Chris Fronzak news


9/5/2019video: Attila vocalist angers female fan during show
3/23/2019If our first podcast episode was too long for you, we just added timestamps to the video so you can check out key portions (like the Fronz and Frankie Palmeri beef).
3/20/2019Alright, here is the very first episode of the Lambgoat podcast. We'll have a new one every two weeks, so please subscribe.
1/21/2017BackWordz has unveiled a new song featuring Chris Fronzak (Attila).
8/15/2016Video: couple would rather have sex in public than watch Attila perform.
2/6/2016Attila frontman Chris Fronzak has launched an Instagram account for his car collection.
1/5/2016Yes, it's true, you can win a tattoo of Attila singer Fronz's face.
5/15/2015Attila frontman Chris Fronzak has officially launched his new cologne, RAGE.
1/9/2015Lambgoat has posted an interview with Attila frontman Chris Fonzak.
12/10/2014I'm not sure how the singer of Attila is making this much money.
12/7/2014Watch Attila play a backyard show in 2008.
2/6/2014Attila vocalist Chris Fronzak has released a brief preview of his forthcoming rap album.
6/26/2013The Westboro Baptist Church claims that they will protest an Attila show next month. Attila singer Chris Fronzak wants them to "touch [his] pussy."


2/19/2021Attila sued by security guards for altercation during 2018 show
10/2/2020Warped Tour revival must wait at least 3 years
6/19/2020Attila frontman accused of sexual misconduct
6/11/2020Senses Fail vocalist slams Attila frontman over porn career
4/24/2019Volumes surprise release new EP
12/10/2018Stay Sick Recordings acquires Eulogy Recordings
8/24/2018Police: Attila vocalist could face battery charge
8/23/2018Attila frontman punches security guard, cancels show
7/27/2018Attila frontman launches new project Bone Crew
2/16/2018Attila vocalist and Emmure frontman go at it on Twitter
2/17/2017Attila show ends in brawl with security
12/22/2015Attila frontman selling phone number to fans for $50 a month
12/4/2015Attila frontman exits tour for birth of child
8/3/2015Attila singer hides from police following injuries
7/20/2015Attila, Senses Fail feud reignites on Warped Tour
5/21/2015Attila singer announces rap album; song premiered
5/3/2015Attila singer signs It Lives It Breathes to label
4/18/2015Attila singer "assaulted" on stage on Perth; video
12/23/2014Attila frontman launches record label
10/23/2014Attila singer and Senses Fail trade jabs over slur
7/16/2014Attila frontman launches imprint, signs first band
4/1/2014Attila frontman debuts first rap single