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Discordance Axis members team up in new band

Two original members of defunct grindcore act Discordance Axis are currently playing in band called No One Knows What The Dead Think and they'll be teaming up with Willowtip Records to release a new album. For now, you can stream a rough demo track called "Autumn Flower" here: Jon Chang (Discordance Axis) recently had this to say about the project:
"No One Knows What the Dead Think, still a tentative name honestly, is Rob Marton - Guitar, Jon Chang (me) - vocals, and Kyosuke Nakano on drums. "Yes, Rob Marton of Discordance Axis. "Essentially, Rob Marton has made enough of a recovery over the years to write 7-8 compositions and about 12 months ago, he visited and played them for me. I agreed to provide vocals and, after a short search, we recruited COHOL drummer, Kyosuke Nakano to develop the percussion, as Dave [Witte] had opted out of collaborating with us. "Nakano finished some rough tracks to 6 completed songs about 3 months ago and I began working on lyrics and vocals for them. "Is this the next Discordance Axis album? No. without Dave Witte's involvement, it cannot be Discordance Axis. That said, when I 'retired' after recording the third GridLink record, I was sincere about moving onto other things. Pretty much, the only one I would come back for, was Rob."

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