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Warped Tour revival must wait at least 3 years

Last fall Attila frontman Chris Fronzak revealed that he was hoping to revive venerable traveling summer festival, Warped Tour, which founder Kevin Lyman discontinued in 2019. Not long thereafter, Fronz was less sanguine about his prospects, explaining, "I'm trying my best. Already had discussions with Kevin. It's not looking so great unfortunately but I will keep fighting." Now, in a new interview on the No Jumper podcast with Adam22, Fronz shed some light on his efforts to resurrect Warped. According to Fronz, he spent a good deal of time with Lyman during Attila's stints on Warped Tour and the two became friends. Upon the dissolution of Warped, Fronzak communicated his desire to revive the tour to Lyman, prompting Lyman to produce a monetary figure for securing the brand. Unfortunately for Fronzak, the number was "a little beyond what I had at the moment." Earlier this year, Fronzak renewed his conversations with Lyman and reiterated his passionate desire to helm Warped. Amid their ensuing conversation, Lyman informed Fronzak that there were some legal obstacles. Fronzak says, "he explained to me that for legal reasons, which I can't go into depth, Warped Tour can't come back for at least another three years or so." Regardless, Fronzak hopes that when the law permits, he'll still be able to bring Warped Tour back, stating, "Hopefully I'm the one that brings it back because I have a really good for how to make it sustainable and make it bigger than it's ever been." You can watch the entire interview below. If you've got extra free time, you can also watch Lambgoat's podcast interviews with both Adam22 and Fronzak, conducted last year.

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