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Season Of Mist signs The Lion's Daughter

Official press release: St. Louis, MO-based metal band The Lion's Daughter have signed to Season of Mist. The band will enter the studio in the spring to record their Season of Mist debut for a late 2015 release. The Lion's Daughter was formed in 2007 by guitarist/vocalist Rick Giordano, drummer Erik Ramsier, and bassist Scott Fogelbach. The band was originally conceived out of a hatred for the insincere and uninspired fodder choking the mainstream metal scene. They take notes from a myriad of metal's extremes, but live by no musical limitations and are driven to please no audience but themselves. The band doesn't play as if it simply wants to see the world end; it sounds like they want to be the ones to destroy it. Since their inception, The Lion's Daughter have built a reputation as a formidable live force, sharing the stage with High On Fire, Pig Destroyer, Eyehategod, Torche, Misery Index, Nachtmystium, Dark Funeral and more. Staying true to their underground ethic, the band have toured around the country on the backs of several independent releases. The band have won the St. Louis Riverfront Times reader's poll as "Best Metal Band of the Year" several times over. Regarding their new album and signing, the band comments: "We are three incredibly particular individuals who are very critical of modern metal, and have been working hard the last year and a half trying to write an album that would be something we'd want to listen to. "There are obvious metal influences, with the anger and aggression you'd expect, but also some of the mood and atmosphere of groups like Skinny Puppy or even Goblin creeping in as well. We're all giant horror movie fans and listen to a lot of soundtrack music, and I think a lot of that has naturally begun to surface, causing fairly maniacal songs to actually move in sort of a cinematic way at times." The band continues; "We spent a lot of time in a dark basement getting these songs to the place that they needed to go. The end result is something we're extremely proud of and can't wait to commit to tape for a record label that we respect for having the guts to release scary, fucked up music without limitations. These new songs are apocalyptic and eerie, full of fear and dread, hate and sadness... they come from the gut. For whatever reason, it's the natural sound that's made when the three of us come together, and we are completely comfortable with that."

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