Touche Amore news


11/19/2020Touche Amore debut video for title track of new record
9/30/2020Touche Amore release new song and star-studded video
9/17/2020Touche Amore issue new video
9/2/2020Touche Amore premiere new track
4/19/2018Touche Amore has issued a new single.
1/23/2017A new Touche Amore video is available online.
9/13/2016Touche Amore has debuted a new song titled "Rapture."
8/23/2016Touche Amore's new video for "Skyscraper" is now online.
7/18/2016Touche Amore is streaming another new song.
3/26/2016Hesitation Wounds (Touche Amore, The Hope Conspiracy, Slipknot) have unveiled a new song.
3/4/2015The new Touche Amore and Self Defense Family release "Self Love" can now be streamed in full.
1/6/2015The lineup for Coachella 2015 has been announced.
10/2/2014New earnings and attendance data for shows featuring A Day To Remember, The All Stars Tour, Wovenwar, and many more.
9/24/2013Touche Amore's new video for "Harbor" has made its online debut.
9/17/2013Touche Amore's forthcoming album can currently be streamed in its entirety.
9/4/2013Another new Touche Amore song can be streamed online.
8/16/2013Touche Amore will never play the Warped Tour, says their frontman.
7/30/2013Touche Amore has premiered a track from their forthcoming album.
1/8/2013Touche Amore has posted their new music video for "Gravity, Metaphorically."
6/21/2012Professional footage of Touche Amore performing at the Glass House has made its way online.
5/31/2012Deathwish Inc. has issued a free Summer 2012 digital sampler featuring Narrows, Victims, and Rise and Fall, among many others.
5/12/2011Touche Amore's new video for "Home Away From Here" has made its online debut.
4/15/2011A new Touche Amore song is now online.
2/14/2011Converge and Touche Amore have been added to this year's Chaos In Tejas.
2/3/2011Touche Amore guitarist (and LA graphic artist) Nick Steinhardt helped design this.
3/22/2009Touche Amore has posted a song from their forthcoming full-length.


2/4/2021Coheed And Cambria finalize lineup for cruise
3/20/2020Sound and Fury 2020 lineup announced
3/8/2020Touche Amore recording new album
9/11/2019Touche Amore release new single produced by Ross Robinson
8/20/2019La Dispute, Touche Amore, Empath tour
2/19/2019Touche Amore, Pianos Become The Teeth mini-tour
9/13/2018Touche Amore to release live album
3/6/2018Record Store Day 2018 releases announced
2/7/2018Turnstile, Touche Amore, Culture Abuse tour
11/28/2017Home Sick Festival 2018 lineup announced
9/6/2017Touche Amore to release 'Live On BBC Radio 1' EP
6/20/2017Touche Amore, Single Mothers, Gouge Away tour
1/31/2017Thursday announces U.S. tour with Touche Amore, Basement
10/5/2016Touche Amore, Angel Dust to tour Europe
6/28/2016Sound On Sound Fest 2016 lineup announced
6/20/2016Touche Amore announce new album, premiere song
5/23/2016Touche Amore, Ceremony tour dates
3/22/2016Wrecking Ball 2016 lineup to include Quicksand, Thursday
3/10/2016Hardcore 'supergroup' Hesitation Wounds unveil new LP, song
2/2/2016Touche Amore in the studio
1/8/2016Touche Amore vocalist 'thankful to be alive' after car wreck
10/12/2015Gorilla Biscuits, Modern Life Is War, Touche Amore tour (Europe)
5/5/2015Touche Amore tour dates (Europe)
3/24/2015Robotic Empire announces new Nirvana tribute
3/12/2015Touche Amore signs with Jay Z 's Roc Nation
3/2/2015Bled Fest 2015 lineup announced
11/3/2014Touche Amore taking break, but not breaking up
9/1/2014Every Time I Die, Touche Amore tour (Australia)
8/14/2014Touche Amore announce Live On BBC Radio One Vol 2
6/24/2014Touche Amore, Rise Against reveal U.S. tour
4/23/2014Touche Amore announces North American tour
3/11/2014Touche Amore, Self Defense Family tour (Europe)
1/23/2014Touche Amore, Seahaven, Caravels mini-tour
12/10/2013Touche Amore, MewithoutYou tour
9/14/2013Touche Amore robbed in Detroit
7/23/2013Touche Amore, AFI, Coming tour
7/17/2013Touche Amore reveal new album cover, track list
6/27/2013Touche Amore album set for release
6/13/2013Riot Fest dates, lineups announced
5/13/2013FYF Fest 2013 lineup announced
5/8/2013Touche Amore recording new album
3/21/2013Touche Amore, Title Fight announce split 7"
3/19/2013Scion Rock Fest 2013 lineup takes shape
2/18/2013Hesitation Wounds (Touche Amore, etc.) announce EP
12/5/2012Touche Amore, Pianos Become The Teeth split 7"
10/3/2012Touche Amore tour dates (Southeast Asia)
8/20/2012Converge, Touche Amore, The Secret tour (Europe)
8/13/2012Touche Amore, Make Do And Mend tour (Australia)
7/20/2012Touche Amore, Casket Lottery split EP announced
6/25/2012Circa Survive, Touche Amore, O'Brother tour
5/31/2012Touche Amore announces 'Live on BBC Radio' EP
4/12/2012DNF (Trash Talk, Touche Amore) set to release EP
4/5/2012Sound and Fury Fest 2012 lineup takes shape
3/6/2012Touche Amore, Defeater, Code Orange Kids dates
2/3/2012Cancer Bats, Touche Amore tour (Canada)
2/2/2012Touche Amore singer launches label w/ Deathwish
12/7/2011Touche Amore tour (UK)
10/24/2011Touche Amore to tour Europe with Rise Against
9/8/2011Touche Amore, Pianos Become The Teeth tour
5/16/2011Touche Amore, Title Fight tour dates (Australia)
4/13/2011Touche Amore, La Dispute tour (Europe)
2/24/2011Touche Amore completes new album
2/21/2011Title Fight, Touche Amore, Menzingers tour
1/27/2011Touche Amore to track Deathwish debut in Feb.
11/19/2010Deathwish Inc. signs Touche Amore
10/26/2010Touche Amore tour (Europe)
8/6/2010Envy, Trash Talk, Touche Amore tour
4/5/2010Strike Anywhere, Bane, Touche Amore dates
7/29/2009Thursday, The Fall Of Troy tour
2/10/20096131 Recs to release Touche Amore album
4/22/2008No Sleep Records to release Touche Amore EP