Solid State Records news


12/3/2014Solid State Records' new 'Midnight Clear' Christmas compilation (August Burns Red, For Today, etc.) can now be streamed in full.
6/30/2014Solid State Records has uploaded a free summer sampler.


11/10/2020Demon Hunter announce new acoustic album, livestream
9/28/2020Earth Groans announce new EP, debut first single
7/7/2020Fit For A King to release new album in September
8/22/2019The Devil Wears Prada to release new album in October
7/17/2019Norma Jean to release new album in October
5/18/2019Oh Sleeper announce new album, premiere song
11/10/2018The Drowned God sign with Solid State, debut new single
9/24/2018The Devil Wears Prada announce new label, second leg of fall tour
8/18/2018Silent Planet set release date for new album, debut new song
8/16/2018Dillinger Escape Plan, Extol members launch band, premiere song
5/23/2018Fit For A King finish new album, re-sign with Solid State
9/14/2017Phinehas signs with Solid State Records
5/6/2017Solid State Records signs Earth Groans
2/23/2017To Speak Of Wolves signs with Solid State Records
2/2/2017Demon Hunter to release new album in March
8/3/2016Fit For A King announces new album
6/14/2016Norma Jean announce new album, premiere song
5/12/2016Silent Planet announce new album, premiere video
3/25/2016Norma Jean to release new album in September
9/15/2015Norma Jean signs with Solid State Records
11/21/2014August Burns Red, For Today, more set for Xmas LP
9/24/2014Solid State Records signs Silent Planet
8/5/2014August Burns Red sign with Fearless Records
5/21/2014Solid State Records signs Forevermore
2/7/2014The Overseer announce new album, debut new song
1/30/2014Demon Hunter to release 'Extremist' in March
11/7/2013Fit For A King to release re-recorded debut
11/1/2013August Burns Red: new DVD trailer and release date
10/9/2013Living Sacrifice announces new album
6/20/2013Solid State Records signs The Ongoing Concept
5/28/2013My Heart To Fear album set for release
5/8/2013August Burns Red album set for release
4/16/2013Tooth & Nail/Solid State announce deal with RED
10/2/2012Underoath breaking up
9/12/2012Solid State Records signs My Heart To Fear
8/14/2012Becoming the Archetype album set for release
8/7/2012August Burns Red to release Christmas album
7/18/2012Solid State Records signs Fit For A King
5/12/2012Wolves At The Gate debut album set for release
3/19/2012Becoming the Archetype set to release remix EP
3/5/2012To Speak Of Wolves to release new album in May
1/25/2012Mychildren Mybride album set for release
1/17/2012Solid State Records signs The Overseer
9/13/2011Solid State Records signs Wolves at the Gate
8/2/2011Demon Hunter re-signs with Solid State Recs
2/25/2011Inhale Exhale, Solid State Records part ways
10/18/2010Living Sacrifice, The Showdown, etc. dates
3/24/2010As They Sleep signs with Solid State Records
1/25/2010Solid State Records signs To Speak Of Wolves
8/24/2009Solid State Records signs Gwen Stacy
7/31/2008Solid State Records signs Trenches
6/6/2008The Showdown signs w/ Solid State Records
3/29/2008Solid State Records signs Sever Your Ties
12/10/2007Solid State Records signs Advent
10/5/2007Mychildren Mybride signs w/ Solid State Recs
10/5/2007Solid State Records signs Once Nothing
7/3/2007Solid State Records signs The Famine
3/19/2007Solid State Records signs Oh, Sleeper
1/30/2007Solid State Records signs Cry Of The Afflicted
1/13/2007Solid State Records signs Neon Horse
6/28/2006Life In Your Way signs w/ Solid State
4/7/2006Inhale Exhale ink deal with Solid State
5/27/2005August Burns Red sign w/ Solid State
2/17/2005Solid State Rec signs Becoming The Archetype
2/14/2005Solid State Records signs As Cities Burn
9/28/2004Solid State / Victory Records CMJ showcase
4/18/2004He Is Legend signs w/ Solid State Records
11/25/2003Solid State Records signs Haste The Day
2/20/2003Figure Four signs w/ Solid State Records
2/5/2003Solid State Records signs The Death Campaign
6/30/2002Solid State Records signs The Agony Scene
2/9/2002ZAO sticking with Solid State Records