Cave In news


8/8/2020one of my favorite albums ever was released 20 years ago today
5/24/2020speaking of Cave In, this quality record was released 9 years ago today
5/22/2020Cave In share 'Moral Eclipse' live video
5/13/2020Cave In premiere video of acoustic performance
5/14/2019Cave In debut new song
10/14/2018Video: Isis performs reunion set at Caleb Scofield tribute show
4/10/2018Video: BTBAM perform a portion Cave In's "Big Riff" in tribute to Caleb Scofield.
3/17/2018Four teenagers wrote this album, and it's still pretty much the ideal combination of balls out aggression and melody.
12/4/2017Good news, Cave In fans: the band jammed together this past weekend.
11/29/2017This album is nearly perfect. Fight me.
11/27/2013The new Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) album can now be streamed in its entirety.
9/25/2013Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) have debuted another new song.
8/25/2013A new Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) song can be heard online.
5/29/2012Old Man Gloom has premiered a song from their new album.
5/19/2011Cave In has unveiled another song from their new album.
4/20/2011A track from Cave In's forthcoming album is now online.
10/14/2010Hydra Head has revealed that Cave In's next album, "White Silence," will be out next spring.
11/18/2009A preview of Cave In's upcoming DVD release is av
7/20/2009"Planets of Old," the new Cave In 12", can now be streamed online.
4/30/2009Cave In has now officially ended their three-year hiatus.
11/19/2005Cave In and Pelican will be touring Europe together from February 1st until March 8th. Dates will be forthcoming.
8/24/2005Cave In's October tour will now take place with Doomriders.
8/18/2005A media player for Cave In's upcoming album is now online.
8/6/2005The Boston Phoenix has posted a track ("Droned") from Cave In's upcoming release, "Perfect Pitch Black."
6/14/2005Cave In's upcoming album, "Perfect Pitch Black," will be out on 9/13 via Hydra Head Records.
1/31/2005According to Cave In, who have been on hiatus since November, "there are still no plans to regroup anytime relatively soon to write and record new material."


7/16/2020Cave In working on new record
5/1/2020Cave In release Rolling Stones cover
1/1/2020Converge, Norma Jean, more added to Furnace Fest 2020
8/19/2019Every Time I Die announce Tid The Season 2019 lineup
7/15/2019Cave In to headline fall tour
4/8/2019Cave In debut new track, to release new album in June
2/22/2019New Idea Society (Cave In, Quicksand, Botch) release new single
1/3/2019Cave In to release new record
10/11/2018Slipknot drummer hosting charity show ft. Mastodon, etc. members
6/13/2018Cave In perform with Kyle Scofield, Nate Newton on bass
6/12/2018Isis to reunite for Caleb Scofield benefit
4/27/2018Cave In, Converge, more announce Caleb Scofield benefit show
4/22/2018Cave In members play special set in tribute to Caleb Scofield
3/30/2018Fellow musicians mourn passing of Caleb Scofield
3/29/2018Cave In bassist Caleb Scofield dies
4/1/2015The Wrecking Ball Festival 2015 lineup announced
3/24/2015Robotic Empire announces new Nirvana tribute
12/15/2014Psycho California lineup announced
12/9/2014Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) set to track new LP
12/1/2014Cave In announces first show in three years
5/27/2014Mutoid Man (Cave In, etc.) signs w/ Sargent House
3/21/2014Record Store Day 2014 official release list
12/9/2013Old Man Gloom in the studio recording
8/1/2013Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) debut out this fall
3/14/2013Converge, Cave In collaboration gets a name
2/14/2013Zozobra (Cave In) announces new album, debuts song
1/16/2013Stephen Brodsky (Cave In) announces new solo EP
5/1/2012Old Man Gloom set to release new album
3/19/2012Old Man Gloom shows announced
4/11/2011Cave In album set for release
3/22/2011Cave In tour dates
2/17/2011Thomas Giles, Stephen Brodsky mini-tour
8/25/2010Doomriders drummer leaves band
8/8/2010Cave In set to release new album
11/11/2009Cave In to release 'Planets of Old' CD/DVD
10/26/2009Stephen Brodsky solo shows
9/29/2009Cave In, Trap Them, Narrows mini-tour
7/7/2009Cave In set to release new 12"
4/28/2009Cave In records new EP
2/17/2009Doomriders recording new album
1/3/2008Doomriders prepares new album
3/12/2007Clouds and Autonym tour
12/14/2006Clouds, Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum dates (UK)
11/5/2006Cave In remains inactive
10/26/2006Garden of Exile to release Botch, Cave In vinyl
9/6/2006Stephen Brodsky set to release solo album
3/28/2006Cave In to record new album this summer
1/26/2006Doomriders recruit ex-Cave In drummer
12/30/2005Cave In and Pelican tour (Europe)
9/9/2005Cave In and Doomriders tour
7/27/2005Cave In part ways w/ drummer
4/15/2005Cave In prepare new release
9/20/2004Cave In and Converge side-project
9/10/2004Cave In confirms RCA split
7/5/2004Converge, Cave In, BTBAM dates
6/30/2004Converge, Cave In, and BTBAM tour
5/30/2004Cave In guitarist suffers elbow injury
11/21/2003Old Man Gloom finishing up new release
8/15/2003ETID, Cave In, and FATA tour
3/4/2003Cave In and Piebald mini-tour
12/12/2002Cave In album update, European tour
9/15/2002Cave In news and notes
5/30/2002Cave In news and notes
5/2/2002Cave In enters studio to record new EP
4/5/2002Cave In full-length delayed, new EP confirmed
3/7/2002Cave In selects producer for new full-length
2/27/2002Cave In and Hundred Reasons UK tour
2/18/2002Cave In home from tour, to enter rehearsal
12/19/2001Cave In set for tour of Europe
12/18/2001Cave In records more demos
10/12/2001Cave In fall tour dates revealed
10/8/2001New album from Stephen Brodsky
10/3/2001Cave In to release 7"/CD in January
9/9/2001Cave In entering studio once again
8/4/2001Cave In demos seven new songs
7/17/2001Cave In set for Plea For Peace tour
5/31/2001Cave In tracks several new songs
5/8/2001Cave In signs with RCA Records
4/22/2001Cave In news, notes, and tour info
4/3/2001Cave In entering studio next month
1/26/2001Cave In slot w/ A Perfect Circle
12/15/2000Information on Cave In US tour
12/5/2000Cave In feature in new Spin Mag
11/28/2000Special Cave In CDep release
11/27/2000Cave In maps out U.S. tour
11/13/2000Cave In & The Sacrifice Poles
11/10/2000Information on Cave In releases
10/30/2000Cave In frontman's side project
10/26/2000Cave In and their November shows
10/14/2000Cave In and Converge shows
8/27/2000A few Cave In dates
7/20/2000Cave In new album update