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Hand of Kalliach release new single "Fell Reigns" and announce new album

hand of kalliach

Scottish progressive metal duo Hand of Kalliach have released the first single, "Fell Reigns", from their upcoming second album, Corryvreckan, which will be released Feb 23rd via Prosthetic Records.

The band's debut album, Samhainn, released back in 2021 and they also released their Me​ò​raich ep in 2022. 

The band shared the following:

Corryvreckan, the new album from Edinburgh-based husband and wife duo, HAND OF KALLIACH, is a phantasmagorical journey through ancient tales and truly progressive modern metal. The threads of Celtic and Gaelic folk music and folklore weave throughout the album against a backdrop of spectral, melodic death metal.




Hand of Kalliach Corryvreckan tracklist

  1. Three Seas
  2. Fell Reigns
  3. Dìoghaltas
  4. Cirein-cròin
  5. Deathless
  6. The Hubris of Prince Bhreacan
  7. Unbroken You Remain
  8. The Cauldron
  9. Of Twilight and the Pyre

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