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Season Of Mist signs Outlaw Order (Eyehategod)

Official press release: In May 2008, the US offices of Season of Mist Records were nearly destroyed due to a deluge of water damage and the resulting attack of black toxic mold. Can this be a direct result of the volume voodoo unleashed by the signing of a certain southern, outlaw organization? Yeah, sure N'awlins is located in the southern United States but doesn't mean it belongs to it. It is no longer part of the so-called, stereo-typical southern region. They have finally seceded. NOLA is now its own soveriegn nation, leading the rest of the country and even the world in a revolution of extreme music that is unparalleled. Due to the subsequent destruction of the fair hedonistic city by a bitch named Katrina, they have been freed from their restraints to begin a new crime wave in the form of Outlaw Order, the Zero/Zero percent. This group of restless reprobates cultivated under the scrutiny and beat-downs of an oppressive redneck authority. Being well-placed members of local New Orleans conspiracists Eyehategod, Soilent Green, and Hawgjaw, these gentlemen have united under one negative war banner to blast the system with a twist to the N'awlins sound of rebellion and pollution. A fully realized organization, these null percenters follow no one. They do however wear the Louisiana influence on their black armbanded sleeves and shine a stolen police flashlight into the darkened rooms inhabited by law enforcement cockroaches. This is truly a new seperatist set of rules. Combining their militant safecracking skills with leading sonic boom specialists Season of Mist, the debut record, "Dragging down the Enforcer" is set to explode this Autumn. Band members and their other illegal affiliations: Michael D. Williams (Eyehategod, Arson Anthem) - vocals Brian Patton (Eyehategod, Soilent Green) - guitar Gary Mader (Eyehategod, Hawgjaw) - guitar Joey LaCaze (Eyehategod) - drums Justin Grisoli (ex-Eyehategod) - bass Outlaw Order's "Dragging down the Enforcer" is due out in October 2008 with a simultaneous road attack. This is your final warning. Check here for more information.

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