nine roster
10/3/2002 Bridge Nine to re-release Project X EP
9/11/2002 Terror signs w/ Bridge Nine Records
9/2/2002 Ramallah records material for Bridge Nine
7/31/2002 Bridge Nine Records signs Impact
7/7/2002 Bridge Nine and Deathwish Inc. showcase
6/19/2002 Bridge Nine fest/showcase taking shape
6/12/2002 Holding On joins Bridge Nine roster
4/21/2002 No Warning full-length nearing completion
2/25/2002 Striking Distance joins Bridge Nine roster
1/31/2002 Bridge Nine Records news and notes
1/24/2002 Sworn In joins Bridge Nine roster

News Tidbits
4/19/2017 A new Jesus Piece song is now online.

1/24/2013 Hierophant "Son Of The Carcinoma" song premiere

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