Season Of Mist news


3/6/2014Album review: Benighted - Carnivore Sublime
5/21/2013Black Sheep Wall has made their new EP available for streaming.


6/6/2019Wormed announce new EP, premiere first single
4/17/2019Season Of Mist signs Culted
3/6/2019Lice sign with Season Mist, premiere new song
2/8/2019Profanatica sign with Season Of Mist
1/14/2019Season Of Mist signs Deviant Process
1/6/2019Season Of Mist signs Enthroned
12/12/2018Misery Index announce new album, premiere first single
11/22/2018Altarage announce new album, premiere song
11/11/2018Festerday announce new album, stream new track
10/31/2018Revenge announce new EP, debut song
10/19/2018Season Of Mist signs Misanthur
10/18/2018VLTIMAS (Cryptopsy, ex-Morbid Angel) completes debut album
10/9/2018Season Of Mist signs Bask
10/1/2018Season Of Mist signs Urn
9/18/2018Season Of Mist signs Gaahls Wyrd
8/22/2018Benighted premiere song, announce anniversary release
8/3/2018Beyond Creation announce new album, premiere song
7/11/2018Horrendous announce new album, premiere song
6/25/2018Season of Mist signs Voyager
5/23/2018Black Tusk announce new album, premiere song
4/25/2018The Lion's Daughter announce new album, debut song
4/5/2018Season Of Mist signs Mystifier
3/23/2018Inquisition dropped by Season Of Mist
3/14/2018Black Tusk sign with Season Of Mist, recording new album
2/27/2018Season Of Mist signs Carnation
2/20/2018Rotten Sound announce new EP, premiere song
2/11/2018Circles sign with Season Of Mist, debut new song
2/10/2018Glorior Belli announce new album, premiere song
11/13/2017Season Of Mist signs Hyborian
11/9/2017Season Of Mist signs Insanity Alert
11/6/2017Season Of Mist signs Horrendous
10/31/2017Glorior Belli signs with Season Of Mist
10/25/2017Hooded Menace announce new album, premiere song
10/24/2017Season Of Mist signs Vreid
9/27/2017Shining announce new album, stream new track
9/19/2017Abysmal Dawn signs with Season Of Mist
8/29/2017Season Of Mist signs Virvum
8/3/2017Complete Failure announce new album, premiere song
7/31/2017Ne Obliviscaris announce new album, premiere song
7/27/2017Season Of Mist signs Mark Deutrom (ex-Melvins)
7/5/2017Archspire announce new album, premiere song
6/21/2017Cannabis Corpse announce new album, premiere song
6/20/2017Season Of Mist signs Deathwhite
6/12/2017Season of Mist signs Impureza
5/30/2017Season of Mist signs Festerday
5/24/2017Leng Tch'e detail new album, premiere song
5/4/2017Leng Tch'e signs with Season Of Mist
4/12/2017River Black announce new album, premiere song
3/20/2017Withered to release live DVD
3/15/2017Carach Angren announce new album, premiere song
3/12/2017Merrimack album set for release, new song online
3/11/2017Foscor detail new album, stream new song
2/27/20171349 signs with Season Of Mist
2/13/2017Season Of Mist signs Altarage
2/6/2017Season of Mist signs Merrimack
1/19/2017Season Of Mist signs Foscor
1/2/2017Season Of Mist signs Nocturnal Graves
12/18/2016Replacire announce new album, premiere song
11/22/2016Hark announce new album, premiere song
11/17/2016Benighted announce new album, premiere song
11/3/2016Alkaloid (ex-Obscura) signs with Season Of Mist
10/19/2016Season Of Mist signs Cloak
10/12/2016Hooded Menace signs with Season Of Mist
10/10/2016Nightmarer (The Ocean, Gigan) signs with Season Of Mist
9/30/2016Season Of Mist signs Replacire
9/7/2016Season Of Mist signs Vipassi
8/23/2016Hierophant announce new album, stream title track
6/16/2016Season of Mist signs Earth Electric
5/13/2016Inquisition album set for release
4/28/2016Numenorean to release debut album in July
3/21/2016Season of Mist signs Numenorean
3/3/2016Withered announce new album, premiere song
2/25/2016Season of Mist signs The Great Old Ones
2/25/2016Burnt By The Sun members reunite in River Black
2/24/2016Gorguts announce new EP, stream new music
2/6/2016Zhrine announce new album, premiere song
1/30/2016Necronomicon announce new album, premiere song
1/25/2016Season of Mist signs Necrowretch
12/9/2015Rotting Christ announce new album, premiere song
12/8/2015Destroyer 666 to release new album in February
11/12/2015Withered signs with Season of Mist
11/3/2015Season of Mist signs Zhrine
10/28/2015Season of Mist signs Emptiness
10/21/2015Hierophant signs with Season of Mist
10/7/2015Season Of Mist signs Crippled Black Phoenix
9/29/2015Season of Mist signs Skuggsja (Enslaved)
9/28/2015Abbath announces 7-inch single 'Count the Dead'
7/6/2015Season of Mist re-signs Destroyer 666
6/30/2015Rotting Christ announces live album
6/26/2015Season of Mist signs Venomous Concept
6/25/2015Season of Mist signs Barishi
6/16/2015Season Of Mist signs Departe
6/4/2015Season Of Mist signs Craft
5/29/2015Hate Eternal to release 'Infernus' in August
5/26/2015Season Of Mist signs Baptism
5/7/2015Season Of Mist signs Impure Wilhelmina
4/22/2015Abbath (ex-Immortal) reveals new lineup, label
3/25/2015The Lion's Daughter recording new album
3/16/2015Black Cobra signs with Season of Mist
3/9/2015Season Of Mist signs The Lion's Daughter
3/2/2015Season Of Mist signs Grave Desecrator
2/17/2015Season of Mist signs Nile drummer George Kollias
2/8/2015Drudkh to release new album in April
2/2/2015Season Of Mist re-signs Tsjuder
1/13/2015Inquisition to reissue discography
12/4/2014Season Of Mist signs Ritual Killer
11/19/2014Season Of Mist signs This Gift Is A Curse
10/30/2014Season Of Mist signs Ascension
10/23/2014Black Sheep Wall announces new album
10/15/2014Hate Eternal signs with Season Of Mist
10/2/2014Season Of Mist signs Shape Of Despair
8/20/2014Necrophagia album set for release
7/7/20141349 announces new album
6/23/2014Weedeater to reissue debut album
5/8/2014Rage Nucleaire announces new album
5/6/2014Season of Mist signs Shining
4/23/2014Season of Mist signs Obsidian Kingdom
4/2/20141349 signs with Season of Mist
3/19/2014Mayhem announces new album
2/25/2014Misery Index completes new album; due out in May
1/22/2014Floor to release new album 'Oblation' in April
1/16/2014Season of Mist signs Wormed
12/19/2013Menace (Napalm Death) album set for release
12/15/2013Season of Mist signs Wildlights
11/27/2013Septicflesh announces 'A Fallen Temple' re-issue
11/5/2013Weedeater signs with Season of Mist
8/28/2013Season of Mist signs Exivious
7/29/2013Septicflesh to reissue 'Ophidian Wheel' in October
7/19/2013Season of Mist signs Revenge
7/4/2013Nothnegal set to release new EP
6/23/2013Saint Vitus to re-issue 'classic' albums
6/18/2013Season of Mist signs H A R K
6/4/2013Gorguts to release new album in September
5/21/2013Nothnegal announces new EP
5/14/2013Season of Mist signs Blood of Kingu
4/24/2013Season of Mist signs GOG
3/25/2013Floor announces album, record label, tour dates
3/16/2013Season of Mist signs Murmur
3/5/2013Season of Mist signs Archspire
2/26/2013Season of Mist signs Necronomicon
2/26/2013Kylesa set to release new album
2/19/2013Season of Mist signs Beyond Creation
2/12/2013Season of Mist signs Ne Obliviscaris
2/5/2013Gorguts sign with Season of Mist
1/16/2013Cannabis Corpse signs with Season of Mist
1/8/2013KEN mode signs with Season Of Mist
12/12/2012Misery Index to release live album
12/12/2012Complete Failure album set for release
11/29/2012In Solitude to re-issue debut album
11/26/2012Septicflesh to re-issue 'Mystic Places at Dawn'
11/22/2012Season of Mist signs Anciients
11/14/2012Season of Mist signs Complete Failure
10/17/2012Season of Mist to issue limited Watain LP box set
10/15/2012Season of Mist signs Disperse
9/18/2012Season of Mist schedules Scion Label Showcase
9/18/2012Season of Mist signs Koldbrann
8/28/2012Kylesa to release rarities collection
7/31/2012A Life Once Lost album set for release
7/12/2012Season of Mist signs Rage Nucleaire
7/11/2012Season of Mist to release new Undercroft album
5/29/2012Season of Mist signs The Casualties
5/23/2012Season of Mist signs Khonsu
4/17/2012Season of Mist signs Vulture Industries
3/27/2012Season of Mist signs War From A Harlots Mouth
3/22/2012Season of Mist signs Hell Militia
3/8/2012Season of Mist signs The Monolith Deathcult
3/3/2012Season of Mist signs Blacklodge
2/28/2012Season of Mist signs Inquisition
2/12/2012Terrorizer/Season of Mist being sued for plagiarism
1/12/2012Cynic: official release of Portal demos
12/21/2011Dillinger Escape Plan writing new album
11/30/2011Nothnegal album due out in January
11/8/2011Saint Vitus signs with Season of Mist
9/6/2011Cynic to release new EP
6/15/2011Misery Index signs with Season of Mist
6/14/2011Season Of Mist/UA signs Arckanum
5/25/2011Season Of Mist/UA signs Nightbringer
5/17/2011Season of Mist signs Eternal Gray
5/3/2011Season of Mist signs Black Sheep Wall
3/9/2011Morbid Angel album set for release
2/16/2011Samael album set for release
2/9/2011Season Of Mist signs Generation Kill
2/2/2011Season of Mist signs Elitist
1/25/2011A Life Once Lost signs with Season Of Mist
1/11/2011Season of Mist signs Of Legends
1/4/2011Season Of Mist signs Endstille
12/21/2010Season of Mist signs Minushuman
12/9/2010Season Of Mist signs Benighted
11/17/2010Season of Mist signs Ommatidia
10/28/2010Samael signs with Season of Mist
10/23/2010Season of Mist re-signs Defiled
8/12/2010Kylesa album set for release
7/1/2010Season Of Mist signs Nothnegal
4/8/2010Kylesa signs with Season of Mist
2/18/2010Season Of Mist signs Leng Tch'e
11/18/2009Morbid Angel signs with Season Of Mist
6/17/2009Dillinger Escape Plan confirms new label
5/27/2009Dillinger Escape Plan signs w/ Season Of Mist
5/22/2009Season Of Mist signs Otargos
1/15/2009Season of Mist Records signs Trepalium
11/5/2008Season Of Mist signs Imperium Dekadenz
6/30/2008Season Of Mist signs Outlaw Order (Eyehategod)
5/6/2008Season Of Mist signs Cynic
12/20/2007Black Comedy signs w/ Season Of Mist
9/26/2007Klone signs w/ Season Of Mist
3/12/2007Season Of Mist signs Naer Mataron
12/14/2006Ghost Brigade set to enter studio
7/10/2006Season Of Mist signs Ghost Brigade
2/28/2006Ancient Rites album details