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Misery Signals

4/24/2024 Misery Signals added for Furnace Fest 2024
4/6/2024 Misery Signals deliver UK / European farewell tour dates featuring both vocalists
4/2/2024 Misery Signals announce farewell tour featuring both vocalists: Jesse Zaraska & Karl Schubach
3/27/2024 Misery Signals tease clip featuring both vocalists: Karl Schubach & Jesse Zaraska
1/11/2024 Misery Signals planning something for 2024?
9/29/2023 Misery Signals release 2003 debut EP on vinyl for first time
9/1/2023 Misery Signals deliver 'Live In Isolation' performance video
6/23/2023 Misery Signals to release 2020 Livestream concert 'Live: In Isolation' on vinyl
9/8/2022 Compromise (ft members of Misery Signals, All Hail The Yeti) debut single, share video
5/19/2022 Comeback Kid, Misery Signals, End tour dates
4/22/2022 This Is Hardcore 2022 lineup takes shape
3/15/2022 Super Friendly Fest 2022 lineup announced
1/26/2022 Furnace Fest 2022 initial lineup announced
10/26/2021 Comeback Kid, Misery Signals, Cancer Bats tour dates (Canada)
8/18/2021 Misery Signals drop off Furnace Fest
11/26/2020 The Ghost Inside drummer debuts song ft. ex-Misery Signals singer
10/12/2020 Darkest Hour, Misery Signals cancel tour, announce virtual show
6/18/2020 Misery Signals premiere new song and video
5/14/2020 Misery Signals to release new album in August
5/8/2020 Misery Signals share new teaser video
4/9/2020 Misery Signals, END tour dates
3/16/2020 Misery Signals, Darkest Hour tour postponed
2/13/2020 Misery Signals, END, Chamber tour dates
1/31/2020 Darkest Hour, Misery Signals, Sect tour dates
12/25/2019 Misery Signals, Zao, more added to Furnace Fest 2020
1/9/2019 Misery Signals wrapping up writing process for new album
11/16/2018 Misery Signals announces two Canada shows
11/9/2018 Unearth, Darkest Hour, Misery Signals to tour Europe
8/11/2018 Karl Schubach breaks silence on being booted from Misery Signals
2/25/2018 Misery Signals working on new album
11/14/2017 Midwest Meltdown 2018 lineup announced
10/27/2017 The Color Morale cover Thrice, Misery Signals, more on new EP
8/4/2017 Counterparts, Fit For An Autopsy, etc. 'supergroup' debut song
5/30/2017 Misery Signals documentary set for release, trailer online
1/18/2017 Misery Signals drummer launching solo project
10/19/2016 Misery Signals working on new music
10/16/2016 Counterparts, Fit For An Autopsy, Structures 'supergroup'
10/14/2016 Misery Signals rejoined by original vocalist
7/25/2016 Comeback Kid, Misery Signals tour (Japan)
5/16/2016 Misery Signals announce North American tour dates
3/1/2016 Misery Signals to release documentary film
10/3/2014 Misery Signals original lineup to play West Coast
7/11/2014 ex-Misery Signals vocalist releases first novel
6/19/2014 Misery Signals announce support for Malice X tour
6/3/2014 Misery Signals 'Malice X' tour dates
5/30/2014 Misery Signals anniversary tour w/ original lineup
4/9/2014 Misery Signals tour (Australia)
5/22/2013 Misery Signals reveals album title, release date
5/22/2013 Misery Signals, The Color Morale tour announced
4/10/2013 Misery Signals co-founder rejoins band on bass
4/3/2013 Misery Signals launches campaign to fund new album
2/6/2013 Misery Signals set to record new album
12/26/2012 Misery Signals tour dates
8/9/2012 Lowtalker (Comeback Kid, ex-Misery Signals) tour
5/7/2012 Lowtalker (Misery Signals) signs w/ No Sleep Recs
4/13/2012 Living With Lions singer leaves band
2/28/2012 Misery Signals documentary will be out this fall
11/11/2011 Misery Signals to record new album in early-2012
11/5/2010 Misery Signals addresses line-up changes
10/19/2010 Misery Signals bassist quits band
9/25/2010 Misery Signals guitarist leaves band
8/11/2010 Lowtalker, The Snips tour dates
4/19/2010 Misery Signals tour (Australia)
4/2/2010 Misery Signals tour dates (Canada)
11/3/2009 Burning Empires (Fall Out Boy) 7" announced
6/23/2009 Misery Signals, The Number Twelve tour (EUR)
3/21/2009 Misery Signals, Haste The Day tour (Canada)
2/27/2009 Misery Signals, The Number Twelve tour
1/19/2009 Misery Signals tour dates (Asia)
12/11/2008 Misery Signals explains cancelled shows
10/13/2008 Architects, Misery Signals tour (UK)
8/23/2008 Bring Me The Horizon, Misery Signals, etc. tour
3/21/2008 Misery Signals completes new album
1/29/2008 Misery Signals set to record new album
1/21/2008 Misery Signals, August Burns Red tour (Europe)
12/17/2007 Misery Signals to enter studio in Feb.
11/12/2007 Misery Signals working on new album
10/4/2007 Misery Signals shoots new video
7/21/2007 Misery Signals, Agony Scene, Emmure tour
7/2/2007 Misery Signals, Shai Hulud, etc. tour (Canada)
4/17/2007 The Chariot tour schedule
4/3/2007 The Chariot, Misery Signals, etc. dates
3/7/2007 Misery Signals and Dead Hearts mini-tour
1/15/2007 All That Remains, Misery Signals tour (Europe)
11/19/2006 All That Remains, Misery Signals, etc. tour
7/12/2006 Dead To Fall, Misery Signals, Arsis tour
7/5/2006 Darkest Hour, Misery Signals, FASSW, etc. tour
5/6/2006 Misery Signals, Scarlet, Ligeia etc. dates
5/5/2006 Misery Signals recording new album
5/4/2006 Misery Signals, Ligeia, etc. dates (Canada)
3/20/2006 Misery Signals update
2/27/2006 Misery Signals find new singer
1/3/2006 Misery Signals vocalist leaves band
2/8/2005 SYL, Misery Signals, Reflux, etc. tour
8/17/2004 DEP, Misery Signals, ETID, Zao tour
7/29/2004 Premonitions Of War, Misery Signals, etc. tour
7/6/2004 Misery Signals lining up tours
3/4/2004 All Out War, Misery Signals, etc. mini-tour
10/2/2003 Misery Signals signs w/ Ferret
6/1/2003 Misery Signals and Bury Your Dead tour
4/16/2003 Misery Signals news and notes
3/27/2003 Kid Gorgeous, Misery Signals, etc. tour
3/11/2003 Misery Signals, Shattered Realm, etc. tour
2/23/2003 Misery Signals news and notes
1/9/2003 Misery Signals and Undying tour dates
12/26/2002 Misery Signals, Bury Your Dead booking tour
12/5/2002 Misery Signals finishes recording debut
11/12/2002 Misery Signals news and notes
10/1/2002 Misery Signals (ex-7a7p, etc.) information

News Tidbits
8/6/2020 Misery Signals debut new single
6/23/2020 our podcast interview (audio and video) with Ryan Morgan of Misery Signals is now live
4/1/2020 Trench premiere new track featuring Misery Signals vocalist
6/1/2019 this full-length debut from a revered metalcore band was released 15 years ago today
1/10/2019 Misery Signals previews new music
7/22/2018 This splendid album was released 10 years ago today.
6/28/2017 Misery Signals has unveiled a clip from their new documentary.
4/11/2017 Lakeshore (ex-Emmure) has premiered a new single featuring Karl Schubach (ex-Misery Signals) and Jessie Freeland (Tony Danza Tapdance).
3/21/2017 Lakeshore (ex-Emmure) is previewing a new song featuring Karl Schubach (ex-Misery Signals) and Jesse Freeland (The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza).
1/27/2017 Misery Signals drummer Branden Morgan has debuted the first new song from his solo project LIGHTYRS.
2/3/2015 Misery Signals performed an intimate 'Malice X' set at Rain City Recorders. Check out the pro-shot footage.
7/15/2013 Misery Signals' new album, Absent Light, can currently be streamed in its entirety.
7/10/2013 Misery Signals have premiered another new song.
7/2/2013 Misery Signals has debuted their first new song in five years.
6/19/2013 A preview of a new Misery Signals song is available online.
5/6/2013 Misery Signals have uploaded another studio update video.
2/8/2013 This weekend's Eat Your Heart Out Fest in NY has been cancelled due to the impending snowstorm.
8/16/2012 Misery Signals has uploaded a video explaining their songwriting process, during which they play some new material.
11/10/2011 Misery Signals have begun demoing new material.
12/3/2010 Misery Signals has announced plans to release new music in 2011.
1/14/2009 Misery Signals has posted an acoustic version of their song, "Ebb and Flow."
7/17/2008 Misery Signals' video for "A Certain Death" is available online.
7/7/2008 Misery Signals has posted another song from their upcoming album.
5/9/2008 Misery Signals has posted another new track.
4/28/2008 A song from Misery Signals' upcoming album is now available online.
4/14/2008 Misery Signals recently issued their final studio update video.
3/6/2008 Misery Signals has posted their second studio update.
2/16/2008 A new "studio update" webisode from Misery Signals is online.
1/26/2008 Misery Signals video for "Ancher" is available online.
8/15/2006 Misery Signals has posted yet another song from their new album.
8/14/2006 Misery Signals' video for "The Failsafe" has been posted.
7/14/2006 Misery Signals has posted a track from their upcoming Ferret release.
3/16/2006 Misery Signals will begin tracking their new album in May.
3/8/2006 Misery Signals have been added to the April 9th-30th portion of the upcoming Black My Heart tour.
4/13/2005 Misery Signals have replaced Martyr AD on the upcoming Strhess Tour.
11/12/2004 The video for Misery Signals' "The Year Summer Ended In June" (directed by Dale Rasteghini) is available for download here.
3/1/2004 Misery Signals are currently finishing up their debut full-length for Ferret Music.

1/27/2017 LIGHTYRS 'Moon(Waxing)' song premiere

6/23/2020 Ryan Morgan of Misery Signals

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