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25 most read Lambgoat stories of 2015

Hundreds of items posted on Lambgoat in 2015. These 25 were viewed the most.

Lambgoat Top 25 of 2015

As years go, 2015 was pretty dramatic in the metal world. As usual, many of our most popular items centered around sad stories, but that's certainly nothing new or shocking. Anyway, here were the 25 most viewed items on Lambgoat.com this past year.

band calls out Sumerian Records for Road To The Sphinx competition
Just days into 2015, a Seattle band went off on Sumerian Records over what they said was a bogus competition and a terrible record contract.

Attila frontman selling phone number to fans for $50 a month
This news was not a joke, and I'm sure Chris Fronzak has made some serious cash from this questionable endeavor.

After The Burial: our guitarist Justin Lowe is ill
When After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe abruptly quit the band last June, his bandmates quickly explained why.

Attila singer hides from police following injuries
Fronz always finds a way to draw attention to himself.

Two metal bands involved in deadly van crash
Every year, there are several tragic auto accidents involving touring metal bands. 2015 was no exception.

Suburban Scum addresses Tom Alderson beating
Suburban Scum tried to do some damage control following ugly allegations involving their vocalist.

Brokencyde crowdfunding campaign ends in embarrassment
Our readership collectively laughed when Brokencyde turned to their fans for help, and quickly found out that they didn't have any left.

Attila, Senses Fail feud reignites on Warped Tour
Older, outspoken frontman calls out younger, outspoken frontman. Unfortunately, the fist fight never happened.

Bring Me The Horizon donate $10,000 to The Ghost Inside
Hardcore kids like to insult Bring Me The Horizon for turning into rock stars, but they stepped up to the plate in a big way in this instance.

Machine Head frontman talks racism and calls out All That Remains singer
Robb Flynn of Machine Head took to Facebook last January to discuss racism, and his words resonated.

Enabler frontman accused of physical, sexual abuse
Rightly or wrongly, this post pretty much ended Enabler.

Gift Giver bassist quits, says band is homophobic
Not really sure what to say about this one; it speaks for itself, I suppose.

watch a naked guy tear up the mosh pit
Naked dudes don't usually mosh, so when they do and it's caught on video, it's something of an item.

Slaves and Jonny Craig suspended from Warped Tour
Jonny Craig allegedly did something he shouldn't have (certainly not the first time), and Warped Tour became the stage for some weird drama.

Crosscheck drummer jumped, hospitalized
Suburban Scum's singer still hates us for spreading the word about this.

After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe quits band, cites bizarre conspiracy
The sad decline of Justin Lowe became public knowledge with this news, though nobody envisioned just how bad things would soon get.

Hardcore frontwoman faked having cancer for money
People don't like frauds, but they do like reading about them.

After The Burial's Justin Lowe allegedly missing
Strangely, a year ago this spot on our yearly list was occupied by a bullshit publicitly stunt involving a "missing" member of Upon A Burning Body. Unfortunately, this Justin Lowe news item was all too real.

The Ghost Inside: three members in critical condition
Not too long ago The Ghost Inside were involved in a horrific tour bus crash. Two people died, though everyone in the band survived. They're still recovering...

Upon A Burning Body singer 'ass kicked' by female
The former frontwoman of Gwar says she beat up the frontman of Upon A Burning Body. Who wouldn't want to read about that?

How much does it really cost to book your favorite band for a show?
This item was posted in 2014, but apparently people Google this kind of thing regularly.

Emmure members all quit band except vocalist
Our readers love Emmure drama, and this is about as dramatic as it gets.

Killswitch Engage guitarist wins car and truck on The Price Is Right
Killswitch Engage guitar player Adam Dutkiewicz won big on iconic game show The Price Is Right, and the metal world rejoiced.

Indiana metal band defaces Dimebag Darrell's grave
Nothing good can come from fucking with the grave of a metal legend, regardless of your intentions.

After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe found dead
The tragic ending of the Justin Lowe saga.


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LOLz @ the known retard Ash Avildsen for recommending that people watch movies to learn about the music business.

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two hos on one f*ckin' pole, two hos on my f*ckin' pole

anonymous 12/31/2015 10:25:51 AM

The fact that these are the most read stories on here shows how much of a commercial, trendy and mainstream joke the metal/hardcore community has evolved into. Lambgoat in 2000-2005 was never even close to headlines or stupidity and was about music. These headlines reveal even small time mourons live lives of interest close to that of the Kardashians.

ineedmoresalt 12/31/2015 12:38:10 PM

^ read every article and feels his internet soapbox statement means something

anonymous 12/31/2015 2:22:45 PM

RIP Justin Lowe.

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Wahhhhhhh!! Wahhhh!! I want my early 2000s lambgoat back! Wahhhh! Shut the f*ck up you stupid bitch.

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Came for the music, stayed for drama

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"rightly or wrongly" on the enabler post seems insensitive to what she went through. seems more than legit grievance.

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gays boy Rick tocchet crying like a bitch again. Wahhhh! Wahh!! f*ck Eric lindros. Crying ass bitch. You have no clue what you just posted because you are a complete f*cking retard. Keep fitting that dick up your ass you lame gay. It was a joke. Not a dick. Don't take it so hard. God I swear.. some of you kids have no f*cking lives. Crying over an Internet post. f*cking pathetic.