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Misery Signals vocalist leaves band

Tue, January 3, 2006 4:15 PM PT11,306 views

Official press release: Misery Signals announced that vocalist Jesse Zaraska has parted ways with the band. Zaraska was a founding member of the band since 2002 and had done vocals on both the band's debut EP and acclaimed full-length Of Malice And The Magnum Heart which launched the band into the hardcore stratosphere. The band including Kyle Johnson (bass), Ryan Morgan (guitar), Branden Morgan (drums) and Stuart Ross (guitar) will be holding auditions for a new vocalist and those interested are invited to download a track that the band placed on their myspace page without vocals for the song "In Summary Of What I Am" and ask vocalists to add their own vocals and e-mail back to the band. Zaraska has released the following statement to the public "I would like to say thank you to everyone who came to the shows, danced, sang and supported the band throughout the years. Canadian love to Carl, Portland, Rick, Conrad, Dicky, Mike Longhair, MC, Mixon and Smith, The Baines, Undying, xWith Honorx, The Wage girls, DEP, 18V, Premonitions, ForDireLifeSake, ETID, Robbins and Emery, Hoya and Madball, Brandan and Bleeding Through and our bros in ZAO, up the irons." You can check out Zaraska's new project Sleeping Girl, which features former members of Compromise (Zaraska's band before Misery Signals) at www.myspace.com/sleepinggirl. Zaraska says "Musically it is something quite different, lyrically its picks up right where I left off in MS." Misery Signals would like to wish Zaraska well on his new endeavor.

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