Sumerian Records news


8/7/2019released 6 years ago yesterday, this was Sumerian Records' first album to debut in the Top 5
1/26/2015Is this guy the new singer of Asking Alexandria? Probably.
1/7/2015The band Numbers is calling out Sumerian Records over their Road To The Sphinx competition.
7/2/2014Well, the entire Upon A Burning Body missing singer thing was a publicity stunt. Assholes.
3/8/2014The Faceless is the latest band teased for the 2014 Summer Slaughter Tour.
9/23/2013Album review: Born Of Osiris - Tomorrow We Die Alive
8/30/2013With an album cover like this, why wouldn't Northlane sign with Sumerian Records?
7/1/2013Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has released a diss track in which he targets I See Stars, Sumerian Records, etc.
11/11/2012Ex-Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci has put forth a video in which he calls out Falling In Reverse frontman, Ronnie Radke.
4/11/2012New rumor: we've heard from a couple of people that City In The Sea has signed with Sumerian Records.
2/24/2012The pilot episode (featuring Asking Alexandria) of Ash Avildsen's The Warrior Show can now be seen in its entirety.
1/20/2012What does Sumerian Records' Ash Avildsen think of SOPA?


8/28/2020Sumerian Records signs the Smashing Pumpkins
8/27/2020Animals As Leaders prepare new LP, re-sign with Sumerian
5/24/2020Jason Richardson finally gets royalties for Born Of Osiris album
3/4/2020Asking Alexandria announce new album, debut video
9/9/2019Disrupt Festival Tour promoter files for bankruptcy
6/27/2019Betraying The Martyrs announce new album, premiere song
6/19/2019Sleeping With Sirens detail new album, release new track
4/17/2019Periphery album debuts in Top 75
4/9/2019CHON to release new album in June
2/27/2019After The Burial announce new album, premiere video
1/11/2019Lamb Of God, Animals As Leaders, Sworn Enemy form new band
11/16/2018Born Of Osiris announce new album, premiere song
10/3/2018Thomas Giles (BTBAM) announces new album, debuts song
6/24/2018Soreption sign with Sumerian Records, debut new song
6/13/2018ERRA announce new album, premiere song
5/23/2018Between The Buried And Me details new album
4/19/2018Periphery part ways with Sumerian Records
3/19/2018Korn frontman Jonathan Davis announces solo album
1/17/2018Between The Buried And Me announce new label, album, tour
10/25/2017Asking Alexandria release new song, detail upcoming LP
10/19/2017The Faceless announces new album
9/6/2017Veil Of Maya set to release new album
7/11/2017Stray From The Path to release new album in September
7/7/2017Sumerian Records signs In Motive (Born Of Osiris)
3/29/2017Oceano announces new album
2/17/2017Oceano signs with Sumerian Records
1/11/2017Born Of Osiris re-record debut, premiere new song
11/30/2016Betraying The Martyrs announce new album, premiere song
10/21/2016Born Of Osiris re-signs with Sumerian Records
9/19/2016Animals As Leaders announce new album
9/16/2016BTBAM frontman signs deal with Sumerian, debuts song
9/4/2016Upon A Burning Body to release new album in October
5/3/2016I See Stars to release new album in June
4/26/2016Periphery set to release 'Periphery III: Select Difficulty'
4/4/2016Asking Alexandria earns third straight Top 10 album
4/1/2016Born Of Osiris, After The Burial, UABB, Erra tour
3/21/2016Sumerian Records signs September Mourning
2/5/2016ERRA announce new album, singer, premiere song
1/29/2016Sumerian Records signs two bands
1/4/2016After The Burial announces new album
12/18/2015Sumerian Records signs Bad Omens
9/10/2015Born Of Osiris detail new album, premiere song
7/23/2015Metal community reacts to passing of Justin Lowe
6/2/2015Stray From The Path announce album, premiere song
3/23/2015Veil Of Maya announce new album, premiere song
2/18/2015Sumerian Records signs Dræmings
2/6/2015Sumerian Records owner to release feature film
2/5/2015CHON set to release debut album
2/5/2015Born Of Osiris guitarist previews solo metal debut
2/3/2015Sumerian Records signs New Volume
1/13/2015Sumerian Records signs From First To Last
12/16/2014Sumerian Records signs CHON
12/9/2014Sumerian Records signs Down & Dirty
12/2/2014Miss Fortune seeks label; evokes Ray Rice case
11/17/2014Asking Alexandria announces first ever live DVD
11/14/2014Miss Fortune frontman cleared; speaks out
11/5/2014Periphery to release dual albums in January
10/29/2014Miss Fortune dropped by Sumerian after arrest
10/20/2014Sumerian Records signs Erra; new song online
10/16/2014Circa Survive announce new album; teaser online
9/16/2014Stick To Your Guns announce new album
9/6/2014SoundCheck Hollywood shuts down
8/31/2014Come The Dawn announces new album
8/24/2014Francesco Artusato Project set to release new LP
8/15/2014Sumerian Records signs Circa Survive
6/26/2014Darkest Hour to release new album in August
5/23/2014Betraying The Martyrs album set for release
5/8/2014I The Breather announces new album
5/7/2014Body Count to release 'Manslaughter' in June
4/5/2014Structures announce new album; song debuted
3/25/2014Sumerian to release Florence & the Machine tribute
3/4/2014Lesser Key (ex-Tool) EP release date, preview
2/14/2014Animals As Leaders announce new LP, debut trailer
2/4/2014Sumerian Records signs Fever Dreamer
12/21/2013Sumerian Records signs Come The Dawn
12/17/2013Sumerian Records signs Miss Fortune
12/3/2013Periphery announces new "experimental" recording
11/5/2013Crosses (Deftones) LP set for release; song debuts
11/5/2013After The Burial re-sign with Sumerian, debut song
10/31/2013Veil of Maya re-sign with Sumerian; debut new song
10/30/2013Sumerian Records drops Capture The Crown
9/24/2013I See Stars album set for release
9/18/2013Enfold Darkness and Sumerian Records part ways
9/3/2013Sumerian Records signs Crosses (Deftones)
7/26/2013Sumerian Records signs Lesser Key (ex-Tool)
7/17/2013Stray From The Path announces album, debuts song
7/3/2013Sumerian Records signs The Kindred
6/25/2013Born of Osiris album set for release; new song out
6/14/2013Darkest Hour signs with Sumerian Records
5/23/2013Evan Brewer (The Faceless) set to release new LP
5/22/2013Asking Alexandria album set for release
4/9/2013Sumerian Records signs Dayshell
4/3/2013Sumerian Records signs distribution deal with ADA
3/7/2013Sumerian Records announces SXSW showcase
2/18/2013Dillinger Escape Plan announces new album, shows
12/19/2012Sumerian Records signs Animals As Leaders?
12/10/2012Sumerian Records signs BodyCount
12/3/2012Sumerian Records signs Capture The Crown
11/30/2012Sumerian Records signs City In The Sea
11/29/2012Makes Me Famous loses frontman, label; breaking up
11/22/2012Dillinger Escape Plan signs with Sumerian Records
11/6/2012Circle of Contempt set to release new EP
10/1/2012Sumerian Records signs Mestis (Animals As Leaders)
9/4/2012The HAARP Machine to release new album in October
7/17/2012The Faceless unveils album release date, trailer
5/30/2012Periphery unveils album details, audio preview
5/15/2012Periphery to release new album in July
4/22/2012Poison The Well teases news
3/5/2012Mayhem Fest 2012 adds Motorhead, Sumerian stage
2/11/2012Stick To Your Guns album set for release
1/25/2012Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2012 line-up
1/24/2012Sumerian Records announces free "mix-tape" release
1/9/2012Veil of Maya completes new album
10/24/2011Asking Alexandria remix album set for release
9/4/2011Sumerian Records signs Make Me Famous
7/20/2011Sumerian Records signs Betraying The Martyrs
6/20/2011Sumerian Records signs Borgore
6/14/2011Sumerian Records signs The HAARP Machine
6/11/2011Sumerian Records signs Structures
5/6/2011Sumerian Records signs Dead Letter Circus
4/27/2011Sumerian Recs inks All Shall Perish guitarist
4/25/2011Evan Brewer (The Faceless) to release solo album
3/10/2011Sumerian owner launching 'lifestyle music store'
3/7/2011Sumerian Records signs T.R.A.M.
2/8/2011The Faceless re-signs with Sumerian Records
2/7/2011Sumerian Records signs Lower Than Atlantis
11/16/2010Emmure singer launches label, signs Monsters
10/15/2010I The Breather completes Sumerian debut
7/22/2010Sumerian Records signs Bizzy Bone
5/26/2010Sumerian Records signs I The Breather
9/24/2009Sumerian Records drops Sea of Treachery
9/4/2009Sumerian Records signs Upon A Burning Body
8/20/2009Sumerian Records signs Periphery
5/19/2009Sumerian Records signs Enfold Darkness
4/6/2009Born Of Osiris set to release new album
2/20/2009Sumerian Records signs Circle Of Contempt
12/2/2008Sumerian Records signs ABACABB
11/24/2008Sumerian Recs signs Conducting From The Grave
10/1/2008Sumerian Records signs Fell Silent
8/13/2008Sumerian Records signs I See Stars
4/2/2008Sumerian Records signs Agraceful
3/8/2008Sumerian Records signs Broadcast The Nightmare
1/17/2008After The Burial signs w/ Sumerian Records
1/12/2008Veil Of Maya signs w/ Sumerian Records
12/16/2007Stray From The Path signs w/ Sumerian Records
4/27/2007Sumerian Records signs Born of Osiris
12/13/2006Stick To Your Guns signs w/ Sumerian Recs