Willowtip Records news


9/4/2020Contrarian to release new album in November
8/7/2020Willowtip Records to release new Countless Skies album
6/5/2020Nug announce new album, debut lead single
5/1/2020Defeated Sanity to release new album in July
10/20/2019Odious Mortem to release new album in January
9/18/2019Unfathomable Ruination to release new album in November
6/30/2019Discordance Axis offshoot set to release debut album
5/17/2019Phobia debut new song, to release new album in August
5/14/2019Willowtip Records signs Gomorrah
2/3/2019Ceremony Of Silence to release debut LP with Willowtip Records
1/20/2019Willowtip Records to release new Hath album in April
3/16/2018Lecherous Nocturne album set for release
1/22/2018Discordance Axis members team up in new band
3/10/2017Phobia announce new album, premiere song
1/6/2017Pyrrhon to release new album with Willowtip Records
10/26/2016Willowtip Records to release Looking For An Answer album
3/20/2016Vale of Pnath complete new album, premiere song
3/3/2016Willowtip Records signs Slugdge
1/25/2016Gloria Morti to release new album in March
10/26/2015Willowtip Records to release new Brutus album
9/23/2015Abhorrent (ex-The Faceless) to release debut LP
9/17/2015Extreme Noise Terror set to release new album
12/17/2014Sarpanitum album set for release
10/20/2014Baring Teeth set to release new LP; debut song
7/17/2014Phobia announces new EP
11/1/2013Willowtip Records signs Nausea
10/2/2013Willowtip Records signs Lecherous Nocturne
7/13/2013Gigan completes new album; release date announced
4/17/2013Willowtip Records signs Prostitute Disfigurement
11/5/2012Defeated Sanity completes new album
8/20/2012Malignancy to release new album in October
6/30/2012Willowtip Records to release new Sophicide album
6/18/2012Willowtip Records signs Ingurgitating Oblivion
4/10/2012Phobia to release new album in June
12/21/2011Willowtip Records signs Beyond Terror Beyond Grace
11/11/2011Willowtip Records signs Wormed
11/2/2011Willowtip Records signs Desecravity
2/16/2011Willowtip Records signs Baring Teeth
1/6/2011Willowtip Records signs Blood Freak
11/16/2010Willowtip Recs to release new Macabre album
9/1/2010Willowtip Records signs GIGAN
4/14/2010Willowtip Records to reissue Grief 'classic'
3/25/2010Willowtip Records signs Vale of Pnath
8/21/2009Willowtip Records signs Squash Bowels
5/1/2009Willowtip Records signs Defeated Sanity
12/19/2008Willowtip Records signs three bands
9/5/2008Willowtip Records secures new distribution
8/29/2008Willowtip Records signs Ulcerate
2/1/2008Willowtip Records signs Terminal Function
8/29/2007Willowtip Records signs Impaled
8/26/2007Willowtip Records signs Severed Savior
8/24/2007Willowtip gets European distro via Candlelight
6/22/2007Willowtip Records, Neurotic Records deal
3/16/2007Willowtip Records signs Maruta
2/2/2007Willowtip Records signs As Eden Burns
11/26/2006Illogicist signs w/ Willowtip Records
11/3/2006Willowtip Records signs Odious Mortem
10/1/2006The Year Of Our Lord reissues scheduled
6/30/2006Malignancy joins Willowtip roster
5/12/2006Willowtip Records signs Sulaco
7/27/2005Willowtip Records signs Dim Mak
5/13/2005Willowtip Records signs six bands
2/20/2005Willowtip Records signs deal w/ Earache
10/11/2004Willowtip Records signs Alarum
1/18/2004Crowpath signs w/ Willowtip Records
11/14/2003Capharnaum joins Willowtip roster
6/20/2003Ion Dissonance signs w/ Willowtip Records