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Touché Amoré revisit 'Is Survived By' with fresh remix and remaster

Touché Amoré

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Touché Amoré Announces Is Survived By: Revived

The band's vital third studio album celebrates its 10 year anniversary with a remix by Brad Wood and remaster by Emily Lazar, updated immersive packaging by Nick Steinhardt, new vinyl colorways and updated inserts with liner notes and essays— out January 19, 2024 via Deathwish Inc.

Watch a visualizer for the title track "Is Survived By" now.

It's not hyperbole to state that Touché Amoré's third album Is Survived By is the band's most pivotal album. Released September 24th, 2013 via Deathwish Inc., Is Survived By tackles the complicated nature of leaving a lasting legacy and the uncertainty that surrounds that; ultimately resulting in a record about learning to find the validation and love within one's self. Produced by the legendary Brad Wood (Sunny Day Real Estate, Liz Phair, mewithoutYou), the recording sessions were a lesson in growth for the Los Angeles quintet– vocalist Jeremy Bolm, guitarists Nick Steinhardt and Clayton Stevens, bassist Tyler Kirby, and drummer Elliot Babin– as the band transformed from a group of individuals who play hardcore songs to the established headlining act that Touché Amoré is today.

For the past decade it's been bittersweet as the band has felt less than satisfied with the record's sound, a result of their overthinking and underpreparedness.

The album's 10 year anniversary felt like the perfect time to tap Wood and Emily Lazar (the same team behind Stage Four) to remix and remaster Is Survived By

Bolm explains:

I've always had a really hard time with the way this record sounds. I've unfortunately been oversharing and vocal about that for a number of years, but when we went to Brad to remix it, the main direction that I gave him was to make this sound more like Stage Four, and I think he killed it. He found that middle ground to where everything now compliments each other and there's far more clarity overall.

No longer does Is Survived By feel claustrophobic as if each layer of sound is fighting one another. Instead, Bolm's signature vocals flow in unison with Stevens and Steinhardt's creative, thoughtful guitar work, while the stellar rhythm section of Kirby and Babin provide a fervent punch to each song. Side A favorites like "Just Exist" and "DNA" hit with a new intensity, while the lusciousness within "Harbor" feels more defined. The Side B tracks may benefit the most; the Interpol influence shines throughout "Kerosene" and the slow burn build on "Non Fiction" is heard with more definition than ever before. There is a new found sense of brightness throughout the album's twelve tracks without losing any of the character from the original recordings. The lessons Bolm has learned over the years were also applied to the remaster. 

Bolm explains:

I do feel a lot better about it. Everything kicks and everything pumps on this remix and remaster and I feel like 'Wow.' I almost feel like I'm hearing these songs for the first time again.

It wouldn't be an official Touché Amoré project without elaborate and immersive packaging courtesy of guitarist Nick Steinhardt. The now iconic artwork of the band standing in the shadow of the Los Angeles skyline is vibrant as ever, with 5 expanded colorways featuring a different essay about the album from each band member + a new "wildfire" orange with liner notes containing references to that era. Essays from Balance and Composure's Jon Simmons, Drug Church and Self Defense Family's Patrick Kindlon, producer Brad Wood, and more. Touché Amoré always give the full 100% to the visual medium as it does to the music, and this 10th anniversary reissue is no different.

Is Survived By is a cathartic record about wanting to be heard and understood and how you'll be remembered— a perfect snapshot of understanding your past and looking towards the future. It's why this record remains incredibly cherished by so many listeners, achieving that legacy it set out for a decade ago. 

Bolm says:

When I hear people say that this is their favorite record, it honestly makes me feel really, really good because it reminds me that my ears are different from the listeners. That's  important to remember. So to have something that you have felt down about, be praised, I mean, you can't ask for anything better.

Pre-order Is Survived By ahead of its January 19, 2024 release date here and look for more news from Touché Amoré soon.

Is Survived By: Revived (Remixed / Remastered), track listing:

01. Just Exist
02. To Write Content
03. Praise / Love
04. Anyone / Anything
05. DNA
06. Harborrosene
07. Blue Angels
08. Social Caterpillar
09. Non Fiction
10. Steps 
11. Survived By

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