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Phil Anselmo calls out Robb Flynn, Scott Ian

Lightning rod vocalist Phil Anselmo was interviewed on Eddie Trunk's "Trunk Nation" radio show yesterday, and Anselmo spent a significant portion of the interview discussing the infamous 'Dimebash' incident, which took place nearly one year ago. In addition to once again explaining why he ultimately yelled "white power" into a microphone on stage, and reaffirming past apologies for his actions, Anselmo also took to task Robb Flynn (Machine Head) and Scott Ian (Anthrax), two very vocal critics of Anselmo's behavior. Regarding Flynn, Anselmo had this to say:
"Everybody in my camp, everybody around us, everyone of us. Anybody who has ever watched Robert over the years knows that he watches me and watches me and watches me. And sits in a corner, watches me. And then we get onstage together… You know what, it all comes down to and straight up, he wants to ride the coattails, he wants to ride the coattails. "He started off a song and I told him to stop—and I told him to stop, I hadn't even announced the song, so he took that as a slight… And I said something like 'you don't know me' which once again is my sense of humor and I know it hurt it his little ego or whatever, which you know, sorry for you brother, but I'm not sorry. "So he made an eleven minute video; some dude who knows nothing about me except Pantera and this and that. And I'm a believer in freedom of speech whether you are joking around or not, whatever. This whole I'm a racist thing is… it's infuriating because it's false, absolutely false. And I'd like to turn around and say 'hey what have you done to better your community Robert? If you're going to call me out on this supposed heinous act. What have you done? What have you done?' "I know what I've done, I know what I've done for the inner city kids in Detroit when the Kronk Boxing Gym was getting closed down. I forked over thousands of dollars that I most certainly did not have to make sure those kids got fed, clothed and a place to sleep. Because it was run by the last father figure I had in my goddamn life: a black man named Emanuel Steward, rest in peace. Who used to call me before every fight that he would call on HBO and say 'whatchu think Phil?' And he would ask me my opinion of what I thought the outcome would be."
As for Ian, Anselmo offered up this:
"Look at how virtuous I am', and that's where little Robert comes in. Look at me, what, living in California? You're going to compare that shit, compate [it] to living in the south? You're out of your fucking mind." "He had ulterior motives and then you've got Scott Ian, who, the day after it happened, he wrote me some e-mail and 'Phil, what I saw was ugly and this that and the other,' so says the guy who wrote a record called 'Speak English Or Die.' If that record were to come out this year or last year, fuckin' forget it. Think he'd get pounced on? You're damn right he would and he knows it. "'Virtue! Virtue! Virtue signal…' or if you're really sorry, donate to this Nazi hunter Jewish cause or whatever. I did it in an hour. Did you ever hear about that story? Of course you didn't. You know why? It doesn't make good headlines. I donated that hour if not that goddamn second."
You can check out the entire interview below.

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