SharpTone Records news


1/13/2021Of Mice & Men announce 'Timeless' EP, debut new song
10/6/2020SharpTone Records signs 156/silence
8/31/2020Dying Wish signs with SharpTone Records, premiere song
6/3/2020Alpha Wolf announce new album, premiere lead single
5/29/2020Emmure debut track, to release new album in June
5/4/2020SharpTone Records signs The Wise Man's Fear
12/2/2019Loathe announce new album, premiere new track
11/15/2019Stepson sign with SharpTone Records, debut new video
7/14/2019In Search Of Solace set to release new album
5/5/2019In Search Of Solace sign with SharpTone, release new single
3/19/2019SharpTone Records signs Alpha Wolf
2/7/2019Kingdom Of Giants sign with SharpTone Records, premiere single
1/11/2019ExitWounds announce new EP, premiere song
12/15/2018Holding Absence to release debut album in March
12/2/2018Crystal Lake sign with SharpTone Records, premiere new video
11/3/2018Currents announce new EP, premiere song
8/2/2018Rise Of The Northstar signs with SharpTone Records
4/6/2018Bleeding Through detail new album, premiere music video
1/20/2018SharpTone Records signs Savage Hands, new song online
12/4/2017Loathe and Holding Absence announce split, debut songs
9/16/2017Polaris signs with SharpTone Records
6/24/2017Novelists sign with SharpTone Records, debut new song
4/7/2017SharpTone Records signs Alazka, new video online
3/3/2017Currents sign with SharpTone Records, premiere new song
2/26/2017Loathe announce new album, premiere song
1/20/2017SharpTone Records signs Imminence
1/13/2017Emmure album set for release, new teaser online
10/13/2016Emmure announce new record label, premiere song
6/24/2016SharpTone Records launches, signs Attila, Miss May I, more
6/23/2016Attila, Miss May I, WCAR rumored to have signed with new label