Attila news


2/26/2019Attila release new music video
7/12/2018Attila has debuted a music video for their new song about pizza.
5/11/2018Attila is streaming a new song.
4/1/2018Ev0lution and Frankie Palmeri (Emmure) have responded to Attila with "Callout 3."
2/15/2018Attila has released a new song in which they call out Tim Lambesis, Emmure, Tom Brady, and many others.
1/21/2017BackWordz has unveiled a new song featuring Chris Fronzak (Attila).
11/8/2016So really, Into The Moat inspired War From A Harlots Mouth, who were ripped off by Attila?
10/18/2016Attila has debuted a new song and animated video.
10/7/2016Attila has premiered a new song and music video.
9/23/2016Attila has premiered a new song called "Ignite."
9/16/2016Attila has unveiled the first new song from their forthcoming album.
8/15/2016Video: couple would rather have sex in public than watch Attila perform.
2/6/2016Attila frontman Chris Fronzak has launched an Instagram account for his car collection.
1/5/2016Yes, it's true, you can win a tattoo of Attila singer Fronz's face.
5/15/2015Watch members of Attila almost get into a fight at an Atlanta restaurant.
5/15/2015Attila frontman Chris Fronzak has officially launched his new cologne, RAGE.
4/20/2015Attila has released their new video for "Rebel."
1/26/2015Watch Attila act out as rogue policemen in their new video for "Hate Me."
1/23/2015Jared Dines came up with new names for some metal genres that may amuse (or anger) fans of Attila, For Today, more.
1/9/2015Lambgoat has posted an interview with Attila frontman Chris Fonzak.
12/10/2014I'm not sure how the singer of Attila is making this much money.
12/7/2014Watch Attila play a backyard show in 2008.
12/3/2014Attila has earned their biggest sales week ever with new album, Guilty Pleasure.
11/25/2014Attila has released their new music video for "Proving Grounds."
11/18/2014The new Attila tour bus is going to offend soccer moms.
11/17/2014Attila has debuted another new track from their forthcoming album.
11/8/2014Attila has premiered a second song from their forthcoming LP.
10/20/2014Attila has unveiled the first new song from their forthcoming album.
10/7/2014Attila has posted a handful of audio clips from their forthcoming album.
4/30/2014Move over Emmure, Attila has a really classy shirt too.
2/6/2014Attila vocalist Chris Fronzak has released a brief preview of his forthcoming rap album.
11/21/2013Watch some rappers check out an Attila video to see if they're really "About That Life"
11/12/2013Attila has premiered their new video for "Shots For The Boys."
9/19/2013Five older women get together to watch an Attila music video; confusion ensues.
8/27/2013Attila has unveiled a new live music video for "Middle Fingers Up."
8/21/2013Iwrestledabearonce has been added to Attila's fall tour.
7/3/2013Attila's new album, About That Life, debuted at #22 on the Billboard 200.
6/26/2013The Westboro Baptist Church claims that they will protest an Attila show next month. Attila singer Chris Fronzak wants them to "touch [his] pussy."
6/24/2013Attila has premiered their new (explicit) video for "Break Shit."
6/20/2013The new Attila album can now be streamed in its entirety.
6/7/2013Attila has posted a preview of their new album.
5/24/2013Attila has unveiled the title track of their new album.
10/30/2012Attila has premiered a new song via lyric video.
3/25/2012Stray From The Path, For The Fallen Dreams, Attila and Winds of Plague have officially been added to the All Stars Tour 2012; Unearth is now strongly rumored.
8/25/2011The new Attila album, "Outlawed," has debuted at #87 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of roughly 4,700.


2/22/2019Attila premiere video for title track of new album
1/22/2019Attila, All That Remains co-headlining spring tour
12/21/2018Attila to release new album in February
10/1/2018Attila recording new album
8/24/2018Police: Attila vocalist could face battery charge
8/23/2018Attila frontman punches security guard, cancels show
7/27/2018Attila frontman launches new project Bone Crew
6/25/2018Attila, Gwar to play Gathering Of The Juggalos 2018
4/10/2018Attila, Suicide Silence, Volumes, Spite tour
4/2/2018Attila premieres new song and music video
3/5/2018Impact Music Festival 2018 announced
2/16/2018Attila vocalist and Emmure frontman go at it on Twitter
1/30/2018Rock Fest 2018 announced
1/28/2018Attila recording new album
1/24/2018Rock USA 2018 announced
1/5/2018Attila announces tour with Insane Clown Posse
10/31/2017Attila premieres new single 'Three 6'
10/13/2017Attila, Fire From The Gods, Currents mini-tour
7/7/2017Knotfest Mexico 2017 lineup announced
3/22/2017Warped Tour 2017 lineup announced
2/17/2017Attila show ends in brawl with security
1/1/2017Attila parts ways with drummer
12/13/2016Attila announces headline U.S. tour
12/12/2016Northern Invasion 2017 lineup announced
12/7/2016So What?! Music Festival adds 12 bands
12/5/2016Welcome To Rockville 2017 lineup announced
11/15/2016Attila album 'Chaos' debuts in Top 30
11/7/2016War From A Harlots Mouth accuse Attila of stealing song
9/19/2016Attila invites fans to appear in new video
8/15/2016Emmure, Chelsea Grin to tour U.S. with Attila
8/1/2016Attila announces headline U.S. tour
6/24/2016SharpTone Records launches, signs Attila, Miss May I, more
6/23/2016Attila, Miss May I, WCAR rumored to have signed with new label
5/24/2016Emmure, Attila added to Gathering of the Juggalos 2016
4/22/2016Dirt Fest 2016 lineup announced
2/3/2016Heavy Montreal 2016 lineup announced
12/22/2015Attila frontman selling phone number to fans for $50 a month
12/4/2015Attila frontman exits tour for birth of child
9/14/2015Falling In Reverse, Attila, Metro Station tour
8/3/2015Attila singer hides from police following injuries
7/20/2015Attila, Senses Fail feud reignites on Warped Tour
5/21/2015Attila singer announces rap album; song premiered
5/3/2015Attila singer signs It Lives It Breathes to label
4/18/2015Attila singer "assaulted" on stage on Perth; video
3/25/2015Warped Tour 2015 announces seven new bands
1/2/2015South By So What?! 2015 lineup finalized
12/23/2014Attila frontman launches record label
12/19/2014Petition launched to bar Attila from Skate & Surf
12/18/2014Skate And Surf Festival 2015 lineup announced
12/4/2014Never Say Never Fest 2015 lineup announced
12/1/2014South By So What?! 2015 adds 26 more bands
10/23/2014Attila singer and Senses Fail trade jabs over slur
10/22/2014Attila guitarist leaves band
10/6/2014Attila announces new album
9/8/2014Attila schedules UK tour
8/18/2014Attila, Crown The Empire, Sworn In tour
4/25/2014Attila set to record new album
4/1/2014Attila frontman debuts first rap single
1/30/2014Never Say Never Fest 2014 lineup announced
12/22/2013Attila announces second leg of U.S. tour
12/18/2013A Day To Remember announces Self Help Fest
12/13/2013Attila, I See Stars, Capture The Crown tour
12/12/2013Warped Tour 2014 adds Attila, four others
11/19/2013South By So What?! 2014 lineup takes shape
8/6/2013Attila, Upon A Burning Body, The Plot In You dates
8/2/2013Attila, Upon A Burning Body, The Plot In You tour
6/5/2013Attila, Hellions tour (Australia)
4/20/2013Attila sets album release date, debuts new song
3/2/2013Artery Foundation announces SXSW Showdown 2013
1/30/2013Attila set to record new album
1/22/2013Chelsea Grin, Attila, Betraying The Martyrs tour
1/4/2013Warped Tour 2013 to include The Chariot, Attila
12/3/2012Emmure, Chelsea Grin, Attila tour (Europe)
9/13/2012Attila, Make Me Famous, Ice Nine Kills tour dates
9/12/2012Monster Energy Outbreak Tour 2012 dates announced
9/8/2012Attila adds For The Fallen Dreams member to lineup
8/31/2012Monster Energy Outbreak Tour 2012 announced
6/30/2012Attila, Crown the Empire, In Dying Arms mini-tour
5/11/2012All Stars Tour 2012 dates announced
4/3/2012Chelsea Grin members involved in Greensboro fight
3/21/2012All Stars Tour 2012 lineup
1/13/2012Chelsea Grin, Attila, For The Fallen Dreams tour
12/22/2011Chelsea Grin announces headline tour, new EP
11/9/2011We Came As Romans, Emmure, Attila mini-tour
10/29/2011Caliban, All Shall Perish, Attila tour (Europe)
9/28/2011We Came As Romans, Attila, etc. tour dates
8/1/2011Attila barred from Canada, to miss shows
7/14/2011Attila album set for release
5/3/2011All Stars Tour (Emmure, For Today) takes shape
4/19/2011Attila, In The Midst Of Lions, Legend tour
1/26/2011Attila, Vanna, Arsonists Get All The Girls tour
9/28/2010Oceano, Chelsea Grin, Attila tour
8/19/2010Stick To Your Guns, ABRB, Attila, etc. tour
8/5/2010Chelsea Grin, Blind Witness, Attila dates (CAN)
5/12/2010Drop Dead Gorgeous, From First To Last tour
3/9/2010Attila, Dr. Acula, Blind Witness tour
2/9/2010Artery Recordings signs Attila
2/9/2010Drop Dead Gorgeous, Sky Eats Airplane tour
12/12/2009Within The Ruins, Attila, We Are The End dates
10/19/2009Salt The Wound, Chelsea Grin dates cancelled
8/8/2009American Me, Dr. Acula tour