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Prosthetic Records signs Cognizance

Official press release: Prosthetic Records has inked a deal with UK-based death metallers, Cognizance. The prolific four piece has a number of EPs and singles under their belt so far, and are limbering up to release their debut full length through the label this autumn. Titled Malignant Dominion, the album features several guest musicians and will be unleashed on September 6. Preorders are available now. The first track to be taken from the album, "Strychnine Shift," is available immediately on all streaming platforms and has a video that is premiering via Revolver. "Strychnine Shift" features guest appearances by Jonny Davy (Job For a Cowboy) and Mendel Bij De Leij (Ex-Aborted). Guitarist, Alex Baillie, comments: "Strychnine Shift is one of the more intense tracks from 'Malignant Dominion'. This piece is a solid representation of the different elements that establish our sound for this record. We are all pretty pumped on the IOWA style vibe combined with the rapid fire vocals that kick off the song. A huge shout out to Jonny Davy and Mendel Bij De Leij for being a part of this single." Undoubtedly Cognizance share some of the same DNA of iconic death metal bands that have gone before them, and whilst their technical abilities add a more than impressive flourish they operate on a 'don't overcomplicate for the sake of overcomplicating' rule. Keeping theatrics to a minimum has yielded a lean, progressive, European extreme metal album that embodies the blueprint of old school death metal and embraces both melody and groove. Spread over two countries, the unconventional quartet have settled into a steady line up and revelled in a period rich with creativity. Having always invited collaboration, Malignant Dominion continues the tradition with additional guest spots reserved for Extol's Ole Børud, and members/ex-members of Aborted and The Faceless. The self-recorded album was mixed by Audio Hammer's Jason Suecof (Deicide, The Black Dahlia Murder, Death Angel), who also found time to lay down a solo on the track "Ether of the Void." The album artwork is by renowned musician, artist and tattooist, Jef Whitehead (Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice). Malignant Dominion track listing: 1. Nocturnal Emission 2. A Lesson Through Sickness 3. The Organic Citadel 4. Malignant Domain 5. Strychnine Shift 6. Ether of the Void 7. Unforeseen Consequences 8. An Existential Battle

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