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Ingested and Unique Leader Records part ways

Friday, September 3, 2021 7:13 AM PT / 1,954 views

UK death metal/deathcore group Ingested have announced their amicable departure from Unique Leader Records, with whom they've released several records.

A statement from Ingested reads as follows:

"The 5 years spent with Unique Leader Records have been amazing for Ingested, and the path we’ve made together is cemented with our most successful releases and period to date.

"It hasn’t been an easy ride since 2016, the passing away of the legendary Erik Lindmark was a very difficult period for the label and our longtime friend Jamie Graham has worked tirelessly to secure the future of the label and develop Unique Leader as a major player of the modern extreme metal scene.
"You hear all sorts of stories of bands leaving labels and speculation ensues…but to make it clear, Unique Leader Records are not only understanding, but also 100% supportive of our decision to take the next steps in our career as a band.

"We are eternally grateful to Erik, Jamie and the entire Unique Leader family for their contribution to the band and are proud to say that we share a history together. We truly wish you the best of luck for the future and it is with a heavy heart that it’s now time for us to say goodbye."

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