Unique Leader Records news


4/30/2019Ingested unveil first single from new EP
12/12/2011Deeds of Flesh has unveiled a pre-production track from their next release.


3/19/2021Alustrium sign with Unique Leader, stream new song
2/11/2021Bound In Fear announce new EP, share single
9/29/2020Deeds Of Flesh return from hiatus with new album, single
5/28/2020Ingested announce new album, premiere video
8/21/2019Signs Of The Swarm detail new album, premiere song
6/18/2019Unique Leader Records signs Bound In Fear
5/16/2019Disentomb sign with Unique Leader Records, debut new video
3/7/2019Unique Leader Records signs Osiah
1/6/2019Continuum details new album
12/22/2018Unique Leader artists to play memorial show for Erik Lindmark
12/13/2018Memorial show for Erik Lindmark (Unique Leader) announced
12/8/2018Xenobiotic sign with Unique Leader Records, premiere video
11/29/2018Unique Leader Records founder, Deeds of Flesh guitarist dies
11/4/2018Distant sign with Unique Leader Records, debut video
9/22/2018Within Destruction debut new video, sign with Unique Leader
9/14/2018Brand of Sacrifice sign with Unique Leader, detail new album
8/10/2018Internal Bleeding to release new album in October
7/23/2018Bloodtruth to release new album in September
5/16/2018Unique Leader Records signs Exocrine
5/9/2018Unique Leader Records signs Humanity's Last Breath
4/24/2018Unique Leader Records signs Cordyceps
4/17/2018I Am Destruction signs with Unique Leader Records
4/7/2018Deeds Of Flesh, ex-Pathology members form new band
3/13/2018Unique Leader Records announces new distribution deal
3/8/2018Unique Leader Records signs Truth Corroded
1/30/2018Unique Leader Records signs Organectomy
1/24/2018Ingested details new album
1/19/2018Unique Leader Records signs Murder Made God
12/13/2017Krosis announces new album
11/21/2017Alterbeast to release new album in February
10/25/2017Unique Leader Records signs Krosis
10/9/2017Signs Of The Swarm set to release new album
9/20/2017Oblivion announce new album, premiere song
8/28/2017The Kennedy Veil announce new album, premiere song
8/26/2017Unique Leader Records to release new Obliterate album
7/1/2017The Convalescence announce new album, premiere song
6/12/2017Unique Leader Records signs Lago
6/6/2017Afterbirth (Helmet, Artificial Brain) set to release debut LP
5/2/2017Unique Leader Records signs Stillbirth
4/3/2017Unique Leader Records signs The Walking Dead Orchestra
3/30/2017The Convalescence signs Unique Leader Records
2/20/2017Afterbirth (Helmet, Artificial Brain) signs with Unique Leader
2/7/2017Hideous Divinity album set for release
1/20/2017Condemned announce new album, premiere song
12/22/2016Signs Of The Swarm joins Unique Leader Records
12/1/2016So This Is Suffering announce new album, premiere song
11/14/2016Beheaded to released new album in January
10/25/2016Unique Leader to release new Dyscarnate album
8/23/2016Unique Leader Records to release new Cognitive LP
7/4/2016Dawn Of Demise album set for release
5/30/2016Unmerciful (Origin) to release new album in July
5/11/2016Lord of War to release new album in July
4/25/2016Internal Suffering album set for release
3/26/2016Unique Leader Records signs Deceptionist
2/25/2016First Fragment debut album set for release
2/21/2016Unique Leader Records signs So This Is Suffering
1/18/2016Inherit Disease to release new album in April
11/18/2015Unique Leader Records signs Ahtme
10/29/2015Unique Leader to release Destroying The Devoid LP
10/3/2015Gorod set to release new LP
8/28/2015Arkaik to release new album in October
7/29/2015Serial Butcher announces new album
5/23/2015Unique Leader Records signs Abominable Putridity
5/15/2015Kronos to release new album in July
4/30/2015Unbreakable Hatred signs with Unique Leader Recs
4/6/2015Unique Leader Records signs Kronos
3/11/2015Eschaton to release new album in May
2/21/2015Continuum to release new album in April
2/10/2015Unique Leader Records signs Eschaton
1/25/2015Unique Leader signs Wrath Of Vesuvius
12/29/2014Unique Leader Records re-signs Internal Suffering
11/14/2014Unique Leader Records signs Ovid's Withering
11/11/2014Unique Leader Records signs First Fragment
7/17/2014Unique Leader Records signs Nervecell
6/25/2014Acrania album set for release
6/20/2014Omnihility set to release new album
5/13/2014Unique Leader Records announces label showcase
4/27/2014Inanimate Existence to release new album in June
4/8/2014Unique Leader Records signs Internal Bleeding
3/9/2014Unique Leader set to release new Beneath album
2/27/2014Unique Leader Records signs Bloodtruth
1/16/2014Alterbeast announce album, debut new song
11/12/2013The Kennedy Veil to release new album in January
10/19/2013Unique Leader Records signs Soreption
9/16/2013Unique Leader Records signs Alterbeast
7/22/2013Unique Leader signs Oblivion (ex-All Shall Perish)
7/17/2013Unique Leader Records signs Annihilated
7/9/2013Unique Leader Records signs Deprecated
6/24/2013Unique Leader Records signs The Zenith Passage
5/13/2013Unique Leader Records signs Dysmorphic
4/29/2013Unique Leader Records signs Continuum
2/27/2013Deeds of Flesh to release new album in June
2/11/2013Unique Leader Records signs Omnihility
1/17/2013Lecherous Nocturne album set for release
8/8/2012Unique Leader Records signs Cytotoxin
7/23/2012Devolved album set for release
6/23/2012Arkaik album set for for release
5/6/2012Unique Leader Records signs Kamikabe
3/31/2012Unique Leader signs Inanimate Existence
3/24/2012Unique Leader Records signs Dawn of Demise
2/14/2012Gorod signs with Unique Leader Records
11/10/2011Unique Leader Records signs Lord of War
9/30/2011Unique Leader signs The Kennedy Veil
5/28/2011Unique Leader Records signs Katalepsy
5/18/2011Unique Leader Recs signs Euphoric Defilement
4/28/2011Unique Leader Records signs Hideous Divinity
4/20/2011Unique Leader Records signs Immersed
3/12/2011Unique Leader Records signs Fallujah
3/6/2011Unique Leader signs Deivos
12/9/2010Unique Leader Records signs Beneath
11/26/2010Rings of Saturn sign w/ Unique Leader Records
3/6/2009Unique Leader Records signs Execration
10/27/2008Unique Leader Records signs Infected Disarray
7/23/2007Unique Leader signs Lecherous Nocturne
11/6/2006Unique Leader signs The Ordher