Prosthetic Records news


1/4/2012If you live in the Los Angeles area, don't forget to check out this month's Scion Label Showcase for Prosthetic Records.
12/6/2011A teaser for Holy Grail's new holiday EP is now online.


4/16/2021The Day Of The Beast sign with Prosthetic Records
3/18/2021Wristmeetrazor announce new album, debut new song
3/13/2021Kataan sign with Prosthetic Records, premiere new track
3/10/2021An Autumn For Crippled Children announce new album
2/25/2021Body Void sign with Prosthetic Records, debut new song
2/19/2021The Ember, The Ash sign with Prosthetic Records, debut song
2/13/2021Horndal announce new album, share latest single
1/24/2021Pupil Slicer announce new album, premiere video
1/22/2021Beyond Grace sign with Prosthetic Records, share new single
1/11/2021Sarin sign with Prosthetic Records, debut new track
11/22/2020Wolf King announce new album, debut lead single
11/21/2020Depths Of Hatred reveal new vocalist, premiere new song
11/6/2020Werewolves announce second album, stream new song
10/30/2020Pupil Slicer sign with Prosthetic Records, debut new video
10/29/2020Psycroptic announce new EP, premiere track and video
10/19/2020Summoning The Lich sign with Prosthetic Recs, debut new song
9/18/2020Gama Bomb announce new album, debut title track
8/2/2020Infera Bruo announce new album, stream first single
7/19/2020Exist announce new album, debut first single
7/13/2020Prosthetic Records signs Foretoken
7/9/2020Undeath sign with Prosthetic Records, debut new song
5/14/2020Prosthetic Records signs Fires In The Distance
5/4/2020Gama Bomb sign with Prosthetic Records, release new single
4/20/2020Prosthetic Records signs Judicator
4/12/2020Prosthetic Records signs Astralborne
3/13/2020Werewolves sign with Prosthetic Records, announce debut LP
3/12/2020ACxDC sign with Prosthetic Records, debut new track
2/13/2020Calligram sign with Prosthetic Records, announce new album
1/16/2020WVRM debut new track, sign with Prosthetic Records
12/10/2019Prosthetic Records signs Bismuth
11/19/2019Dragged Into Sunlight sever ties with Prosthetic Records
7/20/2019Prosthetic Records signs Cognizance
7/11/2019gif from god sign with Prosthetic Records, debut new song
5/31/2019Dryad sign with Prosthetic Records
4/28/2019Nekroi Theoi announce debut album
4/18/2019Neckbeard Deathcamp to release new album in May
4/11/2019Prosthetic Records signs Paladin
3/23/2019Prosthetic Records signs Amygdala
3/10/2019Nekrasov announce new album
3/1/2019Prosthetic Records signs Vile Creature
2/15/2019Venom Prison announce new album, debut first single
11/2/2018Prosthetic Records signs Kenosis
10/17/2018Wristmeetrazor sign with Prosthetic Records, debut new song
9/6/2018Psycroptic announce new album, premiere song
8/18/2018Prosthetic Records signs Dodsrit
8/15/2018Prosthetic Records signs Four Stroke Baron
8/10/2018'Anti-fascist black metal' band Neckbeard Deathcamp signs deal
7/18/2018Prosthetic Records signs Infera Bruo
6/24/2018Rebel Wizard announces new album
5/18/2018Depths of Hatred sign with Prosthetic Recs, announce new EP
3/22/2018Prosthetic Records signs Leeched
2/27/2018Micawber signs with Prosthetic Records
2/26/2018Wolf King album set for release
2/6/2018Prosthetic Records signs WuW
2/1/2018Monotheist sign with Prosthetic Records, debut song
12/12/2017Huntsmen sign with Prosthetic Records, premiere video
11/21/2017Howling Sycamore sign with Prosthetic, debut new song
11/1/2017Prosthetic Records signs Wolf King
10/13/2017Prosthetic Records signs Sorxe
9/21/2017Nullingroots sign with Prosthetic Records, premiere song
9/19/2017Prosthetic Records signs Dawn Ray'd
8/15/2017Prosthetic Records signs Ashbringer
8/12/2017Prosthetic Records signs Zaius
7/21/2017Prosthetic Records signs The Ditch And The Delta
6/14/2017Septicflesh announce new album, premiere song
6/8/2017Prosthetic Records signs Loviatar
6/7/2017The Atlas Moth recording new album, sign with Prosthetic
5/23/2017Schammasch set to release new EP
4/12/2017Exist album set for release
4/11/2017Prosthetic Records signs Funeral Chic
3/28/2017Prosthetic Records signs Exist
2/14/2017All Hell album set for release
1/28/2017Without Waves album set for release, new song online
1/25/2017Bereft announces new album
1/18/2017Prosthetic Records signs Livid
1/15/2017Junius to release new album in March
12/6/2016Prosthetic Records signs Rebel Wizard
11/28/2016Weltesser to release new album in February
11/2/2016Prosthetic Records signs Weltesser
10/27/2016Prosthetic Records signs Wildspeaker
10/11/2016Hour Of Penance announces new album
9/12/2016Watchtower to release new record in October
8/31/2016Prosthetic Records signs Without Waves
8/24/2016Prosthetic Records signs Starkill
8/6/2016Take Over And Destroy announce new album, premiere song
7/11/2016Prosthetic Records signs Wormwitch
5/31/2016Skeletonwitch announce tour dates, EP release date
5/24/2016Prosthetic Records signs All Hell
5/10/2016Prosthetic Records signs Abhorrent Decimation
5/9/2016Prosthetic Records signs Zirakzigil
5/4/2016Yuth Forever announce new album, premiere song
4/19/2016So Hideous to release orchestral version of latest album
4/11/2016Prosthetic Records signs Venom Prison
4/2/2016Wayfarer album set for release
3/23/2016Prosthetic Records signs Family
3/15/2016Polar announce new album, premiere video
3/12/2016Heaven's Cry completes new album
2/24/2016Prosthetic Records signs Netherlands
1/15/2016Prosthetic Records signs Spirit Adrift
12/2/2015Grieved album set for release; new song online
11/20/2015Prosthetic Records signs Reaping Asmodeia
10/29/2015Prosthetic Records signs Take Over And Destroy
8/29/2015Prosthetic Records signs Bereft
6/29/2015Scale The Summit announce new album, preview song
6/2/2015Animals As Leaders: encore edition of debut album
5/23/2015Deathrite to release new album in July
5/14/2015Prosthetic Records signs Villains; new video debut
4/30/2015Prosthetic Records signs Spellcaster
4/27/2015Prosthetic Records signs Deathrite
4/14/2015Prosthetic Records signs Grieved
4/8/2015Prosthetic Records signs North
4/2/2015Gutter Instinct debut set for release
3/5/2015Prosthetic Records signs Gutter Instinct
2/25/2015Prosthetic Records signs inAeona
2/13/2015Prosthetic Records signs Damian Murdoch Trio
11/4/2014Prosthetic Records signs Muck
10/27/2014Psycroptic signs with Prosthetic Records
9/25/2014Prosthetic Records signs Wayfarer
8/29/2014White Arms Of Athena album set for release
6/11/2014Prosthetic Records to release Black Trip album
5/26/2014Antagonist and Prosthetic Records part ways
5/21/2014Prosthetic Records signs Set And Setting
4/16/2014Prosthetic Records signs The Hell
4/7/2014Trap Them to release new album in June
3/7/2014Hour of Penance album set for release
2/27/2014Prosthetic Records signs Schammasch
2/25/2014Prosthetic Records signs So Hideous
1/28/2014Prosthetic Records to release Polar album
12/19/2013Junius announces new EP
11/18/2013Prosthetic Records signs Tempel
10/28/2013Prosthetic signs deal with Bad Omen Records
10/22/2013Prosthetic Records signs SSS
10/8/2013Prosthetic Records signs Exmortus
10/8/2013Lamb of God announces As The Palaces Burn reissue
8/28/2013Prosthetic Records signs Anacondas
8/13/2013Skeletonwitch announces new album, debuts new song
8/3/2013Testament: new vinyl reissues due in September
6/21/2013Last Chance To Reason announces new album, tour
6/18/2013Prosthetic to release limited-edition cassettes
6/12/2013Prosthetic Records releases free summer sampler
5/20/2013Mercenary to release new album in July
5/6/2013Prosthetic Records signs Darkane
4/24/2013Ramming Speed album set for release
4/14/2013Lamb of God: Record Store Day release announced
3/14/2013Prosthetic Records to release Negator album
3/12/2013Dew-Scented details forthcoming release
2/20/2013Prosthetic Records signs Ramming Speed
1/23/2013Prosthetic Records signs Niacin (Billy Sheehan)
11/29/2012Prosthetic Records signs Nero Di Marte
10/24/2012Holy Grail to release new album in January
9/24/2012Prosthestic Records to release Zodiac debut
9/12/2012Ambassador Gun album set for release
8/19/2012Heaven's Cry album set for release
8/17/2012Prosthetic Records signs Ambassador Gun
7/30/2012Prosthetic Records signs Castle
7/11/2012Prosthetic Records signs Eyeconoclast
6/21/2012Prosthetic Records signs Heaven's Cry
6/14/2012Prosthetic to release three Marty Friedman albums
5/22/2012Prosthetic signs 14-string guitarist Felix Martin
4/11/2012Prosthetic Records signs Septicflesh
3/9/2012Prosthetic Records signs Ancient VVisdom
2/22/2012"Death Comes Ripping" SXSW party announced
2/15/2012Prosthetic Records announces SXSW showcase
1/26/2012Hour Of Penance album set for release
1/18/2012Prosthetic, Basick Records sign distribution deal
1/6/2012Prosthetic Records signs Primitive Weapons
12/20/2011I Exist signs with Lost Shepherd/Prosthetic
11/30/2011Prosthetic Records signs Mutilation Rites
10/6/2011Lost Shepherd/Prosthetic announces new signing
6/27/2011Prosthetic Records signs White Arms Of Athena
4/6/2011Prosthetic Records signs Black September
3/8/2011Prosthetic Records signs Junius
3/3/2011Prosthetic Records signs The Greenery
2/1/2011Prosthetic Records signs Hour Of Penance
1/27/2011Prosthetic Records signs Wolves Like Us
1/24/2011Prosthetic to release new Mercenary full-length
10/18/2010Prosthetic Recs signs Last Chance To Reason
3/11/2010Prosthetic Records announces new signing
3/10/2010Prosthetic Recs to release Dew-Scented album
2/15/2010Prosthetic Records to release 1349 album
2/12/2010Prosthetic Records to release Ov Hell album
1/19/2010Prosthetic Recs files suit against Razor & Tie
12/1/2009Prosthetic Recs signs Dragged Into Sunlight
10/22/2009Prosthetic Records signs Mantric
7/23/2009Prosthetic Records signs Trap Them
7/10/2009Prosthetic Records signs Holy Grail
6/16/2009Prosthetic announces Landmine Marathon reissue
2/24/2009Prosthetic Records signs Animals As Leaders
2/19/2009Landmine Marathon signs w/ Prosthetic Recs
2/18/2009Prosthetic Recs releasing Testament live album
9/12/2008Unholy signs w/ Prosthetic Records
6/23/2008Prosthetic Recs to release Hollow Corp. debut
4/16/2008Prosthetic Recs signs Book of Black Earth
2/22/2008Century signs w/ Prosthetic Records
2/2/2008Prosthetic Records signs Antagonist
1/4/2008Prosthetic Records signs Withered
12/17/2007Prosthetic Records signs Neuraxis
12/7/2007Prosthetic Records signs Scale The Summit
11/20/2007Prosthetic Records signs Grief Of War
11/6/2007Prosthetic Recs to reissue Testament albums
2/21/2007Prosthetic Records signs Skeletonwitch
1/18/2007Prosthetic Recs licenses The Funeral Pyre album
1/11/2007Infernaeon signs w/ Prosthetic Records
12/14/2006The Minor Times recording new album
5/30/2006Prosthetic Records signs Beneath The Massacre
5/5/2006Gojira sign deal w/ Prosthetic Records
3/9/2006Prosthetic Records signs Year Of Desolation
1/25/2006Prosthetic to re-issue Lamb Of God debut
10/5/2005Prosthetic Records signs Yakuza
9/6/2005Prosthetic Records signs Burn In Silence
6/6/2005Prosthetic signs Through The Eyes Of The Dead
5/25/2005The Minor Times sign w/ Prosthetic Records
2/17/2005Light This City sign w/ Prosthetic Recs
10/7/2004The Esoteric sign w/ Prosthetic Records
9/28/2004Prosthetic Records reportedly signs Kylesa
8/4/2004Prosthetic Records signs Invocation Of Nehek
6/7/2004Reflux signs w/ Prosthetic Records
6/3/2004Prosthetic Records signs The Acacia Strain
2/19/2004Prosthetic Records signs Wolf
10/29/2003Prosthetic Records signs Byzantine
1/30/2003Himsa signs with Prosthetic Records
7/29/2002Cannae signs with Prosthetic Records
9/23/2001Blessing The Hogs signs w/ Prosthetic