Pantera news


2/25/2021this vulgar album was released 29 years ago today
7/24/2020this highly-regarded metal album was released 30 years ago today
5/7/202024 years ago today one of the biggest metal bands of the '90s released their penultimate album
2/25/2020this album was released 28 years ago today and changed the metal game
12/8/2019This happened 15 years ago today. RIP.
2/26/201927 years ago this album was released and knocked the collective metal world on its ass
1/25/2019video: Pantera 'Walk' performed by Dave Grohl, Corey Taylor, Rex Brown, Scott Ian, more
12/9/2018They didn't create metalcore, but without this band and this album, it wouldn't be same.
8/11/2018Man wearing Pantera shirt beats wallet thief to death
7/24/2018One of the most influential metal albums ever was released 28 years ago today.
7/1/2018This metal icon turned 50 yesterday.
10/6/2016Pantera is streaming a previously unreleased version of their song "Floods."
5/12/2016Listen to the debut track from Scour, featuring Phil Anselmo and members of Cattle Decapitation, Pig Destroyer, more.
2/29/2016Pantera was mentioned during the Oscar Awards last night (by one Russell Crowe).
1/23/2016Here is video of Phil Anselmo and Dave Grohl, among others, performing several tracks at Dimebash 2016 last night, including Pantera's "Walk."
1/17/2016Actor Christian Bale learned double-bass drumming for new film by listening to Pantera and Mastodon.
12/15/2015Pantera track "I'm Broken" featured in new Carl's Jr and Hardee's commercial.
12/9/2015Offend your annoying aunt at Christmas with this Pantera holiday sweater.
10/10/2015Here's a photo of Ghost's unmasked frontman with Phil Anselmo, Glenn Danzig, and others.
9/1/2015Here's a sock puppet parody video for Pantera's "Walk" featuring a cameo from Vinnie Paul.
6/3/2015Traitors have unveiled a downtuned cover of the Pantera classic, "5 Minutes Alone."
2/12/2015Here's a video tour of Dimebag Darrell's (Pantera) home and recording studio.
2/10/201520 love songs in 20 styles (Pantera, Metallica, Type O Negative, more).
1/7/2015Here are some iconic metal album covers (Pantera, Slayer, etc.) redesigned in smooth jazz fashion.
12/29/2014A previously unheard Dimebag Darrell (Pantera) song can now be streamed online.
12/8/2014Phil Anselmo honors Dimebag Darrell on the 10th anniversary of his death.
12/8/2014Today marks the 10th anniversary of Dimebag Darrell's death.
11/19/2014Video: Jimmy Kimmel had the Pantera baby drummer on his show last night to perform live.
10/14/2014The first episode of Metal Grasshopper, a new video series featuring Phil Anselmo and comedian Dave Hill, has premiered.
9/29/2014Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown teamed up with other musicians to perform Pantera covers on 'Motorhead's Motorboat'.
5/9/2014UFC fighter Matt Brown was at the 2004 show during which 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott was killed. In a new video, he recounts the experience.
3/25/2014Watch Phil Anselmo (Pantera) and Dave Brockie (Gwar) air guitar to Slayer.
7/24/2013Phil Anselmo's career-first solo album has debuted at #35 on the Billboard 200.
7/9/2013Phil Anselmo's music video for his solo track "Bedridden" has made its online debut.
5/13/2013Philip Anselmo has premiered a track from his forthcoming first-ever solo album.
12/10/2012Obey The Brave has uploaded a cover of Pantera's "A New Level."
10/25/201211 Greatest Metal Songs of All Time
9/8/2012Check out video from Metal Masters 4, where people like Phil Anselmo, Kerry King, and Scott Ian played a set including classics from Pantera and Slayer.
4/11/2012The previously unreleased Pantera song, "Piss," has made its way online via a new video.
8/30/2010Pantera has unveiled a previously unreleased track.
12/15/2009Unearth has posted their cover of Pantera's "Sandblasted Skin."
11/25/2007Do you have any interest in seeing Fall Out Boy cover Pantera with Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die) on vocals?


3/11/2021Phil Anselmo to perform Pantera classics during Ilegals livestream
5/8/2020Pantera raise $100K for COVID-19 relief with benefit t-shirt
4/16/2020Throwdown announce 'Take Cover' EP
4/4/2020Pantera release limited-edition social distancing t-shirt
1/11/2020Dimebash to feature members of Foo Fighters, Hatebreed, more
7/9/2019Slayer announce final tour with Primus, Ministry
2/11/2019Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul excluded from Grammy 'In Memoriam'
11/17/2018Philip Anselmo & The Illegals play set of Pantera covers
8/27/2018Vinnie Paul: official cause of death revealed
7/2/2018Phil Anselmo to Vinnie Paul: 'Always have love in my heart for you'
6/27/2018Vinnie Paul: official public memorial announced
6/24/2018Rex Brown: 'I need more time to process my feelings'
6/24/2018Vinnie Paul reportedly died from 'major heart attack'
6/23/2018Vinnie Paul died in his sleep
6/22/2018Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul dies
10/4/2017Phil Anselmo announces En Minor album
4/21/2017Rex Brown (Pantera) details new LP, premieres song
2/28/2017Pantera bassist Rex Brown signs with eOne
12/16/2016Phil Anselmo calls out Robb Flynn, Scott Ian
6/12/2016Pantera comments on shooting of Christina Grimmie
2/4/2016Pepper Keenan (Down) says he forgives Phil Anselmo
2/4/2016Phil Anselmo tells Down they should 'move on' without him
1/30/2016Philip Anselmo issues apology
1/29/2016All Shall Perish call Phil Anselmo's actions 'disgusting'
1/29/2016Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn calls out Phil Anselmo
1/27/2016Phil Anselmo denies being racist after Dimebash video surfaces
1/9/20162016 'Dimebash' concert lineup announced
11/22/2015Phil Anselmo fronting new death metal band, Metraton Nganga
9/30/2015Phil Anselmo, Pig Destroyer, Cattle Decap members start band
7/14/2015New book details metal in 'most troubling' decade
5/18/2015Phil Anselmo joins 'secret' death metal project
4/14/2015Pantera bassist to auction off private collection
3/1/2015Man who "defaced" Dimebag Darrell grave apologizes
2/28/2015Indiana metal band defaces Dimebag Darrell's grave
6/24/2014Housecore Horror Film Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
5/14/2014Philip Anselmo biography due out in January
8/26/2013Century Media signs Kill Devil Hill (ex-Pantera)
7/17/2012Metal Masters 4 clinic announced
4/16/2012Pantera bassist owes $450K in taxes, penalties
12/2/2009Dimebag Darrell/Pantera tribute CD detailed
5/21/2008Vinnie Paul to produce Hatebreed live CD
12/8/2004Dimebag Darrell shot, killed on stage
9/13/2001Pantera drops off European tour
9/5/2001Slayer and Pantera set to hit Europe
3/31/2001Pantera and Slayer tour schedule
1/18/2001Nothingface joins Pantera tour
1/3/2001Pantera nominated for Grammys
11/18/2000Pantera releases more dates
11/8/2000Rescheduled Pantera dates
11/1/2000Pantera injury postpones tour
10/25/2000Pantera news and notes
9/19/2000Pantera adds bands to show
9/15/2000Pantera & Kittie tour dates
8/26/2000Pantera and Slipknot in Mexico
8/11/2000Pantera tour rumors