Earth Crisis news


1/24/2021this influential group's final album before taking a seven-year break was released 20 years ago yesterday
8/9/2018This shit cracks me up.
12/22/2017Pro-shot footage of Earth Crisis performing at This Is Hardcore 2017 is now online.
8/1/2016The new SECT (Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy, etc.) album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
7/8/2016A new SECT (Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy, Cursed) track is now online.
4/21/2015Earth Crisis has debuted a track from their forthcoming EP.
4/1/2015A handful of the band's peers have gone on record to speak on the influence of Earth Crisis. Here's the video.
3/20/2014The new Earth Crisis album can now be streamed in its entirety.
2/28/2014Earth Crisis has posted a lyric video for a track from their new album.
2/27/2014A second song from the upcoming Earth Crisis album is now online.
1/23/2014Earth Crisis has unveiled a track from their forthcoming album.
11/13/2013Vehement Serenade (Earth Crisis, Sworn Enemy, Skarhead) has debuted their new music video for "Refuse The Lie."
10/9/2013Freya (Earth Crisis) have premiered a track from their forthcoming album.
8/25/2012Video of full sets from Earth Crisis, Terror, and Ringworm at the 2012 This Is Hardcore Fest are available online.
10/19/2011Click here to see the winners of the Earth Crisis "super fan" we
6/24/2011Earth Crisis has posted another song from their new full-length.
1/6/2011Earth Crisis began drum tracking today for their next full-length.
11/5/2010Earth Crisis plans to begin recording their next album in January.
3/22/2010Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley will be filling in on drums for a portion of Earth Crisis' upcoming tour.
5/8/2009Earth Crisis' video for "To Ashes" can be seen here.
4/14/2009A teaser for Earth Crisis' "Ashes" video can be seen here.
4/5/2009Earth Crisis has posted another track from their new album.
2/24/2009Earth Crisis has unveiled a track from their forthcoming album.
2/16/2009Hatebreed, Vision Of Disorder, and Earth Crisis will play full sets on May 1st at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT.
12/18/2007Rumors of an Earth Crisis U.S. tour grow louder...


3/24/2021Earth Crisis debut studio version of 'Smash Or Be Smashed'
7/21/2020Earth Crisis, Undying, Magnitude members launch new band
11/26/2019Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Strife set for 2020 'California Takeover'
11/22/2019Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Strife to revisit 'California Takeover'
10/24/2019Keystone Jam III lineup announced
1/9/2019Earth Crisis, Ecostrike mini-tour
11/26/2018Earth Crisis, Sect to tour Japan
5/8/2018Earth Crisis mini-tour
9/4/2017FYA Fest 2017 lineup announced
3/27/2017This Is Hardcore 2017 announced
9/17/2016SECT (Cursed, Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy) mini-tour
8/9/2016Freya announce new LP, to feature Megadeth drummer
6/28/2016Earth Crisis, Cursed, Fall Out Boy members launch new band
7/24/2015Earth Crisis cancels West Coast shows
3/4/2015Earth Crisis announces new EP
12/15/2014Southeast Beast 2015 lineup takes shape
5/20/2014Gem City Festival 2014 lineup finalized
3/21/2014Record Store Day 2014 official release list
2/17/2014Breast Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
12/17/2013Earth Crisis announces new album
12/9/2013Tough Love Fest 2014 lineup takes shape
9/8/2013Earth Crisis recording new album
8/27/2013Southern Ties Fest 2013 lineup announced
8/13/2013Lionheart drops off Earth Crisis shows
5/16/2013Earth Crisis announces Firestorm anniversary shows
2/14/2013Vehement Serenade announces debut full-length
1/16/2013Earth Crisis signs with Candlelight Records
8/29/2012Hardcore 'supergroup' announces debut
5/10/2012Earth Crisis tour dates
8/21/2011Cavalera Conspiracy, Otep, Earth Crisis tour
7/23/2011Earth Crisis to shoot new video
5/25/2011Earth Crisis debuts new song
4/28/2011Earth Crisis completes new album
1/11/2011Earth Crisis enters studio
11/17/2010Earth Crisis to enter studio in January
7/28/2010Earth Crisis working on new album
5/27/2010Earth Crisis cancels European dates
3/18/2010Earth Crisis, First Blood, Thick As Blood dates
3/10/2010Earth Crisis tour takes shape
5/24/2009Earth Crisis, War Of Ages tour (Europe)
4/9/2009Earth Crisis, Day Of Contempt tour (Australia)
3/12/2009Earth Crisis, WOJ, Reign Supreme tour
11/3/2008Earth Crisis finishes recording new album
9/10/2008Earth Crisis signs w/ Century Media Records
8/8/2008I Scream Recs announces Earth Crisis re-release
2/15/2008Earth Crisis to record new album
1/10/2008Earth Crisis tour dates
12/22/2007Earth Crisis, Terror, Shai Hulud, etc. tour
7/25/2007Victory Recs announces more vinyl releases
4/26/2007Earth Crisis tour dates (Europe)
3/27/2007Earth Crisis west coast reunion show details
2/27/2007Earth Crisis announces West Coast show
10/12/2006Earth Crisis reunion
5/14/2001Earth Crisis officially calls it quits
4/13/2001Victory deflates Earth Crisis rumors
9/12/2000New Glassjaw tour dates
8/25/2000Earth Crisis video shoot
8/11/2000Earth Crisis webcast
8/5/2000Earth Crisis tour change