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Unique Leader Records signs Ovid's Withering

Fri, November 14, 2014 1:25 PM PT1,807 views

Official press release: Florida-based theatrical blackened tech metallers, Ovid's Withering, are pleased to join the expanding roster of extreme metal powerhouse, Unique Leader Records, for the release of their sophomore full-length. The as-yet-untitled follow-up to last year's Scryers Of The Ibis debut will be unleashed sometime in 2015. Comments Ovid's Withering, "Unique Leader has been home to so many of our favorite bands, and it's an honor to call ourselves labelmates to a group of true musical legends. Our partnership with UL lets us take Ovid's Withering to the next level while keeping control of the massive thematic vision collectively spanning the next two albums. See you in 2015!" Adds Unique Leader Records label head, Erik Lindmark, "In the overwhelming onslaught of extreme metal bands in the scene today it is great to find an act with so much originality and raw music writing talent. We are pleased to welcome Ovid's Withering to Unique Leader Records." Named in part after Publius Ovidius, more commonly identified as Ovid, a Roman poet best known for the Metamorphoses, a 15-book continuous mythological narrative and among the most important sources of classical mythology, Ovid's Withering incorporates all the prime assets of death metal, symphonic black metal and metalcore into their own refined identity. While others dream, Ovid's Withering forges grandiose visions into tangible art.

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