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Scott Hull

10/17/2017 Pig Destroyer recording new album
5/18/2015 Hatebeak returns with new album
2/16/2015 Magrudergrind sign with Relapse, complete new LP
1/21/2015 Theories to release Metal Blade debut in March
1/13/2015 Antigama set to record new album
9/24/2014 Metal Blade Records signs Vesania
8/18/2014 Agoraphobic Nosebleed confirm MDF 2015, new member
4/17/2014 Maruta set to record new album
2/25/2014 Prosthetic Records signs So Hideous
11/21/2013 Misery Index recording new album
8/28/2013 Relapse Records signs Maruta
5/12/2013 Fuck The Facts to release new EP in June
3/20/2013 Lair of the Minotaur announces new EP
3/11/2013 Antigama completes new album
1/10/2013 Agoraphobic Nosebleed enters studio
10/12/2012 Pig Destroyer/Misery Index drummer unveils Fulgora
8/30/2012 Pig Destroyer reveals album details, teaser
8/12/2012 Haarp announces new album
7/9/2012 Pig Destroyer recording new album
4/10/2012 Phobia to release new album in June
12/16/2011 -16- finishes recording new album
4/22/2011 Relapse to re-issue General Surgery debut
4/11/2011 Brutal Truth completes new album
1/6/2011 Willowtip Records signs Blood Freak
5/11/2010 This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 announced
3/29/2010 Circle Of Dead Children album set for release
2/8/2010 Lair Of The Minotaur announces label, new album
8/20/2009 Circle Of Dead Children completes new album
12/19/2008 Willowtip Records signs three bands
11/21/2008 Circle Of Dead Children set to record album
6/29/2008 Light Yourself On Fire album details
5/12/2008 Crowpath records new album
5/8/2008 Seventh Rule Recs signs Light Yourself On Fire
5/2/2008 This Comp Kills Fascists compilation announced
4/3/2008 Circle of Dead Children prepares new album
2/23/2008 Light Yourself On Fire completes new EP
7/23/2007 Zombi's Steve Moore to release solo album
7/19/2007 Baroness posts new track, tour dates
6/8/2007 Baroness completes new album
4/2/2007 Pig Destroyer completes new album
1/20/2007 Relapse to reissue ANb/Converge split
3/29/2006 Across Tundras recording new album
8/31/2005 Crowpath finish recording album
6/9/2005 Neuraxis finish recording new album
1/11/2005 Robotic Empire signs Pink Razors
1/5/2005 The Black Dahlia Murder update
11/18/2004 Vulgar Pigeons record new album
6/12/2004 Relapse Records signs Zombi
5/25/2004 Hope Collapse (Dave Witte, etc.) info
3/2/2004 A Life Once Lost to re-release debut
11/10/2003 Pig Destroyer to release splits collection
11/7/2003 Crowpath joins Robotic Empire roster
8/7/2003 From A Second Story Window signs w/ BMA

News Tidbits
11/6/2013 Father and daughter grindcore outfit Sockweb have released an EP (remastered by Scott Hull) which you can stream now.

12/13/2012 Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer): Six Songs To Die With

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