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Unique Leader Records signs Truth Corroded

Official press release: Australian thrashing death metal act Truth Corroded have signed with Unique Leader Records. The pummeling group which brings to mind metal giants such as Obituary, Sepultura, and Behemoth will release their third album and Unique Leader debut, Bloodlands later this year. The effort was recorded with renowned drummer Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Dying Fetus), mixed and mastered by the legendary Zeuss (Hatebreed, Kataklysm, Municipal Waste), and features guest appearances by Stephen Carpenter of Deftones, Terrence Hobbs of Suffocation, Mark Kloeppel of Misery Index, and Ryan Knight formerly of The Black Dahlia Murder and Arsis. Bassist Greg Shaw commented on the signing, "We are very excited to be joining Unique Leader Records! The label has been responsible for introducing some of the most challenging and extreme music acts from around the world over the past several years. Bands such as Dyscarnate, Alterbeast, The Kennedy Veil and Hideous Divinity are leaders in the dynamic range of intense music that is soon to be or has been recently released and to be a part of this growth is incredible. For Truth Corroded this has been the culmination of years of hard work and perseverance and we look forward to the journey ahead and putting out what is our most challenging album to date. Our thanks to all involved in making this album and creating this incredible opportunity to share our music worldwide" More news on Truth Corroded and their vicious new album, Bloodlands, in the coming weeks.

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