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Misery Signals addresses line-up changes

Fri, November 5, 2010 2:23 PM PT13,119 views

Official press release: Over the course of the last month it's been revealed that two of the founding members of Misery Signals have announced that they are not going to continue performing with the band. Lambgoat.com recently reported that guitar player and long-time member, Stu Ross, has left the band. Ross stated, "The guys in Misery Signals are and will continue to be four of my best friends" he explains, "I just got tired of being in a metal band." As such, Ross will now focus on singing for Vancouver pop-punk outfit Living With Lions. In addition, it was also revealed that bass player, Kyle Johnson has also decided not to return. The remaining members, Ryan and Branden Morgan, and singer, Karl Schubach, wanted to let fans know that they have no intentions of disbanding the group. "Those are two really talented guys, and they will be hard to replace. But it was time for them to move on, which will be the best thing for them individually and the best thing for the band. It went down really amicably, and we remain best friends." Ryan continues, "In the next few months, we'll group back up and return." Post-hardcore act Misery Signals blend math rock tropes like tricky time signature shifts and twiddy guitar parts with strained aggression and sore throat vocals of screamo, creating a sound with more emotional heft than the former yet that is also less monochromatic than the latter. In January 2009 Misery Signals began a year long world tour. Kicking off in Austrailia, this tour covered South East Asia, Europe, The United States, and Canada. As their tour wrapped up the band decided to spend some time on their various side projects. "We've toured for 7 years straight, but 2009 was especially intense. We let up quite a bit to allow time for aspects outside of Misery Signals - but none of us have let up as musicians. We're all making music every day," shares guitarist Ryan Morgan. Ryan has begun working on a project with guitarist, Stu Ross, and bassist, Kyle Johnson that has developed into a hardcore/punk band known as Burning Empires. Other members of this band include Fall Out Boy's Andy Hurley (drums) and 7 Angels 7 Plagues' Matt Mixon (guitar). Ryan's brother, Misery Signals drummer, Branden Morgan, and Ross teamed up with Comback Kids' Casey Hjelmburg and Matt Keil to form the pop hardcore/punk band, Lowtalker. In the meantime Karl Schuback (Misery Signals vocalist) has been working on his solo project Solace, which he is both writing and producing. In addition to these projects Ryan recently became a father and Branden has begun teaching drums.

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